Tyson Fury: “It wasn’t one of my best performances. On To Usyk!”

10/29/2023 - By Vladimir S - Comments

In an exclusive conversation with Boxing King Media, Tyson Fury discusses the Francis Ngannou fight and expresses gratitude to his fans. The Gypsy King, as always, is candid and unapologetically himself. Here is what Fury had to say:

“I’m feeling good. Had a good day today, had a bit of chill-out time. The people here… they’ve looked after us all the way. Even today, we’ve had a police escort, VIP bus, security guards… everything you can think of.”

Safety First! But…

Tyson humorously pointed out the irony of his extensive security detail:

“The craziest thing is, you don’t actually need the security here. It’s pretty safe. But it’s nice to have the police escorts because you get right through all the traffic, no hustle.”

Ring Walk Experiences

Asked about his exciting entrance to the ring, Tyson remarked:

“It was all good. The whole event, the experience… it was a bit like… I don’t know, like 10 rock concerts. It was just unbelievable to explain.”

Training & Facing Francis

Commenting on suggestions of underestimating his opponent, Tyson was unequivocal:

“Francis Ngannou gave me a very good fight. No, you can’t take anything away from him. I trained very well, prepared very good, and didn’t have any excuses. It’s boxing. Some days you have good days, some days you don’t. You crack on, continue, and keep moving forward.”

And then, with his classic wit:

“Usually, when you get the media saying it’s not worth watching, you’re in for a tough night. If I wouldn’t have trained as hard as I did, I probably wouldn’t have got through that fight.”

Fury’s Self-Assessment

Not one to shy away from self-critique, Fury reflected:

“It wasn’t one of my best performances. It wasn’t a vintage Tyson Fury. But you do what you got to do in there and move on to the next one.”

Looking Forward

On the horizon for Fury is the mega fight against Alexander Usyk. When asked about injuries and dates, Tyson remained open:

“Surface bruising, really. Nothing major. I’m just going to leave it to the guys who’re promoting it. I’ll take a rest, get back in the gym.”

Message to Usyk

In response to a message from Usyk, Fury’s challenge was direct:

“Get yourself prepared. We’ll put on the biggest fight of our generation, the fight of the century for the undisputed championships of the world.”

A Word on Eddie Hearn

With the mere mention of Eddie Hearn, Fury’s response was humorously dismissive:

“Eddie, the sausage? I don’t care what he says. It’d be nothing good anyway. Not interested.”

Signing Off

Expressing gratitude, Fury had a message for his fans:

“Big shout out to everyone who tuned in. We had a fantastic camp. Roll on to the next one. Have a good Christmas if I don’t see you and a Happy New Year.”

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