Francis Ngannou: “I believe I won this fight!”

By Vladimir S - 10/29/2023 - Comments

In an interview with TNT Sports, Francis Ngannou, the MMA legend, discussed his boxing debut and the challenges he faced. Though not crowned as the winner, Ngannou’s performance was undeniably impressive, showcasing his adaptability from the MMA arena to the boxing ring.

Ngannou’s Surprising Debut

In response to the interviewer’s astonishment about the fight’s outcome, Ngannou said:

“You are not alone. So many people didn’t see that coming… It’s not bad for my first proper boxing fight. I was really looking for a win tonight. I think we did a pretty close fight. I could have won… maybe I should have done a little more to convince that I wanted to win.”

Though the verdict was not in his favor, Ngannou believed he had a strong chance:

“I think I got it. I knocked him down in the second round and then I had some good rounds where he was in deep trouble. We had some rounds pretty even, but I definitely believe that I won this fight.”

Analyzing the Opponent

Regarding his opponent’s strategy, Ngannou observed:

“There’s a reason why he was running. I didn’t knock him out, but I did knock him down, I did hit him. So he knows there was a risk coming… Everybody feels different when they get hit.”

Ngannou’s opponent’s mindset shifted after being hit:

“Everybody gets hit and your mind changes. It doesn’t matter if you get hit by a boxer or by a ping pong player. When you get hit in your face, it feels different, and then you think differently.”

Physical Strain

Despite the challenging fight, Ngannou appeared unscathed:

Interviewer: “Looking at your face, there doesn’t seem to be a mark on it.”

And he added confidently:

“He did land some good punches, but not enough to hurt me.”

Fan Support

Ngannou’s fans played a significant role in spurring him on during the fight. On their support, he remarked:

“This is the first time in my career that I’m fighting with my family and friends from my country coming to support me. Even if this was a fight, this is also a huge event, a cultural event… I’m trying to enjoy, to be part of the history and have fun, and also give this moment to my family.”

Looking Ahead

Ngannou remains optimistic about his future in both MMA and boxing. He declared:

“It has never been a one-off thing. I didn’t plan to come here for a one-off. Obviously, I still intend to do some MMA fights, but this isn’t a one-off. After this, I’m going back home with a bittersweet taste in my mouth, so I really want to come back and make things right and get my victory.”

Asked about the possibility of conquering both disciplines, he responded with conviction:

“Yes, I could become a champion in both. I believe in it. That’s why I’m here. It’s about faith.”

Closing Remark

The interviewer concluded the session, praising Ngannou’s effort:

“Congratulations on the performance. Thank you very much. I appreciate you, sir.”

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