Carl Froch Weighs In: Fury vs. Ngannou – “It’s corruption at the highest level!”

By Vladimir S - 10/29/2023 - Comments

In an eye-opening interview, Carl Froch shares his perspective on recent events in the boxing world, particularly around the decision in the Tyson Fury fight and the whispers of corruption lurking behind the scenes. Here is what Froch had to say on his Youtube channel  “Froch on Fighting”.

The Unexpected Outcome

“I thought the fight was really good. Francis Ngannou got in there and put on an absolute sterling performance.”

Carl was like many of us, expecting Fury to dominate the fight. But Ngannou surprised everyone with his boxing skills, balance, and ability to take somebody like Fury.

“Ngannou was in the fight. He was moving his head well, he was well balanced… he was landing the bigger, harder, hurtful shots.”

Froch also drew a comparison with the McGregor-Mayweather fight, emphasizing that this was a different kind of crossover with a surprising result.

Scorecards and Decisions

Froch revealed his own scoring:

“I thought Ngannou won the fight. I scored it that he won the fight two or three rounds at least. With the knockdown, I thought he deserved to get his hand held at the end.”

He touched upon the role of subjective judging in boxing. While Fury landed more jabs, Ngannou had the more significant punches, making the decision controversial.

Comparisons and Future Matches

Froch believes Ngannou has proven he can mix it up with top-contender heavyweights.

“Would you put him in there with Anthony Joshua? Yes. Would you put him in there with Usyk? Usyk’s far superior skill [makes it] a bloody good fight.”

However, he suspects that the decision in Fury’s favor was influenced by an upcoming Fury vs. Usyk match.

Boxing & Corruption

Froch didn’t shy away from strong statements:

“I think the reason that the fight was in Tyson Fury’s favor last night was purely because this fight they’ve been talking about on the 23rd of December. Tyson Fury, Alexander Usk unification fight, Undisputed—that’s what we want to see and that’s what we should be getting. That’s the reason I think that Ngannou didn’t get the nod last night. For me, it’s corruption. It’s corruption at the highest level. They’ve gone out to Saudi Arabia, all that money’s on the line. Everything’s geared towards the big fight with Fury and Usyk. Ngannou gets in there and puts a proper spanner in the works. He gave Tyson Fury a bit of a beating, dropped him, made him look stupid, and he’s a novice professional. When Tyson Fury got out of the ring, his left eye was closing, he got a small cut above his head, he looked like he’d been beat up.”

He praises Ngannou for his humility and professionalism, even in the face of a decision he disagreed with.

“Can I just say as well, what a gentleman Ngannou is, so magnanimous in defeat. He was just like he thought he’d won. He didn’t bicker about it. He held himself proud, really did. He did himself, his country, and his family proud because he put on an absolutely brilliant performance. I thought he deserved the win, and he didn’t moan about it.”

What’s Next for Fury?

“What does Tyson Fury do now? What’s he gonna do? Is he gonna fight Usyk now on the 23rd of December? I don’t see how he’s going to now, on the back of that loss. I know we got the decision, but for me, it was a loss. Go on the back of that loss and then jump in against Usyk on the 23rd of December.”

Froch raises questions about Fury’s future and his legacy, especially after such a tough night against Ngannou.

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