The “Nasty” KO Of The Year Award Goes To: Dereck Chisora KO2 Artur Szpilka

This one was brutal. Back in the summer, in London, warhorse Dereck Chisora, needing a big win, got one at the expense of Polish slugger Artur Szpilka. The wicked KO “War” Chisora scored in the second round was just sick.

After an action-packed opening round, Chisora closed the show in ultra dramatic fashion in the following round as he put Szpilka’s lights out. Stunning his southpaw foe, the Pole on the ropes, Chisora smashed in a right hand that badly hurt his rival. Then, launching his follow-up attack, briefly to the body, and then back up to the head, Chisora wiped out Szpilka with a devastating right hand bomb to the head. It was a chilling KO and for a time fans were concerned about the well-being of Szpilka.

Without a doubt The 2019 KO of The Year inside a British ring, Chisora, his career on the line, showed no remorse; he went for the kill as soon as he saw Szpilka was hurt and then finished him off with ruthless efficiency. Szpilka, who suffered an equally nasty KO at the hands of Deontay Wilder a few years back, has never been hit harder than he was cracked by the rampaging Chisora. Both men came to fight and fight hard, and it looked for a time as though a tough, gruelling battle was shaping up. Instead, Chisora made it a short, spectacular, and violent night.

Chisora proved again he really is a warrior who seems to have nine lives. He may lose a fight, yet back he comes again in his next ring outing. The savage KO over Szpilka (who has fought once since nearly being decapitated in July, scoring a KO over a guy named Fabio Tuiach in October) was a reminder of how it really does take just one punch when the big men are in action.

Has Chisora, who scored another decent if less spectacular stoppage win over David Price last time out, ever hit any man harder than he hit the unfortunate Szpilka?