Dereck Chisora could fight Chris Arreola or Luis Ortiz in April

By Michael Collins - 01/12/2022 - Comments

Eddie Hearn says he wants to put a fight together between Dereck Chisora and either Chris Arreola or Luis ‘King Kong’ Ortiz for his next fight in April. Hearn feels these are all 50-50 fights for Chisora, but he could be sadly mistaken.

Arreola and Ortiz are highly developed fighters who are excellent at finishing off their opposition when they get them hurt.

Chisora lucked out in his last fight against Joseph Parker because he doesn’t have the killer instinct to finish off his opponents when he hurts them.

Arreola (38-7, 33 KOs) is a young 40 and can still punch with a lot of power, as we saw in his recent fight against Andy Ruiz Jr. last May. Just two fights ago, Arreola threw over 1,000 punches in his fight with Adam Kownacki in a losing effort.

When was the last time you saw a heavyweight throw over 1,000 punches? Arreola is a punching machine, and he would be bad news for Chisora (32-12, 23 KOs) if that fight gets made.

“On that, I just said that he’s a nightmare on anyone; he can outlast anyone,” said Hearn to iFL TV, addressing his comments he made recently about his belief that he believes Dereck Chisora can beat Deontay Wilder if the Bronze Bomber isn’t able to score a knockout within four rounds of ‘War.’

“What I said is if Wilder doesn’t get him out of there early, I believe Chisora can beat him because he wouldn’t be able to live with the pace and the pressure. But Wilder would be a huge, huge favorite because he’s a big puncher.

“I’m not actively trying to make the Wilder fight. I haven’t made offers or spoken to them. What I do like is I like [Chris] Arreola [for Chisora], and I like Luis Ortiz. I like Zhang Zhilei.

Dereck Chisora could fight Chris Arreola or Luis Ortiz in April

“I like a lot of these fights where Chisora has a great chance, and we’re putting together some plans with 258 for his next fight in April,” said Hearn.

If Hearn puts Chisora in with Arreola, he could regret his decision. Arreola is still a live dog, and he might be too good for the shopworn 38-year-old Chisora.

Deontay Wilder is NOT someone that Hearn wants to try and match against Chisora, even though he feels that he could potentially beat the former WBC heavyweight champion if he makes it past four rounds.

Hearn feels that Arreola or Ortiz would be “50-50” fights for Chisora. He likes that idea rather than putting him in with another heavyweight in which he’s an underdog like we’ve seen in his last three contests against Joseph Parker x 2 and Oleksandr Usyk.

Chisora lost all three of those fights, and he took a real beating in his last fight against Parker on December 18th in Manchester, England.

The way that Parker repeatedly dropped Chisora in that fight, many people believe that Dereck can no longer take a punch and is entirely shot.

The 42-year-old Luis Ortiz  (33-2, 28 KOs) showed in his last fight against Charles Martin that he still possesses a lot of power, and his technical boxing skills are out of this world. He’s capable of emulating any style of heavyweight.

During Ortiz’s years on the Cuban National team, he learned a lot of different styles, and he would likely make easy work of Chisora. Even though Chisora is younger by four years, he’s not fighting at the same level as the talented Cuban southpaw.

If Hearn wants to find a heavyweight that would be a 50-50 fight for Chisora, he needs to look in a different direction than Ortiz or Arreola. Maybe Michael Hunter, Dempsey McKean, or Zhilei Zhang would be better options for Chisora.