Chisora On Wilder: “We’ve Both Come Out Of Two Losses, Back-To-Back – I Will Beat Him”

38 year old British ring warrior Dereck Chisora really does want that talked of fight with Deontay Wilder. Despite many people being against the fight, with some even suggesting a fight against the lethal-hitting former WBC heavyweight champ would amount to career suicide, and despite Chisora’s own trainer, Dave Coldwell, saying he wants no part of the fight – “War,” as Chisora is known, is bang up for it.

Speaking once again with Talk Sport, Chisora 32-12(23) says he will not only fight Wilder but that he will beat him if he gets the opportunity to face him. Chisora says both he and Wilder are coming off two back-to-back defeats – Chisora to Joseph Parker, Wilder to Tyson Fury – and that the fight makes sense in his mind.

“I think we’ve both come out of two losses, back-to-back,” Chisora said of himself and Wilder. “I think why not? People are saying, ‘why does he want to do that for?’ They’re not me. People are not built like me. The thing is, I will be honest with you, I want to fight everybody. I don’t want to duck and dive and suddenly at the end of my career saying ‘I wish I’d fought this guy.’ No, I want to fight everybody right now.”

And when he was pressed on the Wilder fight and if he can beat him, Chisora answered, “I don’t know, but yes I want to go for it 100 percent. Yes, I will beat him.”

So will this fight actually happen? We have yet to hear from Wilder, 42-2-1(41) and we do not even know if he will fight again. It’s likely Wilder will resume his career soon enough and plenty of fans want him to fight again. But do we want to see Wilder fight Chisora? Chisora is as game as they come, if not gamer, and he has shown time and again how tough he is. But against Wilder, who is the hardest hitter in the division, could Chisora, after all the wars he’s already been through, be expected to stand a real chance of winning? Would it be worth rolling the dice and finding out?

But Chisora is his own man and he has spoken. He will fight Wilder and he feels he will beat him. You try talking Chisora out of it.