‘The Klitschko’s Are Cheats’ says Tyson Fury

New WBO/WBA/IBF heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, has revealed his fears that the Klitschko team may have resorted to drugging him before or immediately after Saturday night’s title fight, openly calling the brother’s ‘cheats’ and revealing he flew home dehydrated for fear of drinking any contaminated fluid.

The Klitschko’s have been notorious for securing every advantage in many of their fights in the past, using numerous different [psychological] tactics to unsettle their opposition, which in Fury’s case included a postponement to the original date, as well as fight-week rows over gloves and foam beneath the canvas – all things the new champion says had no effect upon him, despite the best efforts of the Klitschko team.

“I had good information off good sources not to touch anything in the changing rooms because they might try and drug you,” the new champion revealed on his return to the UK.

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“I went home dehydrated before I even touched anything. I was so frightened of being drug-tested and failing the drugs test.”

Speaking about everything being stacked in favour of the Klitschko’s – who have previously turned their adopted German homeland into a fortress – Fury was clear that in his mind, such tactics go way beyond what is sporting.

“They are cheats, they are extremely good at cheating,” he said.

“There were all these little things they thought might affect me, as it has with fighters in the past. But not one of them did.”

Speaking about the possibility of the Klitschko rematch and what the immediate future holds, Fury was keen to stress he will take a little time out with his family over Christmas and mull things over, crossing those bridges when he comes to them, though his trainer Peter Fury confirmed he will seek to ‘build his legacy’ in the sport over the coming months and years.

“I’m not really interested in boxing at the moment,” Tyson said. “I’ve had a full six months of boxing. I’ve had a full six months of it. It’s like winning the lottery and still buying lottery tickets – I’m not bothered.

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“I’m heavyweight champion of the world and I’m trying to get used to that at the moment. Nothing about fighting, training. I’m not thinking about anything,” he added.

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