Tyson Fury: ‘Klitschko Avoided Me for a Long Time’

New lineal heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury, has stated that his dethroning of dominant former champion, Wladimir Klitschko, was a moment a long time in coming, going on to say that the Ukrainian was ‘forced into’ the fight, and had been avoiding him for ‘a long time.’

Speaking at today’s homecoming press conference in Bolton, Fury was greeted by jubilant fans keen to share the moment with the new WBO/WBA/IBF titlist, telling his captive audience how the 39 year-old Klitschko had known all along what was coming to him, even if everybody else outside of his immediate team didn’t believe it.

“I’m not surprised, I’m not overwhelmed [by the win]. It ain’t a big shock for me, I always said it. We always said it. What we said came true. I told as many people who would listen what would happen when I met Wladimir Klitschko,” Fury said.

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“[Klitschko] was avoiding me for a long time. He promised me a fight after I beat Dereck Chisora the first time [2011] – didn’t happen. They made me fight three world title eliminators and still didn’t wanna fight me until two organisations – WBO/WBA – made me mandatory.

“He was forced into this fight. The reason being, he knew from experience what he was facing and how awkward a fight I could give him. And what we saw on Saturday night was a masterclass performance over the best fighter on the planet.

“He was on a run of 23 consecutive wins, nobody had come close to beating him. No one had landed any shots on the guy, so for me to go there and bust him like I done, ’cause he was chopped to bits, his face was a mess, it just shows you the type of talent you’re messing with.”

A rematch is likely after Klitschko stated his intention to exercise that particular clause in the contract, although it’s of course possible he may reconsider given the comprehensive manner in which he was dethroned.

Either way, both Fury and his Uncle and trainer, Peter, see the rematch going the same way, and are keen to proffer a message to the many detractors that have already appeared in the wake of Fury’s historic victory for British boxing on the world stage.

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“Anybody who wants to discredit my performance is pure jealous, you heard it from me first!,” the new champion said light-heartedly.

“Wladimir is a great champion,” Peter Fury said seriously in counter to his nephew’s humourous tone. “We had a lot of tricks for Wladimir, Tyson was not able to get some of his own shots off. That’s what happens with two great fighters sometimes. They negate each other’s work.

“Tyson has made a statement to anybody with a pair of eyes. Anybody trying to dilute what’s happened – this is the greatest victory in heavyweight boxing since Muhammad Ali beat Sonny Liston in ’64.

“[Tyson has also] shook up the world, and people need to get used to it ’cause he will continue to do it. He will be around for a long time and will cement his legacy in boxing, that’s for sure.

“It’s been a long road but now we’ve landed. He’s at the top of the hill. Watch this space, there will be some fantastic times ahead. Everybody should get behind him,” he added.

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