Terence Crawford’s manager: ‘Dangerous’ Brook is a tougher test than ‘soft’ Amir Khan

Bryan ‘Bomac’ McIntyre manages American welterweight Terence Crawford, widely considered to be one of the top three fighters in the whole of boxing. Crawford defends his world title against British boxing royalty Kell Brook this Saturday 14th November in Vegas.

Brook enters this fight as a big underdog after splitting with promoter Eddie Hearn, his trainer Dominic Ingle, fighting in a weight category he hasn’t made in three years and reportedly finding his new trainer on Instagram – but is still a big name in British boxing folklore.

In a blog for MyBettingSites.co.uk, McIntyre said:

  • “Rugged” Kell Brook poses a tougher test than “soft” Amir Khan

  • Crawford will “dominate” Brook and could RETIRE him

  •  Brook is “Dangerous” and will “swing from balls to walls”

Your man Crawford fought Brook’s countryman Amir Khan last year – who is a tougher test?

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“Khan definitely quit… Brook should be a tougher test than Khan.

“We saw what Khan did in his career, how he has been knocked out multiple times and then you look at Kell Brook and he hasn’t been knocked out like Khan has, he hasn’t been taken away on a stretcher. Brook has been able to walk out of the ring.

“He’s a bit more rugged on the edges. Khan can be considered kind of soft, but Brook is rough. He likes to get into rough fights and likes to fight his way to the end. With Khan, Khan tries to find a way out. Brook will try to fight all the way to the end until he can’t fight no-more.

“This is a type of competition Bud is looking for, he needs someone to push him, to make him better, the better the fighter the better the Terence.”

Could this be Brook’s last fight?


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“Bud probably could [retire him]. Bud ruins guys careers. Not many fighters come back after Bud. I wouldn’t be surprised if Brook retired. If he can make it out unscathed he’ll probably come back, but if he gets in there and gets banged up pretty bad it might be the end for him.

“We believe Terence will dominate this kid.

“Bud is the ultimate adjuster and whatever Kell brings to the table, I know Bud will adjust to it. Bud’s coaches have been watching Kell Brook day and night and they have prepared him for anything that Kell brings to the table.”

Is this a bad career move for Kell given the issues with his trainer and the short notice?

“You’ve got to look at whether we have enough time to prepare for the fight, do all the stars line up for this fight, there’s a lot of things to factor in.

“I probably wouldn’t have recommended it [fighting Crawford]. If he hasn’t got the right trainer and he’s only got six weeks, I’d probably say no, he shouldn’t take the fight, you up in weight a little, so maybe he shouldn’t.

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“But he has got nothing to lose and he’s going to come out there swinging from balls to walls trying to knock Terence out. He’s dangerous.”

How do you compare their careers?

“Kell has definitely got more miles on the clock, he went up in weight to fight GGG and then he came down to fight Spence and had his eye socket broken, that could take a mental toll on him.

“If you look at Terence’s fights, he’s dominated every opponent that he’s been in there with. He makes it look so easy. He’s been hit sometimes, but for the majority it’s been total domination. Terence hasn’t been in those big wars.”

How big a factor is Kell’s weight?

“Kell is an elite 154-pounder, he was an elite welterweight.”

“If Brook is willing to fight Bud it shows me Brooks’ will and determination. He hasn’t fought at 147 for three years, he’s going to have to work his tail off to get down in weight and fight for another title, that shows me he’s determined and coming to fight.

“He went up in weight to fight GGG and that shows you his character as a fighter, that shows the heart that he has and the belief that he has in himself.”