Sugar Ray’s say: Leonard gives quick prediction on Mayweather-McGregor “Super-Fight”

By James Slater - 03/23/2017 - Comments

Like many other people right now, boxing great Sugar Ray Leonard has an opinion on what would – or will – happen, when boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather meets UFC legend Conor McGregor. But don’t think for one minute that the Hall of Famer who met and defeated such fellow greats as Tommy Hearns, Roberto Duran and Marvelous Marvin Hagler is getting carried away by the hype.

Not a chance. As filmed by TMZ Sports, the 60 year-old living legend gave a swift response when asked what he thinks will happen in the so-called super-fight:

“Boxing? One round,” Sugar Ray said regarding how long McGregor would last in the ring with the 49-0 master.

Okay, it was no detailed, fully analysed prediction, but you get where Leonard is coming from. No way does McGregor beat Mayweather if the two big names do meet in a bout conducted under boxing rules (and the shrewd and smart “Money” Mayweather will have it no other way or else the “fight” will not happen). In fact, there is a very strong possibility McGregor doesn’t even land a glove on Mayweather. Not one.

This thinking will of course not stop the fight from taking place, and like it or not, it really does look as though this one will go down. How soon will McGregor go down if the bout happens? Sugar Ray says a round, and he may well be proven correct. But Floyd, always a cautious, even safety first fighter, hasn’t scored a KO or stoppage win in years, so it’s possible the vocal Irish MMA warrior will stick around for a few sessions.

But good luck to anyone who is able to find a fan willing to bet cash money on McGregor actually beating Mayweather. McGregor of course predicted, just last Friday, that he will stop Floyd and take over the sport of boxing.

Fat chance. Talking of fat, Mayweather’s predicted fight purse is extremely fat: $100 million. For a can’t-lose bout that would in reality rank as nothing more than a mere exhibition? No wonder Floyd’s middle name is what it is!

He may not go down in the books as the greatest fighter ever, or TBE, as he claims he is, but Floyd could well be the finest boxer/businessman of all-time.