Pac Man’s Guy Gibbons Would Like To See Manny “Pound A Guy” In A Victorious Farewell To Boxing

Will the great Manny Pacquiao fight again? Plenty of people feel that at age 42 and coming off that pretty clear points loss to Yordenis Ugas, this a losing fight that left Pacquiao with badly swollen eyes, the time to go is now. However, a few people, some of them in Manny’s camp, feel otherwise. How about one more, a fitting finale, these folks ask? One of them is Sean Gibbons, Manny’s advisor and MP Promotions, boss.

Gibbons spoke with Philstar Global, and he said he would like to see his superstar fighter go out with a win, this against a “solid” yet beatable guy PacMan could gobble up – or, in Gibbon’s words, “pound to the ground.” Gibbons says Pacquiao should fight one more, with a “big gala type celebration” taking place.

“The senator needs a proper send-off, a tribute to a long, beautiful, and illustrious Hall of Fame career against a solid opponent whom he should pound to the ground,” Gibbons said. “It should be a big gala-type celebration of the senator’s career. We never need to see Ugas again. In his prime, the senator would’ve spanked Ugas, and it would’ve been like Ugas was fighting three Manny Pacquiao’s at the same time because no way he could’ve kept up with his speed and movement.”

While it would be nice to see Manny go out with a win, would there really be too much point if the guy in the opposite corner was not an elite fighter? Pacquiao has said many times that he is only interested in fighting the best out there. Sure, a commanding win in front of thousands of his adoring fans (and millions more watching on TV) would be something PacMan has earned the right to have. But again, would Manny want his opponent to be merely a “solid” but “beatable” fighter?

Pacquiao should make the final decision. It’s his call. If he wants to fight again, and only if he wants to fight again, he should he do so. But you know Manny, he hates letting people down. Maybe there are enough people in his ear sufficient to talk him into fighting again, either with genuine goodwill or something else. But let’s face it – Pacquiao has absolutely nothing left to prove to anyone.