Mike Tyson To “Fight” Logan Paul In February? Lord Have Mercy!

According to gathering reports, Mike Tyson will face, or fight – yeah, let’s go with face – Logan Paul in some sort of an exhibition bout/event/show in February of next year. We all know the kind of dough these exhibition bouts can pull in, and of course Tyson pretty much started the big-name exhibition trend with his hugely successful return to the ring against fellow legend Roy Jones (over 1.6 million P-P-V buys). But now, with Tyson set to face a relative boxing novice, even in an exhibition, even when Tyson is a much mellowed, 55 year old version of his once lethal (“if he ain’t dead, it don’t count”) self, this is absolutely nothing but a bad thing, right?

Let’s just hope Tyson is in a good enough mood to be willing to pull his punches in a serious way when his still-formidable self climbs through the ropes to do whatever the heck he thinks he’ll do with Paul. If not, if the former heavyweight king is in a bad mood – perhaps put there by a Paul who is dumb enough to hurl insults at the man who, when he himself was less than two years old, was sinking his teeth into Evander Holyfield in THAT fight – well, shall we even go there? There is reportedly big money, as in huge money, to be earned from this, the latest car crash/freak show/celebrity event the kind of which has already done perhaps irreparable harm to the great (or the once-great) sport of boxing.

Still, why the financially comfy Tyson wishes to go through with this we can only guess. At one point in time, Tyson, a hardcore scholar of the sport, a man who has/had nothing but enormous respect and admiration for the sport and its finest practitioners, would certainly have sneered at the idea of himself being matched with, well, with a You Tuber. But things have evidently changed. Maybe Tyson will give a good deal of the money he will earn away, to a charity of his choice. Such a generous act would still not justify the means, but it would at least be something.

As for Paul, will he be in any fit state to be able to count, much less enjoy the money he will earn after what Tyson has done with him? We had better hope so. We do not need to see Paul get badly hurt. The much smaller (in terms of his physical size) Floyd Mayweather took it easy on Paul in that awful-to-watch exhibition bout back in June. But will Tyson also take pity on Paul? If not, God alone knows what the ramifications will be!

Will YOU watch this “fight?”

11 thoughts on “Mike Tyson To “Fight” Logan Paul In February? Lord Have Mercy!”

  1. Ask Roy Jones how hard Tyson still hits… Roy indicated his whole body hurt for over a week, irregardless of what you thought of the fight. Tyson would end both Paul brothers gimmick, money grab careers. I say Winner Take All purse, then we’ll see how confident either Paul brother is about getting in the ring with Tyson.

  2. Tyson is unstoppable when he’s in the right mind set alot people are thinking his age is going to hold him back look at him he’s still built good and will only be better preparing for such a huge fight and mentally prepared he will put guy out as long as nothing mentally gets in his way he’s a freight train and that right Hook is like a bolt of lightning.and Mike knows this is a lot of money and he could retire for good being world champion again

  3. Why would I pay to watch a slap boxing match. We all know it’ll end in a draw and there’ll be a clause if not several in the contract. No knock outs, no hard punching, no crying, no blood, no biting etc. HaHa

  4. WWE type action. Every body knows its fake. I wouldn’t waste my time or money. Iron Mike destroyed his legacy at the end of his career. Shell shocked by Buster Douglas, Holyfield and Lenox Lewis. Then getting stopped by bums that might as well be winos on the corner fighting over nothing. Its more important things going on in the world today.

  5. 🙄…There was sucker born every day for
    the last six decades that’ll watch this foolishness, unknowing, of the, “no knockout clause,” in a contract that will be implemented in order for Tyson to get the kind of money Jake and Logan Paul be giving these guys to build the Paul brother brand…

  6. Logan’s last fight Woodley was contractually obligated not to knock him out. If this is a straight up boxing match with no such wussy clauses and Tyson wants to separate Logan Paul’s head from his shoulders Logan Paul will be out cold in the first round. Tyson needs to teach this YouTube bum a lesson. One thing is for sure I’m not going to pay for a PPV fight that’s a straight exhibition match. That’s a waste of money and an insult to the sport I love. I would pay to watch a real boxing match with Tyson beating dents in loudmouth Logan Paul’s skull.

    • No we won’t bro Tyson isn’t the old Tyson anymore as far as the mental side of things. Tyson took it easy on jones jr the last fight and can’t see him being anymore aggressive towards Paul… UNLESS Paul does the normal and takes trash and insults Tyson then Paul gone be in a world of pain lol think Floyd was a handful?? Tyson is in a whole diff stratosphere!!!!!!! GL Logan lmao u will need it

    • Paul will probably make Tyson sing a contract that says no knockouts, fight must last so many rounds, etc to protect himself. Tyson will sign it because of $.

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