Usyk On Tyson Fury: He Claims He’s The King Of Kings; I Can Beat Him

It’s one of the most truly fascinating, ‘big man vs little man’ heavyweight encounters in years: Tyson Fury, 6’9” and around 270 pounds, going up (or down) against Oleksandr Usyk, 6’3” and around 220 pounds. It’s THE heavyweight fight we all want to see – and we want it next year – to see who can truly become the king of the heavyweight division.

There are other fights that must come first – Usyk-Anthony Joshua II, and maybe Fury against Dillian Whyte. But assuming both rival champions remain where they are: on top, with only each other to beat in order to be confirmed as the absolute best, this one will captivate millions. Fury is seen by many as too big, too strong and too hefty for Usyk. But the Ukrainian southpaw, who had to listen to a similar claim as he was heading into his fight with the larger, heavier Joshua, says he can and will defeat Fury.

Speaking with UK tabloid The Sun, the undefeated boxing master who has conquered the cruiserweight division and has, after just three fights at the weight, claimed as many belts at heavyweight, said he aims to prove that Fury is not “the king of kings.”

“I do regard this fight as a huge one,” Usyk said of a Fury fight. “I see him as a very good fighter, good athlete, he talks a lot, he has a tongue. He claims he is the king of kings, but it’s only he who thinks that. That’s what I can say about him. Before my Joshua fight everyone was saying that I haven’t got a single chance to win and beat Joshua. I used to hear those type of things throughout my life, but I am capable of beating Fury because I’m not boasting that I can punish and beat every boxer in the world, I just go to the gym and do my job.”

Usyk is a truly unique fighter, as is Fury. Indeed, the combined degree of sheer mental strength that would be on display (and some of it kept private) going into this fight will really be quite something. Bottom line: neither man feels he can ever be beaten. Is Usyk too clever, too quick, too strong for Fury? Is Fury too big, too powerful, too strong for Usyk? We need to get an answer. Although there are other interesting heavyweight fights that can be made, nothing comes close to this one in terms of intrigue and fascination.

Just who will be left as the king of kings when the dust settles on this fight?

2 thoughts on “Usyk On Tyson Fury: He Claims He’s The King Of Kings; I Can Beat Him”

  1. Fury is so big,tall,strong and so good I just don’t see anything or anyone beating him unless a lucky punch drops him ,that and time are the only way he loses

  2. My self say as a fan I think Aj will end up on top if if he fights defferntly he will be the best of the heavyweight division if not I think furry is way to big he will lay on usky uskys only chance is to hope we’re he is so fast he can wear furry down and knock him out but he won’t the fight it’s self won’t last more than 8 9 rounds

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