Marcos Maidana Will KO Floyd!

02/27/2014 - By Andrew Hall - Comments

I”m putting myself out there and making a pretty bold prediction but I feel that Marcos Maidana is going to shock the world by knocking out Floyd Mayweather in the 11th round of their upcoming fight. I have three reasons for thinking this: Floyd hasn’t gotten any better and is slipping, Marcos Maidana has just the right style to beat Floyd, and finally, Maidana has sky high confidence!

Floyd Mayweather really hasn’t improve much over the years. He’s basically stayed the same and his most recent fights haven’t really tested him much. In fact, Floyd hasn’t really been tested in years! Marcos Maidana has been tested and this is an advantage for him because he will be ready and willing to fight come fight night! The question is, will Floyd be ready to really rumble that night? I highly doubt it!

Swarmers beating pure boxers is so cliche in boxing it isn’t even funny. Go back to Floyds early days and he has one loss (well, he should have one loss anyway). Who did he lose to? Come on, we all know Jose Luis Castillo deserved the decision in the first fight! Anyone who knows anything about boxing knows that Castillo won that fight. Even the HBO broadcasters were in unison that Castillo won that fight. Anybody who honestly thinks Floyd won that fight is either delusional, stupid, or just loves Floyd way too much!

My third reason for Marcos Maidana winning is that Maidana’s confidence is sky high after defeating Adrian Broner in his last contest. Adrien Broner has a similar style to Floyd’s though I will say that he isnt as strong or as good defensively as Floyd. On the other hand, I have serious doubts that Floyd could have taken the beating that Adrien Broner did and still make it to the finish line. Something tells me that if Floyd got beaten up like that he would quit! Even the beating he received from Jose Luis Castillo was pretty tame compared to the beating Adrien Broner took against Maidana. If Maidana can land like that against Floyd, I expect Roger to throw in the towel!

I’m excited about this fight because Floyd is fighting somebody who is in his prime. A lot of people think Floyd will win easily but I don’t think so. I have to give Floyd some major props for taking this fight. I honestly didn’t think he had the guts to do so. If he wins, I will be the first to take my hat off to him. I really think, though, that Marcos Maidana is gonna pull off the biggest upset in boxing!