Khan showing signs of desperation for Mayweather fight

It’s been four days since Amir Khan officially won the poll on Floyd Mayweather Jr’s website that supposedly gives the 27-year-old Khan the fight with the star fighter on May 3rd at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mayweather’s silence on the issue seems to be affecting Khan judging by his recent tweets, because Khan is starting to show signs of worry with his comments. The above comment seems to be a situation where Khan is showing as much respect as possible to Mayweather. I just hope Khan doesn’t resort to referring to Mayweather as “your highness” or “your excellency.”

“Would like to Thank all the fans who voted for me on the @FloydMayweather poll, just waiting for him to announce the fight now,” Khan said on his Twitter site.

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Mayweather would shake up a lot of people if he were to tell fans that he changed his mind about leaving it up to a poll to select his next opponent. If Mayweather ignores the poll that Khan won at Mayweather Promotions and decides on giving Marcos Maidana the fight, it’s going to have Khan pretty bummed out. All that time he wasted in waiting for the fight to happen. Khan turned down a fight with Devon Alexander last December because he didn’t want to take any chances of getting beat.

Roger Mayweather said to esnewsreporting that he was told that Maidana will be the one getting the fight now, and not Khan. Whether Roger is in the loop or not about who Mayweather Jr. will be fighting next is unknown. If this is true about Maidana getting the fight then it’s going to be really bad for Khan. Not only won’t get the fight and the payday of his life, but it’ll also mean that he wasted tons of time with this.

Khan won the twitter poll by encouraging his 1.4 million followers to vote for him. However, Khan was wiped out in four other polls that didn’t require people to use twitter or Facebook to login.