Kell Brook Says There’s A Rematch Clause In Place With Amir Khan Grudge-Fight

By James Slater - 01/19/2022 - Comments

We’ve waited, what, eight years maybe more for the domestic grudge-fight that is Amir Khan Vs. Kell Brook, and now it seems there is a chance we could get to see the two bitter rivals fight each other twice.

Brook spoke with Sky Sports News today, and the former IBF welterweight champion said there is a rematch clause in place in the contract the two have signed; their fight set – finally – for February 19th in Manchester.

When Brook-Khan was first confirmed, Brook stated how Khan, who he is certain he will “smash,” will “have to walk around for the rest of his life knowing I beat him.”

But now, maybe this will not be the case – for whoever loses next month (and that’s assuming we have a winner and a loser, the fight could turn out to be a draw of course!).

Might these two wind up hooking up again in an immediate rematch? Heck, might Khan and Brook even wind up engaging in a trilogy?

It is possible. However, Brook, 39-3(27) said today that his arch-rival will not want a return fight with him, so badly will he lay a beating on him next month.

“I believe there is a rematch clause and I’m not sure that he’ll want to take that rematch clause or not with what I want to do to him in this fight,” Brook said.

Kell Brook Says There's A Rematch Clause In Place With Amir Khan Grudge-Fight

If it’s a great fight in February, and if it’s a close affair or is in any way controversial, it seems a good bet the loser WILL indeed exercise that rematch right.

And if Brook and Khan were then all even at 1-1, the rubber-match would have to happen, right? Maybe. But this is getting ahead of things. What if Khan blasts out Brook, or what if Brook blasts out Khan? Would there be any talk of a rematch in this event?

It is interesting, though, how this clause has only now been publicized. Khan-Brook, Brook-Khan II, Khan-Brook III? Maybe.

Last Updated on 01/19/2022