Kell Brook Not Sure If Amir Khan’s Recent Call-Out Was “A Publicity Stunt”

Can you believe that, here in 2021 – some seven years after the fight should have happened – there is still talk regarding a domestic grudge match between former champions Amir Khan and Kell Brook! For years, Brook tried his best to make the fight, with Khan responding with statements like, ‘absolutely that fight can happen,’ and ‘Brook will get what’s coming to him.’

But the fight never happened. Maybe this year it finally will take place. Khan recently called Brook out, saying how now is the time to “put him in his place.” Brook has now responded, speaking with Talk Sport. The former IBF welterweight champ said he is not certain Khan, 34-5(21) is serious about wanting to fight him at last, the 34 year old (same age as Khan) wondering if the former 140 pound champ was merely looking for some publicity. But Brook made it clear, again, that he is bang up for the fight.

“I don’t know if it’s a publicity stunt or if he does actually want it,” Brook said of Khan. “It sounds like he does and that’s music to my ears. It’s a fight that everyone’s wanted for a long time, so if it does happen, happy days. I think it’s clear I want the fight. It just caps the career I’ve had, to be in a fight such as that – the highlight of the career. I believe they [the fans] still want it. If we can get it across the line and it can happen, I think it’ll definitely catch fire again once we start promoting the fight. And what a fight it will be.”

Should that read, what it fight it would have been? Has this fight got any buzz about it now, with both men some way past their best and with Brook coming off that ‘what he me?’ KO defeat at the hands of Terence Crawford? Do fans still want Khan Vs. Brook? Maybe some die hard fans still want to see the fight, but not nearly as many as wanted it back when it should have/could have taken place. Let’s be honest, if this fight does happen, it will be put out as a pay-per-view offering. But should this be the case? Would YOU pay something like £19.99 to see Brook-Khan?

Brook, 39-3(27) has always said he would knock Khan out, and he has not budged one bit on that.

“There’s only one winner and that’s me,” Brook said. “I’m confident I’d knock him out, definitely yeah.”