Kambosos activating rematch with Haney, 15 minutes of fame about over

06/17/2022 - By Michael Collins - Comments

George Kambosos Jr. let fans know on Friday that he’s activated his rematch clause and will be fighting undisputed lightweight champion Devin Haney in a rematch next in a fight that will likely be taking place before the end of the year.

Kambosos’ decision to activate the rematch means that his 15-minutes of fame is ending, and his career will likely nose dive after he gets schooled a second time by Haney.

It’s hard to imagine Kambosos ever getting another title shot after he loses to Haney unless it’s from a future champion picking him out for a voluntary defense.

Like always, Kambosos’s self-confidence is high, much higher than it should be given how terrible he looked in his loss to Haney (28-0, 15 KOs) on June 5th in their undisputed match in Melbourne, Australia.

Kambosos had done the brunt of the promotion for the fight by building himself up in the media and with the fans, making it sound like he’d been at the top for ages and deserved his spot. The reality was much different.

What was clear from watching Haney easily school Kambosos was that the only reason the Aussie defeated former unified 135-lb champion Teofimo Lopez last November was that he was weight drained, injured, ring rusty, and mentally not there that night.

You can argue that Kambosos is the worst champion the lightweight division has seen for quite some time, and it’s good that he lost.

“The rematch is happening, 100 percent. I’ve activated the rematch clause. The emperor is dead, but ferocious is still alive and I will be back. This is my destiny to show how great I am and get those belts back. I know I can get those belts back,” said Kambosos Jr. to Newscorp.

Bradley expects Kambosos to lose again

“It’s all about business,” said Tim Bradley to Secondsout when asked if Kambosos should take the rematch with Haney.  “He’s contracted to face Haney. If I was in his camp, I probably would take the fight.

“Things can happen depending on his promoter and what they have in store for him. If they think the rematch is right for him because I think he’ll lose in the rematch as well,” Bradley said about Kambosos.

“But then again, if the money is right, and I hear the money is right. Why not do it? Why not give it another shot? It all just depends on what he wants to do. Does he want the money, and does he wants another loss? Whatever is important to him.

“I think Haney should get a voluntary defense and continue to grow,” said Bradley when asked who Haney should face if he doesn’t fight Kambosos next.

“Of course, we want to see him fight the best guys out there. But if he gets a voluntary defense, why not? Do a showcase fight in a voluntary defense if he’s not going to fight Kambosos, and then I want to see him with the top dogs.

“I want to see him in with Lomachenko, I want to see him in with a guy like [Ryan] Garcia, and I want to see him in the ring with Tank,” said Bradley.

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