John Riel Casimero Aiming For Quick KO Over “Easy Work” Rigondeaux

You’ve got the admire the cheek, the sheer cockiness, the utter self-belief of reigning WBO bantamweight champ John Riel Casimero. Going into tonight’s fascinating clash with 40-year-old Cuban boxing master Guillermo Rigondeaux, the Filipino stated how the southpaw known as “El Chacal” is nothing but “easy work” for him.

Casimero, 30-4(21) spoke with the media after yesterday’s official weigh-in, and the 32-year-old stated how he will score a quick KO tonight.

“Eight letters, two words – easy work,” Casimero said. “I want to prove that I could knock him out and the fans want it that way too.”

But knocking Rigondeaux out is something that is easier said than done. During his pro career, during which he has compiled a 20-1(13) record, Rigondeaux has been stopped only by Vasiliy Lomachenko, this via corner retirement. Rigondeaux has been dropped the odd time, by Nonito Donaire for example, yet he is – or he was – a defensive genius who is extremely hard to hit with a clean head shot. But has age caught up with Rigondeaux? We will very likely get an answer tonight.

Casimero’s trainer, Nonoy Neri, says the game-plan will be for his fighter to “soften” Rigondeaux with bod shots and then “go for an all-out assault,” this after a feel-out opening round. But if Casimero is there to hit Rigondeaux, he will be there to be hit himself. Casimero has said a number of times how he does not want Rigondeaux to “run.”

We might just get an action fight tonight. There was a time when plenty of fans groaned about how boring Rigondeaux was. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think we have to worry about anything along those lines with tonight’s fight. Look for a special fight, whoever wins. Will we see a KO, though?

Prediction: Rigondeaux has to fight his way through some rough patches, where he is wobbled, perhaps knocked down, before coming on to win a close decision in a very good, maybe even great fight.