Joe Joyce Says He’ll Fight In March Then Wants A “Big One In The Summer”

12/15/2022 - By James Slater - Comments

The Juggernaut” will roll back into action in March of next year. Joe Joyce, who is the WBO interim heavyweight champ, spoke with Sky Sports, with the 37 year old saying he will take a keep-busy fight in March, before going for “a big one in the summer.” While there is no word yet on who the March opponent will be, Joyce did day he would like to find a southpaw dance partner, as he has made it clear wants either Tyson Fury (who switches to southpaw in fights) or Oleksandr Usyk (who is one of the trickiest southpaws in the business) in the summer of 2023.

Joyce is, like the rest of us, waiting to see what happens when Fury and Usyk get it on. Joyce says he will be ready for either man next year.

“I’m planning to have a fight in March, while all the others are taking a fight,” Joyce told Sky Sports. “For the summer one [I plan to] go for the big one, like Usyk or Fury. I’ll be ready because I’ll have had one at the beginning of the year to get me going. I don’t understand why people do that (lay off and protect their ranking). It makes them rusty for when they do get the shot and also their skills as well, you always want to keep on improving and growing as a fighter and correcting any mistakes, and getting in these exciting fights for the fans. It is entertainment, not just let me hold onto my ‘0.’”

Joyce against Fury would be a fascinating fight, with Fury recently stating how he feels Joyce is the toughest man in the division and that he would give him a harder night’s work than Usyk would/will. Usyk holds an amateur win over Joyce and, as long ago as that was, Joyce craves revenge, and the titles of course.

Just 15-0(14), Joyce has impressed many with his rock for a chin, his relentless aggression, his engine and his underrated boxing skills; his jab being an especially effective weapon. In short, Joyce breaks his rivals down before rolling over them. Can Joyce do this against the elite? We will get an answer some time next year. Joyce is not going anywhere until he gets his shot, and when he does get it, “The Juggernaut” won’t go anywhere in the actual fight. Fury and Usyk have the tools needed to win a decision over Joyce, but it would come at a cost, a physical cost. Joyce really is an absolute nightmare to fight. Even for special fighters like Usyk and Fury.

What do YOU guys think – can Joe Joyce win a world title in 2023?