Golovkins team still optimistic about Cotto unification

Promoter Tom Loeffler and trainer Abel Sanchez have both been overlooking their date with Martin Murray at the end of this month and have taken to discussing a superfight with Peurto Rican legend Miguel Cotto sometime later in the year. Whilst they have said Golovkin is 100% focused on the task at hand in tough British fighter Murray, they have looked ahead at what would have to be viewed as the best option for Golovkin.

At this point in his career it is unclear whether Cotto would be looking to get in the ring with a younger, hungrier and apparently more dominant champion such as Golovkin. Cotto does not have a fight lined up yet, but the interesting this is that after his fight in May he would be forced to fight Golovkin as he would be in the madatory position for Cottos middlweight strap.

It is not going to be until thn that we see whether Cotto is serious about fighting ‘triple G’ or whether it would be a case of his retirement. Whilst Golovkins team have made it public knowledge that they believe Cotto would rather vacate than fight him, they continue to push for the fight nevertheless as it would be the highest profile fight for their fighter, as well as the best pay day.

Freddie Roach, the trainer for Miguel Cotto has other ideas with regards to this matchup. When this fight was being discussed at the end of last year he was quoted as saying that his fighter Cotto would beat either Golovkin or Canelo Alvarez, however it now looks as though neither of those fights will materialise.

Whoever Cotto fights in his next bout, it should make for an interesting experience and will go someway as to show where Miguel Cotto is at his career in this point and a good win could lead to any number of big fights including Golovkin, Alvarez or even a Mayweather rematch.