Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis – Ryan Garcia press conference on March 8th & 9th

By Jeepers Isaac - 03/04/2023 - Comments

Ryan Garcia and Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis are going to come face-to-face for the first time in their kickoff press conference this Wednesday, March 8th and 9th to discuss their April 22 fight on Showtime PPV.

Interestingly, Gervonta (28-0, 26 KOs) was the one that broke the news about his press conference with Ryan (23-0, 19 KOs) next week rather than Showtime or his promoters at PBC, but it makes sense.

With Tank’s huge following on social media, it makes perfect sense for Showtime and PBC to let him be the one that gives the fans & the media heads up about his press conferences.

What is the Tank vs. Ryan PPV price?

Surprisingly, there hasn’t been any promotion of the fight by the organizers of the Tank-Ryan fight. It’s unclear if they’re going to expect Tank and Ryan to do the heavy lifting in terms of marketing the fight because they’re lagging big time in giving the fight the proper push that it should be getting. There’s still no word about how much Tank vs. Ryan will go for on Showtime PPV.

It sure would be nice if the event organizers clue the fans in on what the price will be so they can start saving.

“Gervonta, as the rounds get later and later, he’s going to less likely land the big bomb, and he’s going to get moving in that direction, but he cannot pull straight back,” said trainer Bob Santos told Fighthype about Tank Davis having less of a chance of knocking out Ryan Garcia the later the fight goes on April 22.

“I think so because if he can get into the tenth round or somewhere around there like we did with Mario Barrios if he had a little more in the tank, I thought we were winning the fight; Floyd Mayweather thought we were winning the fight going into the 11th round.

“So we were a round and a half away from pulling off a huge upset. You never know what happens with the judges because that’s subjective, but as far as public opinion goes. Everybody felt that Mario Barrios was winning that fight [against Tank Davis].

“So, I think if he [Ryan Garcia] can get in that area with Joe Goosen’s experience and Joe Goosen is going to prepare for him, even if he does get caught with something big and it’s something that can’t put him out cold, you got to like his chances with Joe Goosen.

“You look at what Joe Goosen did with Diego Corrales. Joe Goosen can bring the experience with Ryan’s heart & balls to guide him a little bit better in the corner. ‘Hey, we got to manage this. We got to weather the storm.’ So again, with Joe Goosen’s experience and Ryan’s heart & balls, if it gets later into the rounds, Gervonta is going to be in some trouble.

“With that being said, I do favor Gervonta to win the fight, but it’s going to be very close, and I wouldn’t bet on it either way.

“Had Floyd not been there that night, we probably would have won the fight,” said Santos about Mario Barrios’ clash with Tank Davis in June 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia.

“Had Floyd not been there to press him [Tank Davis] to go out there and look for the stoppage, he might not have done that. He might have otherwise continued doing what he was doing, and we would have probably pulled off a victory.

“But because of Floyd’s experience, having a guy that was analyzing what’s going on. He knows what he’s looking at. I mean, come on, Floyd Mayweather is an all-time great, so he knows what he’s looking at. Floyd told him, ‘Hey, you got to get the stoppage.

“So if Floyd’s not there that night, we’re not God, so we don’t know, maybe he catches him in the twelfth round. Most likely if he didn’t tell him to do what he did, we’d probably would in the course of public opinion, have gotten the win for sure.

“For sure, [Gervonta’s trainer] Calvin [Ford] is a great guy. Obviously, they’re undefeated, and they’ve never lost a fight, but it can’t hurt to have a Floyd Mayweather to give you a little bit of advice in camp.

“If that’s not the case, obviously, they’re undefeated. Calvin’s done a great job, and like I said, people have underestimated Gervonta’s ring IQ. He has a high ring IQ. He’s not just athletically gifted.  He has a high ring IQ and sets a lot of traps. Again, with Joe Goosen, I know he’s going to be dissecting tape and is going to be looking at everything.

“They’re going to be setting traps of their own. I know. I worked under Joe for a long time, so he’ll be setting traps of their own. It’s going to be a cat & mouse game to a degree at some point,” said Santos.

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