Fury Takes Credit for Ngannou’s Success, Predicts a “Great Fight”

By Michael Collins - 03/03/2024 - Comments

Tyson Fury is looking forward to this Friday’s clashing between former two-time heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua and Francis Ngannou on March 8th in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

‘The Gypsy King’ Fury is taking credit for Ngannou receiving the attention that he’s getting now from boxing fans, and opening the door to a well-paying clash against the superstar Joshua (27-3, 24 KOs) at the Kingdom Arena.

If not for Fury giving the former UFC heavyweight champion Ngannou an opportunity to fight him last October, he’d not be getting the chance to fight AJ this Friday. With that said, it was the Saudis that wanted Fury to fight Ngannou, so it’s a bit much that he’s taking credit for the fight happening last October.

“I Made Him a Millionaire”

“I think it’s a great fight,” Fury said with a smirk on his face to Charlie Parson’s YouTube channel, talking about the Joshua vs. Ngannou clash.

“When I was fighting Ngannou it was a ‘mismatch’, but it is what it is,” said Fury about his poor showing last October, being given what many boxing fans believed was a gift ten round split decision in Riyadh.

“I put him on the map, made him a multi-millionaire, and now I’m making him even more money,” Fury continued about Ngannou. “So he needs to thank me; he needs to get on his knees and kiss my feet for what I’ve done for him.”

Well, Fury is telling the truth about him being the one that gave Ngannou a chance to be seen by millions of boxing fans to make a name for himself. What he’s not saying is the Saudis are the ones who wanted to see this fight, and without them, Fury never would have fought Ngannou in a million years because there wouldn’t have been the money to get him to take the contest.

Interestingly, Fury is asking Ngannou to grovel and give him love for taking the fight with him. That’s kind of pathetic, isn’t it? The one that Ngannou should be thanking is His Excellancy because he’s the one that wanted to see this fight and he made it possible.

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