Floyd Mayweather Teases Ring Return, Says He Would Have To Be Paid “At Least $200 Million”

By James Slater - 07/13/2022 - Comments

There really and truly is crazy money to be made by the elite fighters today; the kind of money the greats from yesteryear could never have dreamed of. Tyson Fury recently said he will come back if he’s paid the handsome sum of $500 million, and now Floyd Mayweather has hinted he may have a real fight ring return this year – if he’s paid “at least $200million.”

Speaking with Fight Hype, Mayweather spoke about his plans for this year – three further exhibition bouts, or maybe two exhibition bouts and one “real” fight.

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“I’m still the most talked about mother*****r in boxing and I don’t even fight any more,” Mayweather said to his favourite boxing site/channel. “All I do is rob the bank and they’re going to continue to pay me. I got three more exhibitions this year, could be fighting one fight and two exhibitions. But guess what, you better know it’s at least and this is the lowest I’m talking about $200million.”

There is no doubt about it, a Mayweather ring return would be a huge deal, especially if “Money,” who is now 45 years old, took on a top contender. For Mayweather to be paid the kind of massive money he is demanding, it would have to be a legit opponent in the opposite corner. What kind of fight would bring in enough money for Mayweather to be paid $200million? A return fight with Manny Pacquiao instantly springs to mind (and, like Floyd, Manny is soon to box an exhibition bout, in December).

As much of a dud as the so-called “Fight of the Century” was when Mayweather and Pacquiao finally got it on in May of 2015, a return fight would possibly attract enough attention to do maybe a third as well at the Box Office as the first fight did; maybe a touch more. And that would still be many millions of dollars (the 2015 fight breaking all pay-per-view records).

But will Mayweather really risk his 50-0 record by fighting again for real? Again, fans would not pay to see Mayweather box some no-hoper, it would have to be a genuine foe if Mayweather was to pick up the kind of massive money he wants. Mayweather has of course kept himself in great physical shape and it’s entirely possible he could make welterweight without too much of a strain, even at age 45.

But is Floyd being serious about fighting again, or is he just messing with us?