Does Deontay Wilder Beat Any Heavyweight Aside From Fury? Tyson Says So

We have yet to see how Deontay Wilder bounces back from the first loss of his pro career; if the former WBC heavyweight champion CAN bounce back from that February hammering at the hands of Tyson Fury. Some fighters are never the same after losing for the first time and we have to wait and see whether or not Wilder is destined to be one of them.

But Fury himself pays Wilder (and himself) a great compliment, stating how “The Bronze Bomber” is a man who beats “everybody else out there.” Speaking with Queensbury Promotions’ YouTube channel, Fury stated how Wilder “knocks Anthony Joshua out and everyone behind me.”

“Deontay Wilder is the second best heavyweight in the world,” the unbeaten Fury said. “I believe he knocks Anthony Joshua out and everyone behind me. I think he knocks them out because me being a master boxer and people think ‘just go forward on Deontay Wilder now you knock him out.’ The fact of the matter is if they watch the tape I’m not just going forward, I was using feints, I was using a calculated jab, I was going up and downstairs, hitting the body and hitting the head. I was also using the double feint with the front foot, using the front legs as levers to jump in and land big shots and it’s not easy to do.”

Fury adds how Wilder caught him with some power punches early in the rematch, punches that “would have taken a lot of people out.” Fury says he was fully fit in the second fight, not like in the first fight which was scored a draw. It’s true Fury boxed brilliantly in February, taking it to Wilder and hurting him multiple times. The question is, can any other fighter do something similar to what Fury did and beat Wilder, or will Wilder beat any other man as Fury says?

As far as a Wilder-Joshua fight goes, we will almost certainly never get an answer. This fight seems almost 100-percent certain not to happen now. In fact, if Fury does another job on Wilder in their contracted third fight, might Wilder be so demoralized he never fights again? It’s possible. Fury says Wilder beats everyone aside from him and he might be right. But will we ever get to find out?

How much has Wilder, who turns 35 in October, got left to offer?