Crawford vs Brook: Can Kell Put Up A Better Fight Than Amir Khan?

Ordinarily, this Saturday’s fight between pound-for-pound best (in the opinion of many) Terence Crawford and Kell Brook would have had the British fans all pumped up, excited to see if their hero can score the big win. But there isn’t the same buzz about this fight, not compared to the other recent fights where a British lion went to the US to try and bring home the gold.

Maybe it’s due to the pandemic, and the fact that no fans will be in attendance at the fight. Maybe it’s because the fight is not being given the Sky Sports treatment. Maybe the lack of buzz is down to the fact that not too many people are giving Brook much of a chance. However, it just might be that we get a great fight on Saturday in Vegas, a big surprise. Brook, aged 34 and 39-2(27) knows his very career is on the line, that there will be no more big opportunities if he loses this one.

And Brook says he has trained accordingly, adding how he will “give it absolutely everything” in order to win. “I will find a way,” Brook said last week. Some people are comparing Brook’s chances against the unbeaten Crawford, 36-0(27) with the amount of success fellow Brit (and fierce rival; the two never met in the ring) Amir Khan had when he challenged Crawford last April. Khan had very little success, quitting due to a low blow in round six. Khan was heavily criticised for the manner in which he surrendered. Can Brook do better than Khan managed?

We’d better hope so, in the interests of a good fight. Brook can be expected to indeed give it his all and go down fighting if he does go down. Brook is a huge welterweight and if he has not weakened himself by getting down to 147 once again, we could get a genuinely competitive fight. Khan says he is rooting for his rival, stating that he believes the man he never fought (and almost certainly never will) can do it.

We’ll soon see. But how many British fans will be staying up into the early morning hours to watch the fight? If Brook does pull it off, plenty of people will owe him a big apology. Few people truly believe in him, yet maybe we are all guilty of not giving Brook his full respect.

Prediction: Crawford has to go the full 12 rounds to win, this he does via close, competitive decision.

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