Conor Benn obliterates Samuel Vargas by 1st round TKO – Boxing Results

04/10/2021 - By Jeff Sorby - Comments

Showing absolutely no respect for the old warhorse Samuel Vargas (31-7-2, 14 KOs), WBA Continental welterweight champion Conor Benn (18-0, 12 KOs) bum-rushed him and unloaded with a blizzard of punches that impressed the referee enough for him to wave the contest off at 1:20 of the first round on Saturday night at the Copper Box Arena in London, England.

The fight ended so quickly that you didn’t know whether the right decision was made by the referee or what because all of a sudden, it was halted out of the blue with Vargas looking fine and unmarked.

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Benn, 24, was unloading on Vargas, who was showing no signs of throwing anything back. The absence of anything coming back from Vargas obviously influenced referee Michael Alexander’s decision to stop the fight.

You want to give the fans their money’s worth, and you can argue that Alexander spoiled things by being so quick on the trigger to stop the fight.

Eddie Hearn: Benn is ready for a top 15 opponent

“The next fight has to be a top 15 in the world,” said Eddie Hearn about the next move for Benn. Benn vs. Khan, a young guy against a guy with a fantastic legacy.

“I want Benn back out as soon as possible. I’d like to see him win the European title. How can you not get excited?” said Hearn.

Conor Benn obliterates Samuel Vargas by 1st round TKO - Boxing Results

Benn is definitely ready for 34-year-old Amir Khan, but he may find it difficult to get a fight against him now after tonight’s performance.

Conor wants Khan, Broner, or Porter next

“I’m putting the Benn name back where it belongs, and that’s on top,” said Benn. “I’m the best welterweight in the country.

“Give me [Amir] Khan, [Shawn] Porter, [Adrien] Broner. Give me Amir Khan. I know he’s too busy on reality TV. If he wants it, he can have it.”

It’s safe to say that Adrien Broner won’t take the fight with Benn, but Shawn Porter would agree if offered the right kind of money by Hearn.

$2 million might be enough for Porter to agree to face Benn, but it’s not likely that Hearn would green light that fight. Hearn is a owl, and he knows what would happen if Benn got in there with Porter. It would night at the office for sure for Conor.

“I can deal with pressure. I can cope with it. I can live with it, no problem. I’m ready for the top dogs, Shawn Porter, Adrien Broner. I’m the most rapidly improved fighters globally,” said Benn.

Well, so much for the so-called modesty that Benn had. He kind of lost full control of himself after the fight, getting a case of motor-mouth.

What’s surprising is that Benn stopped short of calling out Vergil Ortiz Jr, Jaron ‘Boot’s Ennis, Keith Thurman, and Danny Garcia.

Benn clear hadn’t lost his senses enough to call out those guys because if they were to agree to fight him, he might be in real trouble.