Chris Eubank Jr. to fight Arthur Abraham next?

Rumours are almost always popping up in boxing and this one may turn out to be nothing more than a rumour, but there is growing word that Chris Eubank Jr. will next face Arthur Abraham, possibly in June. A good fight, an interesting fight, this one, if it actually goes ahead, will mark a step up for the former British middleweight champ who, in his last fight in February moved up to capture the lightly regarded IBO strap at 168.

Abraham, 46-5(30) is no longer the force he was when he was IBF middleweight champ and then a “Super Six” participant in 2007 to 2009, but he remains a formidable fighter. Can Eubank Jr, 24-1(19) beat Abraham, in what proves to be a case of excellent match-making on the part of his team, or would the veteran have too much for him?

Abraham has won his last two, he is rarely stopped, and he has an absolute ton of pro experience. Certainly this fight would be a step up from the likes of Renold Quinlan and the brave but outgunned Nick Blackwell. Whether the plan is for the fight to take place in Germany or in the UK or somewhere else, Eubank will likely get credit if he takes this, a potentially tough fight.

It will also be interesting to see if this fight gets televised on ITV, the Box Office platform Eubank fights on these days. Abraham will likely look at Eubank as nothing too much to worry about, having been in with so many big names, facing just about every style there is. This is a solid fight, the kind Eubank needs if he is to realise his potential. Aside from his fight with current WBO middleweight champ Billy Joe Saunders (which Eubank of course lost via decision) a duel with Abraham would be the biggest fight/test of the outspoken Eubank’s career.

If he were to manage a win, especially a stoppage win, Eubank would be on his way to making believers of quite a few fans and critics. Then again, if the still dangerous Abraham stopped Eubank, where would he go then? A risky fight for both men.