Carl Froch On Why Eubank Jr Can Beat Gennady Golovkin

01/18/2023 - By James Slater - Comments

Froch on GGG: “He’s Over 40 Now, I Know What It’s Like To Be Over 40”

Former super-middleweight king Carl Froch says he hasn’t quite made up his mind about who wins the fight on Saturday when Chris Eubank Jr and Liam Smith get it on. Yet interestingly, Froch – who will perform punditry duties for Sky Sports on Saturday night – says he would pick Eubank Jr over Gennady Golovkin if the two fought later this year.

Writing a piece for Sky Sports, “The Cobra” said that GGG is no longer the fighter he once was now that he has turned 40. Froch, who writes how he knows “what it’s like to be over 40” either in the ring or in the gym, feels 33 year old Eubank “absolutely could beat GGG.” But first Eubank has to get past Smith, and Froch says Saturday’s fight could go either way.

“If he can beat Liam Smith that would give him the leg up to the next level, and the next level’s going to be for a world title,” Froch writes about Eubank Jr. “If he wins. This is a fight that could go either way and I’ve not made up my mind about who I think wins. Either of these fighters could win this. But if he does manage to get the victory over Smith, he needs to be looking at a world title fight at middleweight. Gennady Golovkin’s over 40 now and I know what it’s like to be over 40. You slow down, you’re not as fast. Your reflexes aren’t there and your best years are behind you. So absolutely Eubank can beat him.”

Froch went on to write how some fans will no doubt lay into his claim, saying it’s “ridiculous” to suggest Eubank can beat GGG. However, Froch points to the struggles GGG has had in fights since turning the age of 35, stating how “he’s definitely beatable” at this stage of his long career.

But can Eubank really go on to defeat Golovkin if he does get past Smith? As Froch says, it’s now or never for Eubank. A loss to Smith would be a big setback for Eubank, while even a win may not be enough to convince fans the British star has what it takes to beat even a 41 year old Triple-G.