Canelo won’t fight David Benavidez says Jose Sr

Trainer Jose Benavidez Sr is convinced that Canelo Alvarez will never fight David Benavidez because he’s scared of what might happen.

Jose Sr says if Canelo wouldn’t fight Benavidez even if his background wasn’t Mexican. He feels that Canelo would avoid him if he were Filpino or Cuban because he reliezes that Benavidez has the youth and power advantage.

Canelo’s recent comment about not wanting to fight Mexican fighters pretty much disqualifies Benavidez from getting a chance to fight him.

Jose Sr states that Canelo is showing signs of deterioration and he’s distracted from boxing due to his golf hobby and businesses.

“If he doesn’t want to fight any Mexicans, David was born in Arizona. That doesn’t make him 100% Mexican,” said Jose Benavidez Sr to Fighthype about Canelo Alvarez steering away from fighting Mexican fighters.

“Regardless of where he was born, he would night fight David [Benavidez], even if he was a Filipino or a Cuban. He will not fight David. I believe that he knows that David is much stronger, bigger, and younger.

“Canelo now, he’s done a lot for the sport of boxing, he’s been very disciplined and he’s captured so many titles. It’s going to be hard for somebody else to get there,

“He doesn’t want to fight David because now he knows it’s not going to be a win. He wants to make sure that he is going to win a fight. With Bivol, he thought he was going to win that fight easy. Look what happened. So he made a mistake.

“I think so,” said Jose Sr when asked if Canelo’s loss to Bivol means he will never fight Benavidez. “He thought he was unstoppable.

“He thought he could beat the heavyweights, and he thought he could beat Usyk. Look what happened. He went up a division, and it wasn’t as easy as he thought it was. He knows David is super big. We can go to 175 and fight Bivol, Zurdo Ramirez and all those guys.

“The thing is, David is younger and he’s a big 168. That’s the reason that he [Canelo] will not face David Benavidez. There’s no way. Canelo and David Benavidez will never happen. The thing is that you’ve got to understand is David is only 25-years-old.

“If it doesn’t happen now, it won’t happen in a year or two. He’s [Canelo] getting older, and we’re seeing now that he’s very interested in golf. He does have a lot of other businesses that might keep him awake.

“Sometimes he wins, sometimes he loses in the businesses that he has a lot of money. So, I never see that fight happening with David Benavidez. Right now, I don’t even focus on that.

“Right now, I’m just trying to stay active and see who wants to fight. Maybe the other younger fighters. Even Caleb Plant and Charlo doesn’t want to fight David.

“They know that David is a young prospect, hungry, and he has no losses. so a loss for David is nothing. It’s not the end of his career.

“I don’t see that happening, and they know the wear & tear on his [Canelo] body. He didn’t look good in his last fight. He claims he has problems in his camp. We can already see the deterioration in his body. It’s not the same.

“We’ll see Canelo a little bit stronger than GGG, but you’ve got to see GGG’s age also. I don’t think it’s going to be even close to the first and second fight. It’s going to be a big difference.

“He’s only 25-years-old. We want to keep him active to see when somebody is going to take the risk to fight David and want to fight David.

There are so many fighters now that claim to be the best at 168, yet they’re running around. We’ve got something coming for November. We’ll probably announce it in two or three days who he’s fighting.

“We’re closing the deal on the fighter and once we have the fighter secured, then we’re going to look for the venue. That’s a fight that we’ve been looking for so many years,”  Jose Sr said of Caleb Plant.

“He claims he wants to fight David, and he claims to be the best. Nothing yet. We even sent him a contract before, but he refused. He didn’t want to sign it. If he does good in his fight and we do good on our fight, I think that we can definitely meet.

“That’s another option we have [going up to 175]. David can do 168 with no problem, but I think 175 would be good as well. Fight the winner of Zurdo Ramirez and Bivol. That’s a very dangerous fight.

“We’re thinking about fighting the winner, so that makes the fight more dangerous. It’s not like we’re trying to fight the loser of that.

“We’re trying to fight the winner of that. If that happens, we’re open to that too. Whatever direction is is. If we don’t get any fights at 168, we’re going to have to move to 175. Right now, we’re aiming at 168, and if it doesn’t happen, we have no problem with going to 175.

“Canelo will never fight David Benavidez. He’s scared,” said Jose Sr.

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