Canelo Alvarez fires back at Gennady Golovkin over cheating claims: I’m gonna kick your f***** a**!

Not surprisingly considering the very serious nature of the verbal attack and the questions asked by middleweight champ Gennady Golovkin yesterday – GGG flat out calling Canelo Alvarez and his promoter Oscar De La Hoya cheats, GGG also demanding to know how Canelo got those alleged needle marks on his abdomen – Canelo has fired back.

Not yet speaking to the media, and not permitted to do so until the investigation into Canelo’s positive drug test has reached its conclusion – this investigation currently underway by The Nevada Commission – the Mexican star could not resist taking to social media to respond to Golovkin:

“I’m gonna kick your ****** ass!” Canelo wrote on Instagram, a video of the fighter shadowboxing accompanying the message.

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And Canelo also wrote “little bitch,” “#GGG.”

Canelo is obviously angry, but then so is GGG – and so are plenty of fight fans. Until this whole episode is cleared up (if this is even possible), the questions will remain, as will the claims and the denials. But what cannot be dismissed is the fact that Canelo DID test positive for an illegal substance (clenbuterol, or at least traces of the drug, being found in Alvarez’ system). GGG, and many, many other people, simply will not buy the tainted meat explanation that Canelo and his team put forth as a means of explaining the traces of clenbuterol.

The bad blood now attached to this fight – the rematch still on course for May 5, as of right now anyway – is enormous and it doesn’t look like going away even after the rematch has been settled in the ring (if it is actually settled).

Despite the considerable out of the ring activity, both fighters are still hard at work in their respective training camps. With just six weeks to go until the target date for the rematch, fans are wondering just how long the investigation by the Nevada Commission will take. Talk about out of the ring distractions for both fighters. Distractions that will somehow have to be ignored as much as is at all possible.