By offering Fans to decide, Mayweather Jr. might rob Amir Khan of his confidence

“I’m going to let the fans vote. Tell me who I should fight next. Khan or Maidana?,” posted Floyd Mayweather Jr. on his Instagram page, with the pictures of both possible opponents side by side.

This is certainly a curve ball from Mayweather Jr., and even if it turns out to be nothing but a joke, it can still send a very destructive message to either fighter, with Amir Khan more likely to be affected by it.

Since reading about his humble offer, I started looking around trying to find any and all online polls and discussions on the subject. While I wouldn’t say that I am shocked by what I am seeing, the fact that there are so many more people interested in having Mayweather Jr. give Maidana a shot, than to see Floyd face Khan, is at the least curiosity arousing.

Was beating Adrien Broner enough to score Maidana the biggest fight in boxing? Was it because Broner is Floyd’s friend that Mayweather Jr. added Maidana to the mix?

When boxing fans talk of the right to a fight, a deserving accomplishment, is Maidana worthy of that opportunity? With over 80% KO rate, an impressive resume, a developed persona, and a relentless style, most would say: why not?

There are technically two answers to that questions that the rebutting boxing fans are flaunting: one is that Maidana’s style is a guaranteed win for Mayweather Jr., and the second is that Maidana had already lost to Amir Khan in 2010.

A big chunk of the boxing community believes that Khan can match Mayweather’s speed, thus already creating a very unique and unexplored situation for Team Mayweather. Is this true? Will Khan be the biggest challenge for Floyd Mayweather Jr. in a long time, if he is lucky chosen one?

If Mayweather Jr. decides to face Marcos Maidana, it could potentially send Khan in a down-spiral, after chasing the fight for so many years and coming so close it having it secured.

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