Broner offers to help Rees out if he comes to his training camp

By Michael Collins: WBC lightweight champion Adrien Broner (25-0, 21 KO’s) has got a fight against an over-matched opponent Gavin Rees (37-1-1, 18 KO’s) that he’ll be taking care of in quick fashion on February 16th in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Broner recognizes that he has easy mark on his hands in this fight and he plans on getting the Brit out fast as possible instead of letting hang around needlessly.

Broner said to Rees “Welcome to America. Train hard. You could come to my training camp and I’ll help ya out.”

I think Broner really could help out the over-matched Rees, but not enough for him to keep him from getting knocked out. There’s no help for that. Rees is simply out of his class and he’s going to be visiting the canvas on February 16th.

Rees’ problems in this fight are too vast for even a talent like Broner to fix them. Ree’s too slow, too weak, too straight up, too robotic and too out-classed for him to be competitive.

Incredibly, Rees is ranked #2 WBA, #5 WBO, #15 IBF, and that’s just way too high but I’ve lost faith in the ranking system a long time ago after I’ve seen way too many god awful fighters ranked number #1 without even the beginning stages of any talent. So, I’m not surprised that a fighter like Rees is ranked so highly because his real talent will be shown on February 16th.

If Rees is s***, then he’ll do a number on Broner and take his WBO strap back to the UK and parade around with it. But if Rees gets spanked and knocked out in one or two rounds, then you’ve got to look at the sanctioning bodies and wonder why they’re so off in judging basic talent.

I honestly think Rees is a 2nd round knockout waiting to happen. The only way I see him lasting longer than that is if Broner wants to toy with him the way a cat sometimes toys with a mouse before eating it or if Rees runs like mad around the ring. That’s the only way I see Rees lasting more than a couple round against Broner.
It won’t be so bad for Rees if and when he gets knocked out by Broner. Rees can go back to the UK and continue his career fighting guys like Derry Mathews over and over.