Boxing Just Can’t Help Itself – Yet Another Disgraceful Scorecard Turned In At The End Of The Charlo-Castano Battle

By James Slater - 07/18/2021 - Comments

As much as fight fans will be talking about last night’s terrific battle between 154-pound warriors Jermell Charlo and Brian Castano for some time, and as much as one of the big talking points will be whether or not these two will do it again after coming up even after 12 thrilling rounds, the BIG talking point will be THAT score-card. 117-111 in favour of Charlo.

It happened again last night: boxing shot itself in the foot courtesy of a simply outrageous piece of officiating that judge Nelson Vazquez managed to turn in. Boxing just cannot help itself it seems. We’ve see too many crazy score-cards to keep track of over the years, and while there has been outrage and a demand for ‘something to be done,’ nothing ever does get done. And so we are always in danger of getting a wholly unacceptable scorecard like the one we got last night.

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Last night’s fight was otherwise just about everything that is great about the sport of boxing – the best fighting the best (Charlo and Castano are the two best at 154), two-way action, a willingness to lay it all on the line. It’s a real shame the boxing judges are often, way too often, unable to act as professionally and as admirably as the two fighters who are risking everything in the ring.

In the long term, no REAL damage was done by last night’s score-card, as the drawn verdict was an accurate reflection of the fight and neither man was the victim of a robbery (the other two judges having it as tight as can be at 114-114, and 114-113 in favour of Castano, these scores you cannot really argue with). But that’s not the issue, these bad score-cards cannot be permitted to come into the world again and again. What’s the solution? That’s the tough part, the very tough part. Who the hell knows!

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Plenty of boxing people are saying right now that they will not allow last night’s ghastly score-card to spoil a great fight. Can YOU rise above that 117-111 joke of a piece of scoring? If and when Charlo and Castano fight again (as surely they must), Vazquez cannot be allowed to be anywhere near the ringside. This of course will not mean a guaranteed set of accurate and competent score-cards will be turned in at the end of the fight. Sadly.

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  1. That corrupt judge Nelson should have a lifestyle audit done on him by world boxing. It is ignorant old judges like this that have got no income in there old age that is taking the sport out of boxing. The shmuck should be fined and dismissed and banned from boxing for the rest of corrupt life.

  2. I believe Castano won the fight narrowly. He was the aggressor led almost every round except for the last 3. The lion was laying in the weeds. He was truly tested lay night. That score 117-111 is embarrassing for boxing and its fans. This is why UFC & MMA are taking in more fans than boxing.

  3. Been a boxing fan as long as I can remember.I am 62 years old.Always corruption overshadowing pure majestic battle.Does anyone else see the correlation between a certain manager/promoter and his fighters always getting the insane scoring?

  4. 117 / 111 for either fighter is quite a stretch. Some of these judges are either corrupt or incompetent. I hate that , fighters work too hard and put their lives on the line , they deserve fair and accurate judging. I felt like Aleem on the undercard got a raw deal too.

  5. Scoring with the exception of the 114-114, was crazy. With a 12 round fight, maximum points for a winner is 120. With a 114 to 113 score, it means the 114 boxer won all but 6 rounds (meaning a “draw” outcome). You can’t have the other boxer having a 113 vote UNLESS a point was deducted (usually for a foul). In the Charlo fight there WASN’T a point deduction for either fighter.

    • That’s not true, Donald. It may very well be, that it was scored 7 to 5 for Castano and a 10-8 round for Charlo in the 2nd round, as their’s no scoring rule that states a 10-8 can only be scored with a knockdown.

    • It was 114-113 Castano because that judge scored the 10th round 10-8 for Charlo. Otherwise it would have been 115-113 Castano, which is what I had it.


  7. Jermell got exposed last night. He took more of a beating than his first lost. Now, many boxers are going to use his receipt, copy his style to lay paws on Charlo.

  8. Castano won. Charlo doesn’t want to fight him again. He walks an arrogant game but now knows Castano is a major threat so he will find a way to avoid him now. Wants to be pound for pound? Start talking about castano in that realm now after last night.

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