Terence Crawford: Jermell Charlo lost

By Will Arons - 07/18/2021 - Comments

Welterweight champion Terence Crawford says IBF/WBA/WBC junior middleweight champion Jermell Charlo deserved to lose his fight last Saturday night against WBO champion Brian Castano.

The fight was officially ruled a 12 round split draw by the judges, scoring 114-113 Castano, 117-111 Charlo, and 114-114.

The unbeaten Crawford, who many boxing fans are eager to see move up to 154, said he thought Jermell (34-1-1, 18 KOs) lost the fight to Castano (17-0-2, 12 KOs) in their undisputed match at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas.

“Charlo lost, and I’m done talking about it,” said Terence Crawford on social media last Saturday night.

It’s unclear whether Crawford’s comment was a kneejerk reaction in response to Jermell’s remark earlier this week when asked about his thoughts on a fight against him.

Jermell told the media that Crawford needs to fight Danny Garcia, suggesting that he feels he needs to do more in his own weight class at 147 before moving up to 154 to challenge him for his titles.

Would Crawford have beaten Jermell?

Had Crawford been in there with Charlo last Saturday, there’s an excellent chance he would have beaten him. Crawford would have taken advantage of Jermell’s low work rate and how he was retreating to the ropes.

Terence Crawford: Jermell Charlo lost

If Crawford can’t get any big fights at 147 in 2022, he should explore the idea of moving up to 154 to challenge Jermell for his titles if he’s still the champion by that time.

Of course, with Crawford being with Top Rank and Jermell signed with PBC, the Nebraska native would likely be frozen out if he moved up to 154. Yeah, Crawford could move up to 154, but he might get old waiting for Jermell to give him a title shot.

Crawford may have been on the level with his reaction to Charlo’s fight with Castano. Pretty much the entire boxing world saw Castano as the true winner in that fight, so Crawford’s comment about him seeing the Argentinian as the winner isn’t shocking.

IBF/WBA/WBC junior middleweight champion Charlo did an excellent job rallying in the last three rounds to salvage a draw on the judges’ scorecards by hurting Castano.

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However, the judge that scored the fight in Charlo’s favor, Nelson Vazquez, did him no favors by giving him a wide 117-111.

The score was so lopsided in Charlo’s favor that it made him look like he was given preferential treatment. Scoring it 9 rounds to 3 in Jermell’s favor was strange, given the fight inside the ring.

That score gave the boxing fans the impression that Castano, the visiting fighter, never had a chance to win. The best that he could hope for as the B-side in the fight was him getting a draw.

Castano on being hurt in 10th

“Definitely in the tenth, I was hurt the most. It’s no secret that he can punch, but I also showed myself that I could take the punches,” said Brian Castano at the post-fight press conference in talking about being hurt by Jermell.

Terence Crawford: Jermell Charlo lost

“Some of those punches he connected with were very powerful and could have knocked out any other boxer.

“So I think I rose to the occasion and took them well. But in the tenth, I was hurt, and it took me a while to recover. Other than that, I took it well,” said Castano.

Jermell did have Castano in dire shape in the tenth round after catching him with a counter left hook. As badly hurt as Castano was, Jermell should have been able to knock him out, but he was missing with his shots and not throwing enough to put him away.

In a rematch, perhaps Jermell will be able to use what he learned in the last three rounds of the fight to score a stoppage. Anything is possible.

You have to believe Castano will also improve for the rematch, and he said at the post-fight press conference that he would attack Charlo more in a second fight.

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  1. Archie Moore had more fights than any other boxer I can think of his official record isn’t really official. He had more fights than that it’s like 160 -8 or some crazy amount of fights. Sugar Ray Robinson had over a 100 fights, Robinson did a European Fight Tour where he was fighting a good or top fighter from each country every week. Guys today, except for Chavez, not even close, in his prime at the weight he was built to fight at -AWESOME ain’t good enough to describe that man. Much respect to all 3 fighters I have mentioned from a gringo in Texas

  2. Asserting how Crawford, a fighter competing in his third division with nothing to be seen above 147, most likely would have capitalized on the perceived underperformance of Charlo against a career junior middleweight, is the least boxing-minded rambling I’ve ever read from a website dedicated to boxing.

  3. This is the problem with nobody’s writing articles. Castano fights on the inside, and is strong. Bud couldn’t handle Charlo in the least. Different type of fight. Crawford wouldn’t press Charlo into the ropes. Charlo would probably walk thru Crawford . So this writer needs to stay with nursery rhymes. If Crawford feeling so froggy, jump up to 154, and fight for your P4P spot with Charlo. He will be sent into retirement. 33 year old Ghost fighter.

  4. Castano won this fight very clearly, awful judging from judges as stated obvious.

    All this hype on race in fight game,

    Please stop your ridiculous remarks on black white and brown, their are warriors from every type race, none are more dominate than other. Their are fighters warriors from all nationalities. Don’t be insecure with comments. Please keep it on fight not colour of skin,

    At end of the day it should never been draw and Charlo should gone home with L and and empty belt cabinet.

  5. All you keyboard warriors, making biased opinions on race, their are fighters from every race.

    Saying all this our skin colour dominate don’t make me laugh.. Charlo would get destroyed against Canelo or Golovkin.

    Because he hasn’t got chin or much durability.. if I really wanted to be nasty I could but I’m holding back on you wanna’be’s remember majority of black fighters ain’t got no chins. Knockouts waiting to happen always history keeps proving that in fight game.

    • First you say it’s not about race and then you say all black fighters don’t have chance? That’s interesting considering two of the most durable fighters ever are Muhammad Ali and evander holyfield. But yeah go ahead and stop holding back and being nasty 🤣

    • Muhammad Ali Holyfield that’s it, can’t keep living off those 2 for rest your lives.

      If we’re going back to old days, why we forgetting rocky Marciano…

      Like always. 😂

  6. I’m black n from what I saw Charlo got his ass handed to him. He was afraid running got his brain shook in knees locked all night. That judge knows that clown lost. Look at his face after every round it was fear, defeat. Be real. Give Castano his props

    • Boxing may be the only sport in which fans feel the need to declare their race in order to show that their opinion is not biased.

  7. The long ago Irish and Italian boxers were the best ever.Afew blacks also.
    Sugar Ray. These guys fought every other week,today’s every other year

    • well thats laughable especially since the game of boxing allowed very few blacks into the sport at that time you are talking about since the doors got wide open black and brown fighters dominate the sport of boxing and doesnt seem to be changing anytime soon my good man

  8. Charlo got pushed by this dude like he’s never been pushed by anyone else.

    It was a good fight they need to do it again to prove the winner fr

    • Jermwll did not follow his coroner’s instruction. Castano did not lose the fight and Charlo may have. I had the fight even 114-114. But definitely did not see Brian losing. He put Charlo up on the ropes and should have pressed the fight. I saw Jermell’s knees buckle three times. Brian was hurt in the second and tenth.

  9. The three belt champ did not step up to the plate like he should have… The latino Italian slightly got’em.

  10. Charlo LOSTED the Fight. he doesn’t have the killer instinct necessary to be Unified Champ…

  11. Charlo is a great fighter however Castano definitely won the fight clearly !!! It’s not about race is about who was the better fighter that day and it was Castano .

    • Castaño won unanimous! I saw the fight with charlo only winning 4 to uh maybe 5 rounds at the most! Judges like the one who scored the bout 117-111 is ridiculous to boxing and he should be embarrassed and suspended with all means ! How in the hell did Tony Harrison win against charlo if Castaño did 💯 times better than Harrison that decision was a joke to boxing and they should stretch it out round 13 just like UFC on extra championship round, just like baseball bottom of the 17th inning until there is a winner, like football ot, like soccer until there is a winner and every other sport. Judges like the one we saw on Saturday make the sport of boxing suck with stupid decisions like a ( split decision draw ) smdh I would not like to see a rematch I would love for charlo to step up to the plate to Canelo at 160 or get a crack at golden boy de la Hoya on a comeback what do you think ?

    • Charlos lost! Wasn’t even close! Hwy robbery! Somebody need to be getting sued! Sue over everything else!

  12. Las Vegas controller boxing world and everybody knows that cuz the money they want to take from you

  13. Constano landed more punches, yes. He was the busier fighter, yes. But those two reasons alone don’t make u a winner. Charlo landed the more significant shots. Anything that is not a jab is called a power shot. The more meaningful punches, the ones that hurt. Charlo landed more. Hurt him numerous times. Y’all gotta stop hating boxers because they’re black. I see a lot ppl doing that which is weird. Going into the fight bias against a particular race is not going to clear y’alls judgement. I think both fighters need to go back to the drawing board. If they dared move up, they would both get a serious ass whooping. 154 isn’t that great of a division of these 2 are fighting for a unification bout. Castano has a b-rated resume and Charlo b-+. Neither guy has a serious impactful win vs an elite opponent. Rematch needed asap

    • Gotta bring up the “they hate me ’cause i’m black” stuff didn’t you… It’s not about being anything except the true winner and Castaño is the true winner, that’s it.

    • You must be black but not everything is race Charlo got beat. Maybe Crawford is hating on black fighters? Oh that’s right he’s black and actually knows boxing remember power shots are important and no one talked about the 6-7 times Castano hurt him with hooks and overhand rights. Get a clue and stop complaining most champions are Latin and black and no race is more important than the other. He got beat period.

    • You sound like the judge who scored 117-111, Charlo backing up all night but the 10th round, by the way what fight was you watching. Put a name behind your comment, cop out.

    • I’m black and from what I saw Charlo lost the fight, even his trainer told him he needed a knockout. Get real.

    • Too bad for Charlo and it was a tough loss. It would be better to have a rematch against Brian Castano to beat him in a knockout round!

    • For me it has nothing to do with race. I wanted Charlo to win that fight. I was excited after round 2 and was ready for Charlo to knock Castano out. It was a close fight but I truly believe Castano won. No way that was a 117-111 fight either way.

  14. To anonymous: Get out of your fantasy world. In 60 court cases, they could prove nothing? Get over the lie. Please. And I though this was a boxing article. What’s with the politics?? You won’t even say your name, so your credibility is nonexistent.

  15. Yeah he lost, everyone expected more from him but like I always say u can’t bank on the knockout

  16. After watching the Democrats get away with cheating in the presidential election, everyone is going to rig everything now and get away with it, they’re pushing the Charlo’s like the Dems pushed Biden, he didn’t win either and everyone knew it, but what can you do the fix is in. Lol.

    • Please stop!! Republicans had over 60 chances to prove cheating in court. During the 60 hearings, why did they not present the proof they claimed to have? Because they had none. They are sore losers. They have destroyed this country with their lies. They are liars and traitors.

    • State that proof of cheating.. because over 16 federal judges AND the supreme court say your full of sh*t

    • Where’s the nexus between democrats, Biden and this fight? you guys are politicizng a boxing match? first you guys try the impossible by politicizing death, yes death! Coronavirus don’t discriminate on political parties or race, you guys even politicize the vaccine that stops the death, Charlo simply got outscored, he didn’t throw enough punches period! Charlo literally beat himself, he wasn’t busy enough, Constano got robbed!!

    • I think it’s funny how short people’s memories are. Im old enough to remember EVERY democrat and EVERY legacy news outlet saying Trump stole the election for 4 YEARS!!! Also he was a russian asset meanwhile the Clinton foundation is getting millions for a deal that gave russia 25% of our Uranium. Dont remember anyone getting censored for misinformation for those lies, do you? Why is that? If you’re in favor of democrats you’re in favor of bigger government and more interference in our lives. The new agenda of democrats is communism and the new breed doesn’t deny that. Ask the people of cuba how that’s working out for them

  17. Blacks dominate boxing period. That’s real talk. Are they that good. No. Real talk.

    • Stop the stupid mindless hate. If they weren’t winning, they wouldn’t be there. Go to the wiz and ask for a brain.

  18. Charlo got beat….yet to beat a Champion there can be mount in no one’s mind. I would love to see a rematch

  19. Like Pacquiao and Marquez … Marquez needed a knockout to be the winner without any questions or faulty score cards

  20. should have been counted as a knockdown when the ropes saved charlos ass from going down…ref was on that reggie

    • Definitely! Saved by the ropes. I was so disappointed because he stayed on the ropes throughout the fight I’ve never seen that before in him. I guess he wasn’t trained to do body shots! Did you see his brother in making gestures with his hands, body shots, go to the body. He coaches never once said, go to the body. Who in the hell dont go to the body. He needs to take lessons from Tank Davis Camp. I’m just saying!

  21. Charlo was posing when he should have been boxing. His jab was much underused in this fight. This fight was a blueprint on how to beat Charlo. Pressure, pressure, and more pressure.

    • @J.R. YES indeed. Canelo would beat the brakes off either one of the Charlo brothers. Yeah I said it and I’m black.

  22. I am a long time fight fan and I called it. I simply said if they didn’t give it to Charlo it would be a Draw. Even Charlo’s corner told him he needed a knockout. His corner also told him to stop giving rounds away!

    • I’m a female and my husband and I are DieHard boxing fans in our time of watching the Charlo brothers they are great young man and heavy hitters but I must say Saturday’s fight was a disappointment because my husband I kept screaming go to the body his Corner knew that he was losing I must say that he was profiling more than he was throwing punches unfortunately he lost this fight hopefully in the rematch you do better

    • That’s sums up Charlo’s career in boxing, he also needs to fight outside of the lonesome state same goes to other fighters, who want to stay in their area.

    • Charlo won the fight I think anyone who knows boxing know that it just wasn’t pretty. Crawford sucks but I like his heart!

    • Best three boxers in the world are white Fury GGG and Lomo and the fourth is Phillipino

  23. Yeah no way that fight shuda been that close he didn’t fight a smart hats off to Castano tuff fight

    • True! Case and point. No way the judges score cards called it a draw. He lost!!!!! Hey, stop talking bad about Terrence Crawford. This man is a great fighter. Don’t be upset because he spoke the truth about the fight. Spence was afraid to speak the truth because they’re Buddies and he didn’t want to be the one to say My Boy Lost on National Television because everybody was watching

  24. Castano fought harder and a better strategy by keeping Charlo from dancing in the middle. He made the fight and dictated the pace. There were numerous times that one or two follow up punches from Castano may have put Charlo down.

    The judge scoring 117-111 was way off target. That needs to be looked at and if that’s the best he can do, he should be judging pee wee matches at the ‘Y’.

  25. Until all of boxing it ran different there is always gonna be corrupted judges cause of the betting allowed. That rigged draw mad the casinos billions of dollars yet the fighter who dedicated his whole life for a once in a life time unification fight for all the belts was robbed. Sad and pathetic!!

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