Benavidez, Lemieux Both Looking Forward To A War, And A KO Win, This Saturday

By James Slater - 05/20/2022 - Comments

Some fight/match-ups, when we are inching closer to them, make you have that ‘feeling.’ Something explosive is going to happen. Something memorable is soon to be upon us. For a good many people, that ‘feeling’ is here now, ahead of Saturday night’s clash of 168 pound punchers David Benavidez and David Lemieux. This fight is being looked at as a can’t-miss shoot-out, for however long the fireworks last. Oh, and the fight in Glendale, Arizona will contest the interim WBC super-middleweight strap.

Both Benavidez, 25-0(22) and Lemieux, 43-4(36) have given us some eye-catching lights out moments in the ring, while Lemieux has been the victim of such also. Saturday’s fight could come down to who hits who first wins, or we could be treated to a real knockdown, drag-out fight where both guys go to war. Both men are predicting a great fight.

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“We both have a lot of knockouts, so I’m just looking forward to giving the fans a war,” Benavidez said. “I can guarantee a hell of a fight, a war, and that someone is getting knocked out. Neither of us wants to go to the decision. The people are paying good money to see a knockout, and that’s what they’re going to get.”

Lemieux, who is eight years the older man at 33 and may not get many more big fight opportunities should he lose on Saturday, says it will be his power shots that get the job done.

“I don’t run away from anybody,” Lemieux said. “I’ve never avoided any fight or any fighter. When I step in the ring, I’m the man to worry about. In this fight, there’s a solid guy in front of me, but I’m confident in my abilities and my strength and my power. I have a lot of experience in the ring and I’m going to bring it on Saturday night. I bring power. Knockout power. The fans are going to have a great time, I promise that.”

Sometimes when two guys big up a fight, each promising maximum violence and a guaranteed knockout, it’s hype and not much more than that. It seems we can take both fighters at their word ahead of this fight. No way Benavidez-Lemieux goes the distance. And there seems to be a great chance both guys get tagged, hurt, along the course of an action fight, where both have to dig deep to get the win.

I’m calling the upset and am going for Lemieux to turn the fight around with a stunning KO. But along the way, both guys may find themselves on the floor. This fight has that ‘feeling’ about it.

Who are YOU picking to win, and how?

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