Adrien Broner reveals split with BLK Prime, is this the end for AB?

By Jeepers Isaac - 02/27/2023 - Comments

The once-promising career of Adrien ‘AB’ Broner could be ready for the junk heap after he revealed that he’d parted ways with BLK Prime without ever fighting once, putting in doubt the massive eight-figure, a twelve-month deal that he had with them.

Talking on social media last Sunday, Broner said he’s looking for a new promoter to sign him. He says he’s a free agent now and ready to get back in the ring to start fighting for the first time in two years.

Given AB’s lack of success and poor performances since 2017, it’s unlikely that the major promotional companies, Matchroom, Top Rank, Golden Boy, PBC, or Queensberry, will be looking to sign him.

Adrien was a good fighter from 2010 to 2012, but he’s fought poorly since 2013 and has nothing going for him other than his trash-talking ability outside of the ring.

Even that area of Broner’s game has suffered because he looks tired and half asleep all the time, showing very little energy. He has that aged, lazy look about him, which makes it difficult to take him seriously as a fighter.

Although Broner is only 33, his appearance and behavior are that of a person much older, perhaps in their mid-40s or mid-50s.

“I’m just going to come out and let everybody know me and BLK Prime have decided to part ways,” the 33-year-old former four-division world champion Adrien ‘AB’ Broner said on social media. “There’s no bad blood, they just couldn’t deliver everything that I needed at this point in my career.

“Right now, I’m in tip-top shape; I got myself in shape, I dropped all my vices, I’m not clubbing, I’m not drinking, I’m ready to fight, so hit me up. AB is a free agent, man. Let’s do this. Like I said, I’m ready to fight today, anybody,” said Broner.

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Broner (34-4-1, 24 KOs) had recently bragged about the huge deal that he was getting with BLK Prime, which would resurrect his long-faded career. However, after three opponents came and went without Broner making it to the ring for the February 25th comeback, he’s now announcing that he’s parted ways with BLK Prime.

Naturally, the question to ask is whether this split was initiated by BLK Prime, as they had to have seen the low interest in Broner’s recently scheduled fight against Michael Williams Jr.

If the early buys for the fight were dismal, as many expected them to be, it would help explain why the split occurred. Aside from that, it’s to believe that Broner would initiate a split with BLK Prime from his side, not when he would get an eight-figure payday for his three fights. That wouldn’t make sense.

You got to wonder if this split with BLK Prime would have occurred if Broner had an excellent opponent scheduled. It’s rumored that Broner was the one that wanted a soft touch for his first of three fights with BLK Prime, making it difficult for the match to happen.

Broner was supposed to fight a guy named Michael Williams Jr, but he suffered an injury and had to pull out. If the fight had happened, likely, it wouldn’t have pulled in much money in pay-per-view buys.

Last Updated on 02/27/2023