Deontay Wilder On Tyson Fury IV: “Of Course! We’ll Do It Again For Sure”

By James Slater - 02/27/2023 - Comments

Say what you will about last night’s heavily hyped, not for the purists showdown between novice boxer Tommy Fury and popular YouTuber Jake Paul, but the fight sure did attract a ton of attention, publicity. And of course, that old showbizz adage says how there is “no such thing as bad publicity.” People on the street are talking about boxing, and this can only really be seen as a good thing.

Also a sign of the vast interest people had in last night’s grudge fight that was won by Fury, this via eight round split decision, the sequel almost certainly on the way, was the number of big stars that showed up at ringside. Mike Tyson, Tyson Fury, Shawn Porter, Devin Haney, and Deontay Wilder, to name just five of the star fighters who attended the event in Saudi Arabia.

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And Wilder sure got the media talking, with the former WBC heavyweight champ, though tight-lipped about the “hugely exciting” news that he cannot reveal just yet but that which he will reveal “when the paperwork is done,” leaving us thinking we may yet get to see him and Fury fight again.

Peppered with questions all night long, both before and after the fight, the locally attired “Bronze Bomber” said he will “for sure” fight Fury a fourth time.

“Of course! We’ll do it again for sure,” Wilder said when asked if he wants a fourth fight with Fury, this picked up by IFL TV. “Stay tuned.”

Wilder went on to say that “no fighter is safe,” and that any and all of the top names are possible future opponents for him. Wilder seems very keen to have a fight in “new hotbed” Saudi Arabia, and this is of course where the big money is these days. “You can look forward to seeing me [fight] here as well,” Wilder said.

So, with that Fury-Oleksandr Usyk fight STILL not official, could it be Fury-Wilder IV next instead? Usyk’s team did say that this past Saturday, February 25th, was the “deadline” for the unification fight being done, done, done. Yet here we are, still waiting, and worrying about, that big, it’s 100 percent done announcement.

Fury made no big announcement whilst in Saudi, there only to support Tommy. While Wilder, though he seemed firm with his “we’ll do it again for sure” statement, was also vague about what his next move will be.

We’ve been waiting and asking the question for some time now, and we’re still waiting and asking the question: will Fury and Usyk get it on?

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