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Edgar Guevara

Manny is accept it globally, Mayweather is within Amercan (USA) and England.

Posted April 27, 2014 12:19 pm 

Edgar Guevara

They want to see Mayweather head off his body. That is why they pay.

Posted April 27, 2014 11:34 am 

Fraud May

Happyboy$ – Yes Manyy fought them all even beyond our expectations and want to see, he fought tough challenges and did not cower

Posted April 27, 2014 5:29 am 


stupid article, as if Pacman is fighting the boxers that we want to see him fight. Same ol crap, JMM x5. Why not Provodnikov, Thurman,Porter. There re other fighters besides JMM.

Posted April 27, 2014 3:28 am 


No one even cares about Manny Floyds fights sell out Vegas and he is the highest paid boxer proves that the public is very interested in seeing him fight with or without Manny they shell out dollars to watch. Hell he made 150 million last year alone…

Posted April 27, 2014 2:24 am 

Fraud May

Why?.. haha. Um, we all know the answer to that. Cause he wants easy competition and a good pay…nothing new….Moving on….

Posted April 27, 2014 12:51 am 


1903- Floyd duck manny!

Posted April 26, 2014 11:57 pm 


The only fight I would like to see is Floyd vs Provo, provided Ruslan beats Algieri. Floyd is taller, heavier, has a much longer reach, and is much quicker. He may easily school him. But if it comes to fruition I think it would be a great fight. Provo has a hell of a chin and he would not try to box. He would attack for as long as the fight went and make Floyd brawl. My humble opinion. See Ali vs Smokin Joe.

Posted April 26, 2014 9:58 pm 


I must admit I’ve lost interest in Floyd. Ducker gonna duck forever.

Posted April 26, 2014 9:56 pm 


this is a real article?

Posted April 26, 2014 9:24 pm 


why in the world would u ask mayweather to fight ggg, thats like saying hopkins has to fight klitschko

Posted April 26, 2014 9:10 pm 


So which dangerous fighter has Pacquiao faced that Mayweather hasn’t the balls to?

Posted April 26, 2014 9:05 pm 


1903: the balls man! Floyd has no balls!

Posted April 26, 2014 9:04 pm 


So no.

Posted April 26, 2014 9:03 pm 


1903: this is Manny 8======D and this is Floyd =======D. Notice the difference? Lol!

Posted April 26, 2014 9:02 pm 


1903: 8=====D

Posted April 26, 2014 9:00 pm 


Jack, are you mentally stable?

Posted April 26, 2014 8:54 pm 


U guys are funny…. I love boxing watched it for 30 years. One thing I know that there are no scared fighters. If u guys pay attention its mayweather and Pac. If they fought 3,4 years ago neither will be making anything not even the winner. They both need each other for the following mayweather fans watch to see what up with Pac. And vice versa. But u Pac fans are the worst every time I read about maywesther there are the Pac fans so obsessed. They follow mayweather more than they do Pac. Im not a fan of either but floyd is a better boxer. Don’t mean Pac cant bwat him. When I look at Pac opponents all his good ones besides Tim Bradley no one was in a winning streak. They all just gotten beat recently before fighting him. Oscar,Shane ,cotto, Marquez 2,3,4 clotty, Barrera, moralas, Rio, margarito,Hatton I mean u guys act like he has been a world beaters.

Posted April 26, 2014 8:39 pm 


Marquez almost died! Thanks to the lucky punch! Even I as a Pacman fan thankful for Marquez lucky punch! This dude never stop until he die!

Posted April 26, 2014 8:26 pm 

Teddy DuChamp

Floyd’s is king the serf class!

Posted April 26, 2014 8:23 pm 

Teddy DuChamp

Miss Jackson has a brain so Floyd dumped her

Posted April 26, 2014 8:22 pm 

Teddy DuChamp

Floyd will blow his brains out in ten years his kids not long after seeing all access videos of him leaving them each night for hookers

Posted April 26, 2014 8:20 pm 


Tetumbo is the loser, not Pacquiao, he beat some fighters who happened to be Mexican, get over it, stop acting like a loser.

Posted April 26, 2014 8:09 pm 


Jack, why does Pacquiao ‘have to face the same fighters’. That’s nonsense. Why didn’t Pacquiao manage to land a ‘lucky punch’ and knock Marquez out in their 4 fights?

Posted April 26, 2014 8:03 pm 

te tumbo

“Juan got drop three times in a round the first time they met! Broken nose and what not!” and Manny* CHOKED big time (f’n loser). meanwhile, Marquez already challenged Manny* to face him in Mexico. Pacquiao* declined as IF it was Marquez who had been planted butts-up and face-first drooling into the ring-canvas. besides, the 40-something Marquez accomplished his goal to the final detail aka “the desired result”. Pacquiao* either agrees to each and every one of Marquez’s conditions or “the desired result” is what Pacquiao* will be remembered for.

Posted April 26, 2014 7:53 pm 


Pacquiao went for it 4th fight, no running, that’s what you want to see as a Boxing fan, if you want to see good runners watch track and field.

Posted April 26, 2014 7:47 pm 


Bullshi7! Juan got drop three times in a round the first time they met! Broken nose and what not! Manny is up 2 before the meaningless 4th fight! Lucky punch! If it didn’t connect Juan face will be reconstructed and manny will put him to retirement. Let see if Cry baby Marquez will rematch Bradley who schooled him or he will have the guts to step in the ring again with Manny!

Posted April 26, 2014 7:43 pm 


Pacquiao fought Marquez 4 times, styles make fights and it was a difficult style for Pacquiao, never avoided that type of fight, they both wanted the fights which is why they happened, a great series of fights, some boxers fight twice a year on the same date against fighters they pick, what is your problem with Pacquiao

Posted April 26, 2014 7:39 pm 

te tumbo

“How many Mexicans does it take to KO Pacquiao*?

Just Juan . . .”

Posted April 26, 2014 7:34 pm 


Problem with Pacqiuoa is he has to fight the same fighters over and over again and there will be one who gets lucky and drop him! I still see him winning more than losing like the legends of Mexicos…..Barrera twice, The great Eric morales 3 times and Dinamita Marquez 4 times. Combine it with all of this three manny scores a 6-2-1 against the three Mexican legends combine!!!!!!

Posted April 26, 2014 7:32 pm 

te tumbo

Btw, Marquez didn’t have to be lucky to tag Pacquiao*. he was doing so with increasing accuracy, power, and variety of punches in each of their bouts. culminating in the KD and KO of IV. that wasn’t “luck”. that was studying and preparing for your arch-rival with a vengeance. no one can deny the focus and ferocity of Marquez’s mission to decisively defeat Pacquiao*. Mission Accomplished.

Posted April 26, 2014 7:19 pm 


Actually ‘Fight Fan’ there’s no danger there’s 22 lbs between Canelo and Klitschko right now. Ye fool.

Posted April 26, 2014 7:19 pm 

te tumbo

what the problem wasN’T is Pacquiao* being too weak to engage in a 12th-round slugfest of a fiercely-contested bout. the only weak think about Pacquiao* associated with that bout are his weak excuses to decline testing.

Posted April 26, 2014 7:12 pm 

te tumbo

ANONYMOUS, i get it, neither Ruth, Ali, or Marquez were truly great. just “lucky”(?). Btw, Marquez only made one KO prediction and he executed and delivered . . . “luckily”.

Posted April 26, 2014 7:09 pm 


“morales took the same tests pac took.” no erik didn’t. that’s what the problem was. that’s why pac smashed him so easy in the 2nd and 3rd fights.

Posted April 26, 2014 7:07 pm 


te “like Ruth pointing to center-field and then dropping a homerun into centerfield”

you can’t drop a homerun into centerfield. somebody catches it. Ruth pointed to the stands dozens of times before he finally got one to go there on the next pitch.

like Ali calling the round. nobody remembers all the times he was wrong.

Posted April 26, 2014 7:01 pm 


It’s nothing to do with original weight classes it’s the weight you fight at now. Pacquiao is a welterweight and so is Mayweather.

Posted April 26, 2014 6:55 pm 


But Pacquiao isn’t fighting at his original weight class and Canelo isn’t at heavyweight, is Mayweather 11 inches taller than Pacquiao? You realise Mayweather didn’t start his career as a welterweight yeah?

Posted April 26, 2014 6:51 pm 

Ray Ray

Ha ha ha boycott? C how that go’s 4 Mayweathers bank account? Ha ha ha. It’s been a great month in boxing….2 old legends keep rolling (manny/B-Hop). Best boxer on the planet up next….mixed in with Cotto v Sergio and the up and coming Thurman, get better?

Posted April 26, 2014 6:43 pm 

Fight Fan

Not ridiculous at all. The difference in weight class between Klitschko and Canelo is the same as the original weight class of Pacquiao 108lbs to Floyd’s 130lbs..Again it is weight class not weight and height..


Ridiculous example. The height difference is a couple of inches and neither fighter blows up in weight after the weigh in so the size difference is negligible. If Canelo puts on 100 lbs he’ll look like a slightly taller Danny De Vito with hair.

Posted April 26, 2014 6:23 pm 


The Fans, nice attempt at the unilateral post haha.

Posted April 26, 2014 6:21 pm 


Regardless of you posts dudes… we will boyctott Floyd on may 3

Posted April 26, 2014 6:15 pm 

Ray Ray

Haven’t u guys learned not 2 take notice of Reni aka Mannys biggest fan. The guy works 4 a paper in the philipeans, nuff said. The headline should b y can’t both manny and Floydes camp get this fight on? The guy that’s no.1 pnd 4 pnd has fought more current/former champs and had more title fights…..neither of the big 2 are duckers….maybe something behind the scenes isn’t working? Just my guess. Don’t let Reni on here any more.

Posted April 26, 2014 6:14 pm 


Ridiculous example. The height difference is a couple of inches and neither fighter blows up in weight after the weigh in so the size difference is negligible. If Canelo puts on 100 lbs he’ll look like a slightly taller Danny De Vito with hair.

Posted April 26, 2014 5:59 pm 

Fight Fan

You don’t have to worry about that scenario Floyd is too much of a pu$$y to fight the smaller Pacquiao. Just because they weigh the same doesn’t mean they are the same size.
your thinking makes no sense:

Example: If Canelo were to gain 100 lbs to challenge Wlad Klitschko and they both weighed 240 lbs would you consider them the same size?….


If Mayweather gets into the ring for welterweight fights weighing 145 and Pacquiao gets in the ring at 145 then how is Pacquiao the smaller man? When Pacquiao was weighing in at 108 Mayweather was still an amateur. No secret that Latin fighters turn over earlier.

Posted April 26, 2014 5:52 pm 


I guess it’s okay to be a pu$$ey as long as you make lots of money!!!!!!!!!!! Suck on that haters and lovers!!!!!!! Lots of money!!!!!impressive lots of money!!!!lol!

Posted April 26, 2014 5:45 pm 


Money!!!!!!no guts no courage but lots of Money!!!!!!!!!!Floydiots enjoy a love the success Floyd have…..Money!!!!! No balls to fight Manny but that’s okay he has lots of money!!!!!if you make tons of money you are better than the person you are scared of fighting……lots of money!!!!!!!!Idiot floydiots!!!!!lol!

Posted April 26, 2014 5:43 pm 


Pacquiao was on PEDS from the defeat to Morales until finally he was weaned off them in his first fight with Timothy Bradley. It’s as clear as day to similar PEDS cheats I spoke to who use steroids in their body building and weights programs.

Posted April 26, 2014 5:42 pm 


If Mayweather gets into the ring for welterweight fights weighing 145 and Pacquiao gets in the ring at 145 then how is Pacquiao the smaller man? When Pacquiao was weighing in at 108 Mayweather was still an amateur. No secret that Latin fighters turn over earlier.

Posted April 26, 2014 5:40 pm 

Fight Fan

Yes Floyd makes more money than you will ever see, that doesn’t change the fact that Floyd is a pu$$y who is afraid to fight a smaller man who began his career at 108 lbs..LMFAO!

Another sad day for Pactards

@ fight fan. A pu$$y that make a more money in one fight. That you’ll ever make in 200 life times.

Posted April 26, 2014 5:31 pm 

te tumbo

“His Morales loss he was weakened by guys coming in and taking a lot of cylinders of blood for ‘tests.’ There were some kind of shennanagans going on with that I believe”(?). were “UFOs” or a “second tester” involved? in your “expert” opinion? Btw, Morales took the same tests. it didn’t stop either of them from going toe-to-toe in a KO-seeking brawl in the final round of a fierce 12-round bout dominated by the equally “weakened” Morales. “His Marquez loss was a lucky punch that happens once in a career…” Yeh(?). like Ruth pointing to center-field and then dropping a homerun into centerfield(?!). he was a “lucky” guy too . . . (oh brother).

Posted April 26, 2014 5:15 pm 

te tumbo

“So, considering his last 2 fights, there’s no real dropoff in his performance… He’s probably boxing better than ever” Lmao . . . lol . . . LoL . . . lol . . .

Posted April 26, 2014 5:11 pm 

Kronk Gym

Another sad day for Pactards wots money got to do wiv it?

Posted April 26, 2014 5:11 pm 


Keep on running Floyd! Yeah that’s right run from Manny!

Posted April 26, 2014 5:06 pm 


You floyd hataz kill me. Floyd dont duck or dodge no fightaz. He cant fight bob Arum fightaz cuz that guy is a greedy pig dat exploits fightaz. No one gave credit to floyd for fightin canelo in his prime, n shuttin d kid down! Shm. Floyd hataz is on the wrong side of history. #realtalk #goat #respect #first name best # last name ever

Posted April 26, 2014 4:59 pm 

Another sad day for Pactards

@ fight fan. A pu$$y that make a more money in one fight. That you’ll ever make in 200 life times.

Posted April 26, 2014 4:52 pm 

Another sad day for Pactards

I got one.
I want PACroid to fight Canelo

I want pacroid to fight GGG since you know Mayweather is ducking him(according to the Pactards)

I want Pacroid to fight Khan. Cause Maywether is ducking him.

I want pacroid to fight chino.

Posted April 26, 2014 4:50 pm 


Clock.., “Tark, Pac had his second loss in his 27th fight and his 3rd loss to Morales in his 43rd fight after 2 recent draws as well. How in the heck is that in his development stage?”

2 early KOs happened in his development stage. His Morales loss he was weakened by guys coming in and taking a lot of cylinders of blood for “tests.” There were some kind of shennanagans going on with that I believe, but Pacquiao easily won the trilogy with brutal stoppages.

His Bradley loss wasn’t a real loss… He was a clear winner who was robbed.

His Marquez loss was a lucky punch that happens once in a career…even though Pac is to blame for it 100%.. It was a real loss and a spectacular win for Marquez.

But I’m sure JMM never threw another punch that perfectly. JMM didn’t even have his eye on the target. He just turned his fist over instinctively and made perfect contact — like you do when you drive a baseball about 700 feet over the 3rd tier of seats and into the parking lot.

So, considering his last 2 fights, there’s no real dropoff in his performance… He’s probably boxing better than ever.

Posted April 26, 2014 4:31 pm 


Teddy DuChamp

Well where do we start…let’s just say he is gay

With a name like Teddy DuChamp, I believe you are more than qualified to fly the flag for the gays!

Posted April 26, 2014 4:05 pm 


There’s no decline… He’s had only one real defeat in the last 14 years… Most of Pac’s defeats came many years ago when he was in the development stage.

Tark, Pac had his second loss in his 27th fight and his 3rd loss to Morales in his 43rd fight after 2 recent draws as well. How in the heck is that in his development stage, you dummy?

Posted April 26, 2014 4:02 pm 

Fight Fan

They both are overrated! This is the fight that the public wants to see. This is a good fight for boxing as people who don’t follow the sport will take interest which only helps the sport…The bottom line is that Floyd is a pu$$y and has an chance of losing. He will never fight Pacquiao.


but please someone answer me especially a pacquiao lover or floyd hater, what does floyd exactly gain by beating manny now?? absolutely nothing

Posted April 26, 2014 3:57 pm 

Teddy DuChamp

Best welterweights who fought the best available competition…of recent history
Pernell Whitaker
De La Hoya
Felix Trinidad
Manny Pac
julio Ceaser Chavez Sr.
Meldrick Taylor
Shane Mosley
Felix Sturm

Posted April 26, 2014 3:54 pm 


TARK you don’t listen, I told you to shut up.

Posted April 26, 2014 3:53 pm 


but please someone answer me especially a pacquiao lover or floyd hater, what does floyd exactly gain by beating manny now?? absolutely nothing

Posted April 26, 2014 3:48 pm 

Fight Fan

Floyd Mayweather Jr is a pu$$y!

Posted April 26, 2014 3:45 pm 



Posted April 26, 2014 3:44 pm 


@ D He didnt take it at the time he was asked did he? He got clean and then said “ok we can test now.” Smart man.

Posted April 26, 2014 3:41 pm 


and all u people that r floyd haters that is exactly what he wants, hes a businessman, if u think he played the good guy persona hed be raking in the millions he is now, andre ward is a example all the talent in the world god gifted talent like mayweather, great work ethic, but regardless he will never make anywhere close to what floyd does, cherry picking opponents what a joke, u wanna talk about a lose lose for floyd lets say floyd fights manny, lets say he loses which he wouldnt be lets say he does its a loss on his unbeaten record, lets say he wins, everyone will say he won because he didnt fight manny back in 2010 correct??? and dont u ppl dare lie, u know thats what all of u will say

Posted April 26, 2014 3:36 pm 


“Only athletes that do not want to take drug tests are the ones that are doing drugs, thats my OPNION.”

that’s why pacman takes tests for every fight now. he could give a rat’s ass about testing and always did because he was always clean. floyd paid his legal settlements to pac and issued his apologies, which he was forced to do by the US system of justice. testing is no issue. Floyd not wanting to fight anybody good so he can protect his O is the issue. in case you havent heard.

Posted April 26, 2014 3:34 pm 


have people all of a sudden forgot that the point of boxing is to hit and not be hit??

Posted April 26, 2014 3:30 pm 


Pac 2-1-1 vs Marquez yes. What will people remember about this series????????????????? Manny on his face. Unless you were in the room or on the phone when the two parties were negotiating, dont pretend to know crap about the negotiations. What is fact is that Floyd admitted to thinking Manny was on Steroids (Which mean he was skeptical about fighting him because of it) and that Manny said he would not take a drug test because he was scared of needles (Even though he has several tats and has to get shots every time he enters the US coming from a third world country). These are FACTS. Only athletes that do not want to take drug tests are the ones that are doing drugs, thats my OPNION.

Posted April 26, 2014 3:22 pm 

Kareem Abdul-Jabaar

Gayweather is the sports greatest cherry picker it has ever seen.The fans are the fools who buy his shows.

Posted April 26, 2014 3:19 pm 

Fight Fan

Why is Mayweather running from a fighter who began his career 6 weight classes below him?

That would be like Wlad Klitschko running from Canelo.

Posted April 26, 2014 3:18 pm 


If Floyd had the audacity to fight has beens like guerrero, ortiz, past their primes DLH, Mosely and Cotto,….he can certainly fight an 8 time world champion who is an elite fighter ….AND….will be in the HOF. Ole smoke and mirrors Floyd, you cant expect any better from him these days…..not with just 3 fights before retirement.

Posted April 26, 2014 3:16 pm 

Teddy DuChamp

Well where do we start…let’s just say he is gay

Posted April 26, 2014 3:16 pm 


Pacquiao has a portion of the welterweight championship of the world. Same as Porter.

Posted April 26, 2014 3:14 pm 

Fight Aficionado

Still nothing on the Jones-Lebedov cancellation. Why? Jones is a roids raging cheater who should be outed. He tested positive to PEDs the first time and this time he tested positive again. Luckily his prefight piss was dirty so they scrapped the rematch. Scum.

Posted April 26, 2014 3:14 pm 


Miadana won 4 in a row Manny hasnt?

Posted April 26, 2014 3:08 pm 


Pac still won the Marquez series 2-1-1… Can’t change that.

Posted April 26, 2014 3:02 pm 


te tumbo says.., ““Pac beat the CRAP out of them in court” but when Team Punkuiao* flirted with defaming Marquez’s great name, Juan knocked the crap out of Pacquiao* in a boxing ring. where truly great fighters settle their differences . . . Get It?”

Yeah… I get it… I get that Pacquiao is the Welterweight Champion of the World and Marquez is sucking his thumb.

Posted April 26, 2014 3:00 pm 


“@ FIghtfan why has Manny performance steadily declined after being accused of taking steroids.”

There’s no decline… He’s had only one real defeat in the last 14 years… Most of Pac’s defeats came many years ago when he was in the development stage… He recently boxed a brilliant fight against a much younger and undefeated 30-0 Timothy Bradley. So there’s no decline.

Bradley outboxed Marquez with room to spare.

Posted April 26, 2014 2:58 pm 

te tumbo

“Pac beat the CRAP out of them in court” but when Team Punkuiao* flirted with defaming Marquez’s great name, Juan knocked the crap out of Pacquiao* in a boxing ring. where truly great fighters settle their differences . . . Get It?

Posted April 26, 2014 2:57 pm 

te tumbo

“Pacquiao agreed to all Floyd’s various demands years ago…” according to Who? identify the credible news source that confirmed this claim of yours? otherwise, it’s nothing but shrill Pactarded* gossip . . . “shame on you” TARK.

Posted April 26, 2014 2:56 pm 

te tumbo

Btw, why isn’t Reni (or HecDog) hailing the fantastic(?) PPV numbers for the Bradley rematch? a redemption-bout v. an undefeated welterweight champion. wouldn’t those numbers bolster Reni’s contention that Pacquiao* is the “boxer we want [Mayweather] to fight”? . . . (lol).

Posted April 26, 2014 2:55 pm 


Is that the reason why Floyd hasn’t faced Pacquiao in the last THREE (3) YEARS!!!

Pacquiao agreed to all Floyd’s various demands years ago… And Floyd, Golden Boy, Oscar, Richard Scaffer, etc paid millions in legal settlements to Pacquiao for defaming him.

Pac beat the CRAP out of them in court.

Posted April 26, 2014 2:53 pm 


@ FIghtfan why has Manny performance steadily declined after being accused of taking steroids. People also forget that Pauli was the first to accuse him of taking steroids as well.

Posted April 26, 2014 2:50 pm 


Sugar Ray Leonard did a lot of ducking himself…

After Leonard took the middleweight title from Hagler there were 2 very tough top middleweight contenders for him to face: Mike McCallum and Michael Nunn… They wound up winning Middleweight Championships stripped from Leonard — because Leonard fought guys like Donny Lalonde, Terry Norris, etc, instead of facing the guys who most likely would have kicked his tail in.

Posted April 26, 2014 2:48 pm 


@ Fight Fan why was Pac afraid of taking a drug test? You can go back forth all day with this BS.

Posted April 26, 2014 2:47 pm 


@ lightsoutohio Canelo weight 172 on fight night vs. Money. I have recorded on my TV.

Posted April 26, 2014 2:46 pm 

te tumbo

. . . and you didN’T detect a Damn-Thing shady, suspect, or particularly lethal about Tony’s punches. only what everyone else believed: this Mfr is big, and tough, and he doesn’t stop throwing punches.

Posted April 26, 2014 2:46 pm 

Fight Fan

Manny Pacquiao began his career at light flyweight 108 lbs….

Floyd Mayweather Jr began his professional career at jr lightweight 130 LBS…..

Why is Floyd afraid to fight the smaller Pacquiao?

Posted April 26, 2014 2:45 pm 


@ Fight Fan Mosely admitted to saying he wanted to take time off when he was offered a fight by Floyd. These are the words that came out his mouth.

Posted April 26, 2014 2:43 pm 


@ Tark I agree with you, but I never said they were great. You formulated them as though they were not good boxers and weak competition when that is not the case. Porter is NOT GREAT. That is a very very very premature statement being that he has only beaten Devon Alexander and Pauli. You need to take Porter out your debate completely. If he fights Floyd he will be a 10 to 1 and once again Floyd would not get any credit. Porter isnt nearly as big a name in boxing as Maidana nor is he as big as Ortiz, Gurrero, and especially Hatton at the time FLoyd beat them.

Posted April 26, 2014 2:41 pm 

te tumbo

TARK(!?!), by what standard are you declaring Porter a tested-and-proven great? also, Pacquiao’s* record and performances over the past three years (including a 1-year convalescence) has been lackluster. you’re doing the same you did with Williams and Chambers. purely premature if not giddy praise of UNtested and UNproven contenders and prospects.

Posted April 26, 2014 2:40 pm 


te tumbo says.., “TARK, you diminish the undefeated Mayweather’s 18-year record while prematurely (once again) pumping-up Porter’s formidability based on quality(?!?). you used to do the same for a relatively unknown Margarito back in the day.”

I never said Cheato could box… I always said he was a crude swinger… I thought he could hit until the clever Nazim Richardson caught him loading his wraps with plaster… Funny thing… After Cheato was forced to change his wraps and use regulation wraps — OLD MAN Mosley smashed the sh!t out of Cheato every round and knocked Cheato the fk OUT!!!!!

Posted April 26, 2014 2:39 pm 

Fight Fan

@ movement

The fight that turned Floyd Mayweather in to a major player was Oscar De La Hoya, Oscar was old and past his prime yet he lost a close and disputed fight. Why Oscar stopped jabbing is a mystery because he was winning when he was jabbing….The Mosley fight was proposed by Lou Di Bella then of HBO sports in 2001, Floyd and Arum wanted no part of Mosley who at the time was Pound 4 Pound King….Yes Pacquiao is also guilty of fighting guys past their primes as well…

Posted April 26, 2014 2:38 pm 

te tumbo

Floyd’s initial challenges to DLH were considered little more promotional grandstanding at the time. Hell(?!), seven undefeated years later and immediately after defeating the best 154lbr in the fight-game some numbskulls still have the ignorance to accuse Floyd of ducking a severely-defeated Pacquiao(?!?).

Posted April 26, 2014 2:36 pm 


Sugar Ray Leonard is a legend but people are selective with their memories in order to put Mayweather down. Sugar Ray went up to fight Hagler at middleweight but he also started his career a lot closer to that weight than Mayweather. Mayweather going up to middleweight is a bigger ask than Leonard. Also he waited a long time to make the fight when Hagler wanted it a lot earlier and picked the right time and stipulations for the fight to give himself maximum advantage. He also managed to get Donny Lalonde to boil down to Super middle and still lay his light heavy title on the line. Like I say he is a legend but anyone looking for his example to be the ultimate put down of Mayweather’s achievements are either being selective or don’t know the facts.

Posted April 26, 2014 2:36 pm 


First with Oscar, Mosley (Both Oscar and Mosley fights should of happen sooner but top stink),Then he wouldn’t fight Cotto toe to toe(after Floyd schooled cotto 1-6rds he did.) Next Mayweather wouldn’t fight Alvarez (Fight night he weighted 165.) after mayweather next fight.he has 3 fights with showtime…. Maybe Sergio next Manny P( only if he’s a free agent), and a goodbye fight with Garcia or puff Khan.
Drink a nice tall glass of STFU haters

Posted April 26, 2014 2:35 pm 


@Movement… Don’t tell me Guerrero, Hatton, Ortiz, or Maidana were great. I wasn’t born yesterday. You can hardly miss those guys with a punch.

Those were middling OK opponents I guess, but they were never close to the best out there. If you’re gonna fight those easy and super hittable guys, you should fight some great fighters too.

Pacquiao and Porter are great right now.. What’s keeping Floyd from fighting them?

Posted April 26, 2014 2:33 pm 

te tumbo

TARK, you diminish the undefeated Mayweather’s 18-year record while prematurely (once again) pumping-up Porter’s formidability based on quality(?!?). you used to do the same for a relatively unknown Margarito back in the day. Btw, funny that an “expert” like you didn’t detect a DAMN Thing shady with Margarito’s punches back then(?). anyway, Pacquiao* is NOT a “great” fighter. he’s been a very good and carefully-matched Arum fighter. in fact, Pacquiao* has performed alternately good to mediocre or been KTFO v. truly great competition. consequently, Mayweather’s throne is permanently out of reach of Manny’s* too-short arms.

Posted April 26, 2014 2:30 pm 


Floyd asked to fight Oscar numerous times before he fought Gatti. Oscar said he had bigger fights on his mind. Shane said he wanted to take some time off to be with his family I believe.

Posted April 26, 2014 2:27 pm 


And Fight Fan.., Here’s one of Howard Cosell’s many documented lies.

The puffed up, conceited, lying bastard said, “Most people don’t know this but I was a professional boxer myself for over a decade. My ring name was Solly Krieger. I fought many world class fighters in my day.” There just happened to be a reporter from Sports Illustrated present at the time Cosell was telling this bullcrap story to a group of fans. The reporter printed it in the magazine, embarrassing Cosell. Cosell was full of BS stories like this.

Posted April 26, 2014 2:25 pm 


@ Fight Fan only ODH, Shane, and Marquez were older than Floyd and you will probaly give Pac credit for beating them even though he did it after Floyd. Floyd is 37 and just beat a fighter 14 years younger than him. He also asked asked Shane and ODH for fights well in there prime and both of them admitted to declining for numerous reasons. He is also 2 years OLDER than Manny who you want him to fight. Your logic is ridiculous.

Posted April 26, 2014 2:24 pm 


Floyd would have beaten anyone Roger fought. He’d have no problems with them.

Posted April 26, 2014 2:24 pm 

Fight Fan


That wasn’t my post I was just agreeing with another poster

Roger Mayweather fought a lot of top fighters in their youth or in there prime. Floyd waits til they get old. Look at Rogers record, there’s no way Floyd would take on that competition in their prime.

Posted April 26, 2014 2:16 pm 


@ Tark I will give you Ortiz. Gurrero was 31-1 and a WW world champ who had just beat another WW champ in Andre Burto. Hatton was 44-0 LWW undesputed world champ and top 10 p4p fighter. Maidana is a WW World champ who everyone respects. Only WW fighters ahead of him are PBF, PAC, Timothy Bradly, and Porter. These fighters combined records are 140-13 and all are current and former world champs. Hatton will be in the HOF. Need to come better than that in terms of trying to degrade the competition level.

Posted April 26, 2014 2:09 pm 


Stupid stuff from Fight Fan.., “Floyd Mayweather may not even be the best fighter in his family! If his uncle Roger Mayweather had taken the easy route like Floyd Jr, he may have retired undefeated, instead he went after the likes of: Rocky Lockridge,Tony Baltazar back to back then taking on Julio Cesar Chavez twice, also he went toe to toe with Freddie Pendleton”

LMFAO!!!!! Freddie Pendleton????

Pendleton was knocked out with one punch by the inept Ricky Hatton.. Then the outrageously dim witted and naive Pendleton hugged Ricky and said, “You can beat anyone in the world.”

Pendleton never fought the best, so he didn’t know better.

Posted April 26, 2014 2:01 pm 

Fight Fan

Mayweather is a pu$$y! He’s nothing but a prostitute with Haymon and Schaefer as his pimps, and the fools buying his ppv’s are his “Johns”….His legacy will be tainted.

Posted April 26, 2014 1:57 pm 


Tim.., “At this point, I’d really like to see PBF dare to be great by moving up to fight GGG.”

Floyd doesn’t need to do that.

He’s not going to do that. Hagler was a special case. Hagler was very vulnerable and beatable. When crude swinging 154-pounder John Mugabi punched Marv all over the lot… Leonard’s brain lit up.

What I don’t like is Floyd fighting Ortiz… Guerrero… Hatton… Maidana… etc.

I want great comp. I want Floyd to fight somebody real like Pacquiao or Porter — who are genuinely great fighters.

Vince Lombardi said, “I have no desire to be “GOOD.” … I think right now Floyd is being good.

Posted April 26, 2014 1:47 pm 

Sorry Pac Fans

I guess Floyd cherry picked 19 world champions 6+ HOF fighters and 5 top 10 p4p fighters. That is some great cherry picking. Manny has only fased 13 world champs. Oh and didnt he just face Mike Alverado who is not rated in the top 15 WW division? Yes he did. If Floyd is a cherry picking fraud than so is every other boxer in sport cause resume is better. Thats a fact. YOu can do the research your self. Pac fans are ignorant. Keep celecrating for 5 loss king.

Posted April 26, 2014 1:37 pm 


Fight Fan you got it right. Roger was far more brave than his sissy cherry picking nephew.

Posted April 26, 2014 1:30 pm 


poor pacturds – another homo riding Fraud’s cock.

Posted April 26, 2014 1:27 pm 


Dude. Do you actually buy that PBF just doesn’t want to do business with Arum? Leaving millions on the table? Really dude? That’s the worst excuse to date in my opinion.

Posted April 26, 2014 1:27 pm 

poor pacturds

This article is nonsense the only fighter Floyd didnt fight was Manny because of his contract with Arum. They said he was afraid of Cotto, Canelo, Shane and even Hatton and he beat them all what more does he have to prove. Poor pactards Now GGG is way too big he is 160lbs besides who has he fought worth talking about? I guess next Floyd should fight BHOP who is a light heavyweight. And Wlad Klit.

Posted April 26, 2014 1:23 pm 

Fight Fan

I agree well said Howie

“Howard Cosell

Floyd Mayweather may not even be the best fighter in his family! If his uncle Roger Mayweather had taken the easy route like Floyd Jr, he may have retired undefeated, instead he went after the likes of: Rocky Lockridge,Tony Baltazar back to back then taking on Julio Cesar Chavez twice, also he went toe to toe with Freddie Pendleton, Oscar Bejines,Sergio Zambrano, Sammy Fuentes and Pernell Whitaker back to back, also beating hard hitting Rene Arredondo, future WBO champ Mauricio Aceves, Harold Brazier, Rudolpho Gato Gonzalez, Vinny Pazienza, Terrence Alli, he also boxed Rafael Pineda, Fidel Avendano, Livingstone Bramble and Zach Padilla back to back. The best fighters of the day Roger Mayweather backed down from no one.

Floyd Money Mayweather is counterfeit I tell you!

This is yours truly telling it like it is! ”

Posted April 26, 2014 2:00 am

Posted April 26, 2014 1:22 pm 


At this point, I’d really like to see PBF dare to be great by moving up to fight GGG. Similar to what Leonard did with Hagler, moved up to fight a monster. But, I doubt PBF will do that. If he wasn’t comfortable fighting Manny over the years, I can’t see him taking GGG. That is why he will never be in that truly elite category of all time greats like SRR, Leonard, Duran, Ali, Hearns, etc. He is an all time great, like Top 30 to 50 but not Top 25 like those guys. Cannot get there w/o daring to be great.

Posted April 26, 2014 1:16 pm 


giuseppe garibaldi

“Floyd: one of the greatest. Period.”

Having period? Go stick a tampax in your mouth because you talk utter crap. No way is Fraud Duckweather is even close to being the greatest. He’s not even worthy of a 100 place.

Posted April 26, 2014 1:15 pm 


“Why Duckweather isn’t fighting the boxers we want him to fight”

Because Fraud is a cherrypicking chicken. FACT!

Posted April 26, 2014 1:12 pm 


While I would still like to see PBF fight Manny, it wouldn’t be the same now. Manny has slipped, not to a great degree, but enough to probably lose. Honestly, I think PBF will now try to make the fight, I really do. Manny has slipped just enough to make PBF more confident. He might let Manny slip a bit more and then shoot for May of 2015.

Posted April 26, 2014 1:08 pm 


I would take Lara, Porter, and Pac in his last 3 fights. Sounds good to me. PBF would take out a HOF fighter, a top 5 WW, and a top 2 middle weight fighter that is naturally bigger.

Posted April 26, 2014 12:57 pm 


why? why? why?

Why did you publish an article from such a moron?

Harlem stars? Does he mean Harlem Globetrotters?

Who is this idiot and why does ESB publish his stupidity?

Posted April 26, 2014 12:57 pm 


And Porter would be a severe underdog who would get embarrased as well. Story continues

Posted April 26, 2014 12:45 pm 


@ PEDS I agree.Tark why should he fight porter who’s best vicotory yet ia against Pauly? Porter has none of the credentials of Maidana yet you want Floyd to fight him Floyd beats Porter and critics say Porter was too green, had a weak resume, etc…. Floyd beats Lara and he will get the same back lash. Lara doesnt have the resume of Conelo, but yet Floyd gets no credit for beating Canelo. Logic doesnt make sense.

Posted April 26, 2014 12:42 pm 

giuseppe garibaldi

Floyd: one of the greatest. Period.

Posted April 26, 2014 12:39 pm 


Heir to the throne is Shawn Porter…

If Floyd doesn’t fight Pacquiao—lol, like he’s going to fight Pac—he should face Porter next. If Floyd refuses to fight Pacquiao, Porter, or Lara in his last 3 fights, something is seriously wrong.

Floyd probably thinks it’s a great idea for Porter and Pacquiao to fight, and prays that it would become a trilogy.

Posted April 26, 2014 12:28 pm 


Your English is better than most Americans and Brits who write on this website. Good article.

Posted April 26, 2014 12:15 pm 


I hope flomos realize that after reading this wonderful and truth article

Posted April 26, 2014 12:09 pm 


Very good article!!!

Posted April 26, 2014 12:08 pm 


Last 2 post were by Hecdog

Posted April 26, 2014 12:07 pm 


? Truth is neither Manny nor Floyd need each other. It’s like the Rolling Stones vs The Beatles or The Doors vs Led Zepellin. All these groups are mega and made big money without compromising themselves. The same with these boxers who are carving out a big niche for themselves fighting at pre appointed times with their own loyal devotees. I would like them to fight, but it won’t happen and this is something that will happen more often in today’s environment of boxing.

Posted April 26, 2014 12:06 pm 


@PEDS I agree with your analysis of Manny being that his performance and abilities steadily declined after being accused of using steroids. However unless we are in the room or on the phone when the two parties are negotiating we dont know what either party is agreeing or not agreeing too.

Posted April 26, 2014 11:59 am 



Pacquiao accepted any and all testing to get Floyd into a ring.

It took Pac years to come off of PEDS. Pac first started taking PEDS after his defeat to Erik Morales and as a PEDMAN he became the first man to stop Morales in their subsequent 2 fights! PEDMAN carried on his PED abuse including his wins over Oscar and Cotto and he only eased off PEDS after the Margarito fight. I believe his first fight off of PEDS was against Bradley I.

If ever there was a PED cheat than Pac definitely cheated.

Posted April 26, 2014 11:53 am 


No one in here knows what the opstical is for making the fight so people need to stop acting like they do. Unless for Floyd or Bob Arum you dont know squate. All we know is we all want to see the fight.

Posted April 26, 2014 11:51 am 


All the Pacquiao fans understood the beauty of the sweet science. We also know how excellent a boxer is Mayweather. What only want is let your boy Mayweather fight Pacquiao, Te Humba.

Posted April 26, 2014 11:48 am 


Chuckles72, the drug testing is history. It is not a problem anymore. The purse, Manny agrees to 45-55 split. Mayweather is asking things he sure know the Pacquiao camp wouldn’t agree.

Posted April 26, 2014 11:42 am 


Floydiots running wild.. good points Valenzuela

Posted April 26, 2014 11:32 am 


Idiotic article. When Maidana kicked Broner’s butt, people on this site were clamoring for a fight with PBF. Then when Khan started his embarrassing twitter campaign for a fight everyone was barking that Mayweather would duck Maidana and take the much easier fight with Khan. But he did not – he took Maidana. He’s fighting pretty regularly against opponents that have been beating other decent fighters.

I really don’t know if he ducked Pac. He might have, but Manny completely failed to explain his reluctance on PED testing, which was the alleged obstacle to the fight. I have read so much crap about that situation that I don’t know what is true anymore. It would have been nice to have a press conference at the time to explain exactly what the hell was going on. Was PED use a legit concern for Mayweather or just an excuse? I really can’t say.

Posted April 26, 2014 11:08 am 


I guess Floyd thinks or knows that after all the dust settles it’s all about wealth and living the rest of his life in comfort. It’s not like he did not put the work in. He is a smart money maker and that in the end gets the bills paid.

Posted April 26, 2014 11:01 am 

te tumbo

RENI needs to get his head out of his own fart-cloud (and poor Manny’s* ass-crack). he also needs to find a competent editor to proof and edit his contrived and somewhat incoherent writing style (e.g., the “Harlem Stars”?!?). after he does that, he should shift to figure-skating, gymnastics, or synchronized swimming. those are the only sports that may be able to tolerate his worshipful articles. besides, it’s pretty obvious that Valenzuela is nothing more than a Pacquiao* shill and cheerleader who knows nothing about boxing beyond Manny’s* celebrity profile.

Posted April 26, 2014 10:57 am 


If Canelo is a B grade fighter on PBF’s resume than Brandon Rios is a D level fighter on Pac’s. He is actually ranked 19th in WW division.

Posted April 26, 2014 10:45 am 


@DMX I am not saying he will, but to call him B grade is pretty far fetched sir.

Posted April 26, 2014 10:41 am 


N/A and ?
Canello will not get past Lara

Sorry about that . . . Lara will look bloody good winning it as well

Posted April 26, 2014 10:29 am 


Because he’s smart :)

Posted April 26, 2014 10:25 am 


Terrible artical. Canelo B grade??????????????????????????????????????

Posted April 26, 2014 10:01 am 


@ DMX Canelo B grade? Dude dont say ignorant stuff in a weak attempt to justify your point. Ridiculous lol

Posted April 26, 2014 10:00 am 


DMX your completely incompetant if you think Canelo is a B grade fighter. He is esily one of the best fighters in the sport. Maybe just maybe he will get your respect if he beats Lara. If Canelo is B grade than I dont know to many A level fighter still in Boxing.

Posted April 26, 2014 9:56 am 


Everyone making out Canelo like the second coming of Roberto Duran
This ginger haired kid was sh!t
but was the best of a awful bunch of contenders

Mayweather scored a A+
For schooling a B grader

He got exposed for his limitations much the way Lennox Lewis seized the opportunity to f*ck over Michael Grant

Except Lennox got the job done, Floyd tip tapped away and danced the fan dango

Posted April 26, 2014 9:51 am 


Pac has fought 13 current and former world champs, 3 of which he lost too. This 6 or 7 less than Floyd and he has had more fights. I like Pac and think he is a hell of fighter, but fans create a double standard for him thats unfair. Beat Margo at 150 catch weight. Beat Cotto at 144 catch weight. Beat Oscar at 147, a weight that ODH had not been at in over 4 years. I dont care about the weight really, but dont discredit one fighter (Floyd) for catch weights but give credit to Pac for doing the same thing.

Posted April 26, 2014 9:49 am 


Everyone clamored for Floyd to fight Canelo and now that he was dominated and make to look average he’s a cherry pick?? Lol I swear haters til the end of time.

Posted April 26, 2014 9:43 am 


Canelo vs pac? Total mismatch. Canelo way too big and strong for pac. Canelo will weigh around 172 fight night if there isnt a rehydration clause in place! Which makes floyds def over canelo that more impressive cause canelo is a beast and the best at 154

Posted April 26, 2014 9:40 am 


I’m sorry I made typos earlier, I’m typing this via I-phone lol. Floyd for 90% of his fights against LARGER fighters not smaller like de la Hoya. And Marvin Hagler agreed to get the SMALLER purse against Leonard, approved by Bob Arum who accepted Leonard’s ridiculous terms for the Hagler fight but refused to budge an inch for mayweathers demands for the pacquiao fight.

Posted April 26, 2014 9:35 am 


Im confused. You cant call floyd a cherry picker w/o calling pac one also. They basically fought the same oppenents! Pac looked more impressive due to his aggressive offensive style. May def jmm easily while jmm gave pac hell! Pac vs may in both of their primes would def be a pick em fight. Now floyd wins easily. If only pac would have took that 40 mil offer from floyd in 09 we wouldnt be having this discussion.

Posted April 26, 2014 9:34 am 


Jum obviously doesn’t realise that a fighter isn’t eligible for the hall of fame until 5 years after his last fight. Mayweather has fought several future hall of framers.

Posted April 26, 2014 9:34 am 


I was going to write a lengthy breakdown of Pacquiao and de la hoya’s careers but to put it short they fought overmatched opponents to achieve stardom and used it as leverage to insist on bending the rules. Pacquiao’s so called title at 154 came from fighter MARGRITO at 150. Didn’t have 1 title fight at 154 nor did he even beat a top 10 fighter at 154 how in the hell did pacquiao get credit for stealing that title. MARGARITO had just come off the annihilation Mosley put on him. Why, why?!?!?

Posted April 26, 2014 9:29 am 


Ponchito has the skinny re De La Hoya.

Posted April 26, 2014 9:26 am 


That fact is There are more people that believe Floyd is an ATG and the P4P best fighter in the sport than people that dont. Most boxing analysts and fighters do so he will be ok regardless of what some idiot fans think. Even B Hop (HOF) said Floyd is definitely Top 10 maybe even top 5 of all time after he dominated Canelo.

Posted April 26, 2014 9:25 am 


JUM is possibly the dumbest poster ever on ESB?
Right off the bat you would call Oscar, Shane and Miguel as HOF certainties.
Jum, you are a prize plum!

Posted April 26, 2014 9:24 am 


Regarding Leonard’s “negotiation” tactics, let’s make it clear he was very shrewd and unrelenting. He made hearns wait 3 years before agreeing to fight him and hearns had to agree to all terms, this came out of bob arum’s and Emmanuel Steward’s mouths. And poor middleweight champion Marvin Hagler who despite defending his consecutive 20 title defenses at middleweight against a welterweight coming up I weight to fight for HIS title to had to agree to fight Leonard with “Leonard’s” choice to use 12 ounce gloves which is unheard of. He also had to agree to “Leonard’s” choice in ring size as well as “Leonard’s” choice in to make the fight 12 rounds instead of 15 and poor Hagler agreed to everything. and on top of it all who received the smaller portion of the purse, you got it sugar ray Leonard. And whoooooo by chance was Hagler’s promoter, no other than Bob Arum and said floyd made up rules and unreasonable request for the pacquiao fight. These are facts.

Posted April 26, 2014 9:21 am 


@Pochito the only fighters I remeber being naturally smaller than Floyd were Judah, Marquez, and Gurrero. Im sure there are a few more, but not many. The two big guys that really stand out are Canelo (22lbs heavier) and Ortiz came in the ring at 164 (14lbs). Diaego was also much much bigger than Floyd and got floored 6 or 7 times.

Posted April 26, 2014 9:21 am 


Blame Mayweather for flak hes getting if not for his cherypicking fans will not cry a bucket to question his credntals to boycot his fight vs. maidana. his fans are no good to defend their idol

Posted April 26, 2014 9:18 am 


@Jum I meant.

Posted April 26, 2014 9:17 am 


@Joe Floyd has beat 19 current or former world champs which is more than Joe. HOF fighters inlcude ODH, Mosely, Cotto, Gatti, Marquez, Castillo, Corrales, and Hernadez. Canelo will probabaly be on this list too. Even if you believe that Corrales and Henandez will not be in the HOF, he still has 6 on his resume. These are the facts, not just made up garbage.

Posted April 26, 2014 9:17 am 


Before Floyd fight them everybody say that Floyd will lose then when he beat that fighter then they (haters) say they was hand pick for him please give me a break lol he’ll the last time pac fought a guy he hasn’t beat already was cotto and Rios was a slap in the to real boxing fans come on a punching bag lol

Posted April 26, 2014 9:13 am 


Floyd has a better resume than any fighters currently fighting. He has fought Hall Of Famers? Who? Gatti is one and thats about it. A better resume is Joe Calzaghe, who faced 46 up 46 down, with BHOP and Jr. on his resume. And Joe didnt avoid anyone and knew when it was his time to say goodbye. You’re right, but only partly – at least the Globetrotters went on the road.

Posted April 26, 2014 9:10 am 


Why don’t pac fight Canelo then and to playing it safe with the same old fights and robbing his fans well if they stupid enough to keep buying it then hey I would keep robbing them to lol

Posted April 26, 2014 9:08 am 


What about Canelo wasn’t just about everyone calling for that fight and saying Floyd would duck him. Floyd schooled him.

Posted April 26, 2014 9:03 am 


Sugar ray Leonard is my absolute favorite fighter after floyd because he had every thing. Power, speed, intelligence, slickness, grit,courage, stamina you name it. But, he was far from perfect himself. Sugar also feasted on overly matched opponents until he faced Duran. Duran outboxed him as well as out hustled him. It was at the moment that sugar ray learned to really “dance” in the ring. His next fight against Duran he literally ran circles in the ring and despite the highlights he always see on espn, the fight was still close when Duran quit out of frustration. But I have yet to see one comment regarding Leonard running in the ring. I have no problem with his performance because he found a way to win without cheating or holding. But the fact still remains that Leonard never defeated a prime Roberto Duran and he knows it. I just wish floyd get the same credit when he runs far less. Leonard ran the first third of his first fight with hearns. It wasn’t until he was thoroughly outboxed and embarrassed by hearns that he finaly decided he had nothing to loss and come forward to win a fight he was too far behind to win on points. Leonard started at welterweight and lost 2 fights at the weight class before moving up while floyd started at 130 and dominated every opponent at that weight class moved up 4 weight classes and continued to do so. 90% of the time being the shorter or smaller man.

Posted April 26, 2014 9:02 am 


Everyone Floyd fights will be an underdog including Pac. Fans are already making excuses for him beating Pac by saying that Pac is no longer the same fighter and or it would have been competitive 4 years ago. All this for a fight that hasn’t happened yet. The fact is Floyd has the best resume of any fighter in the sport with the exception of B hop and this includes Pacquio. He has faced more champion and HOF fighters than anyone except Bernard. He just beat Canelo, which was the fighter that pretty much everyone wanted him to face and it was the same result. The fact is writers like this guy will never ever give Floyd the credit he deserves. If he beats Pac it cause Pac wasn’t in his prime. If he beats Lara it’s cause Lara is too green. No matter who the opponent is the critics will find an excuse. It’s just pathetic just like this article.

Posted April 26, 2014 8:58 am 


Just haters wanting to hate saying he isn’t fighting the fighter we want him to fight. Look at his PPV sells. He is obviously fighting people that folks want to see. Certain fights can’t be made because certain promoters don’t want to make the fight or they are associated with HBO and fighters signed to HBO will be fights that are very difficult to make. Or the simple fact you want him to fight middles and super middles

Posted April 26, 2014 8:51 am 


That was a typo Floyd fight champs and pac fight the same fighter’s and they want to say Floyd hand pick u can’t hand pick when u fight other champs that stupid to say

Posted April 26, 2014 8:26 am 


Floyd has champs and fights the same ppl please just another hater how u hand pick champs to fight . So what pac is doing that’s not cherry picking right

Posted April 26, 2014 8:23 am 


Hecdog: I get the feeling that really don’t like floyd for other reasons than his inside the ring performances. Empirically sugar ray Leonard, Robinson as well as de la Hoya and pacquiao, ducked, stole titles and fought hand picked opponents to increase there public perception of greatness. Whoever reads my following comments lookup the records of the fighters I bring up, watch the fights I reference to there can be no question. Fans that are writing these types of articles are part of the problem with boxing.

Posted April 26, 2014 8:21 am 


The basis for the cherry picking accusations seems to be solely based on the Pacquiao fight not happening but who else other than Pacquiao do people actually think he should be fighting in the welterweight/light middle divisions? Other than Pacquiao I don’t see many more deserving or dangerous fights out there than the Canelo or Maidana ones. Porter has been mentioned but until last week no-one considered him a top level fighter at the weight.

Posted April 26, 2014 8:12 am 


Henry Miller: no need to attempt to insult. I asked if you, anyone, mainly the author could name the fighters; and in all of these comments left I have yet to see these names. Yes I am a fan of mayweather because he exposed a fighter I used to be a fan of as well as bob arum and boxing altogether. He told us how de la Hoya continually sucked his weight down in a 5-10 frame to pick on fighters at 130, 135 and 140 before stepping up to welterweight where he finally fought men his size and lost. He went into detail about how de la Hoya was praised early on by bob arum and put on Ppv fighting over matched nobody’s while floyd climbed the ladder the hard way and didn’t get a ppv fight until gatti at 140 despite being the pound for pound #1 for several years.

Posted April 26, 2014 8:11 am 

Teddy DuChamp

Because he’s a babbling coward…born and raised

Posted April 26, 2014 7:58 am 


The assertion that Mayweather fights are more a vaudeville show than a sporting contest is a good one.

But you answer your own question, Floyd likes making money, and as Donaire has shown your market values drops off a cliff when you lose the zero. He will take a couple of easy fights, perhaps against the likes of Khan, then fight the decaying Pacquiao, who is already pretty much done, within 18 months, then quit.

Posted April 26, 2014 7:50 am 


@maxmus: if you really believe that pac will fight for free and that it can be arranged that easily, then my gardener is your real father. lol. another dumb filipino pacnut.

Posted April 26, 2014 7:40 am 


Manny aside, who do you all actually want Floyd to fight? I heard alot of guys say he would never fight Canelo and look what happened! I personally think he avoided Manny originally out of fear, but now hes just being stubborn. Bob Arum doesnt help matters either.

Posted April 26, 2014 7:33 am 


hey wadsworth..manny offered to fight floyd for free… u forgot that already? way did floyd say? nothing….period

Posted April 26, 2014 7:23 am 

Floyd Arum

This author is a nobody and a hater. Didn’t bother to read his article cause like I said I didn’t recognize his name and he’s a NOBODY

Posted April 26, 2014 7:17 am 


how about some more broner stories

Posted April 26, 2014 7:02 am 

vet vic

Absolutely agree with Mr Valenzuela!!! And won’t pay for the May card.

Posted April 26, 2014 6:50 am 

vet vic

Absolutely agree with Mr Valenzuela!!!

Posted April 26, 2014 6:49 am 

Bo Bo Olson

Takes two to fight, Pac didn’t want it either.

IMO to be Champion you need to have 3 of the 4 belts at a weight…….so much for 8 mini-weight belt champions. …From back in the day of 8 weights…Pac would have had what 3 belts … four?
Pure Boxers got dodged…Fullmer and Pinder didn’t fight either……..Suger Ray Robinson dodged a couple…won a couple very disputed fights too, all 5-10 of him vs a 5-6 ex Champ…he only fought at welter one man of his size most were 2-3 inches smaller….it’s still nit picking time.

Posted April 26, 2014 6:43 am 

Mike Tyson

big ham and piechucker@
floyd is no fun……LOL

Posted April 26, 2014 5:49 am 


The truth is that Floyd has fought the best boxers on the globe, and, even the next fight , he is fighting a very dangerous opponent in Maidana. Matysse, Garcia and Lara can be beaten by Floyd. Yes Pac is tough but PAC-Floyd fight should not be the litmus. Let us be patient, leave hate and wait for the “the day” to come. Most likely this will be the last fight for Floyd who retire with a zero loss.

Posted April 26, 2014 5:48 am 

El Grande Chorizo

It’s about time the truth is written about Mayweather….What a farce he is. What a joke he is to the history of boxing and the great champions like Sugar Ray Robinson and Henry Arm Strong guys who would jump up in weight and take on the best in the world….Mayweather is nothing but a thief stealing from common buffoons who pay to see him in a mismatch.

Posted April 26, 2014 5:33 am 


I should point out that I agree with a lot of what the author says, but seriously, label it an opinion piece

Posted April 26, 2014 5:32 am 


big ham – I second your opinion, this should be a fun fight

Posted April 26, 2014 5:31 am 

Henry Miller

Thx Reni for the down to earth article.

Posted April 26, 2014 5:29 am 


wow! this is not an article, this an opinion piece. not only does the author shovel his views on mayweather down our throats, but he actually took the liberty of trying to shove his love of “god” down our throats too ( it baffles the mind how people are still being swindled by a roman government hoax…..see the doco “zeitgeist” on youtube for a definitive history of “god”) this garbage illustrates why there needs each article on here needs to be labelled either “news” or “opinion”

Posted April 26, 2014 5:27 am 


This author is terrible. Floyds beat every big fighter in and around his weight class except Pac

Posted April 26, 2014 5:00 am 


And why is Pacquiao not fighting Canelo, Lara, why is he not fighting Thurman, Porter, Matthysse or Garcia? All of these are potential matches he could lose or even be stretched in.
Silly, b.s. article.
Mayweather is Showtime and Pac is HBO and ne’re the twain shall meet. Pac has his list of TR fighters and May his list of GBP fighters and that’s the bottom line.
Until the press and ‘TV stations actually grow a pair you aint got no mouths from which to bleat.

Posted April 26, 2014 4:42 am 

The Truth

The worst article in a long time. Floyd is fighting the guy who destroyed Broner next week. What more is he supposed to do? Who else is there out there for him to fight? We all know the problems with Pacaquio, who Floyd would easily beat, but leaving that single case out, who exactly has Floyd ducked?

Posted April 26, 2014 4:39 am 

Fight Aficionado

Headsup: The rematch between Guillermo Jones and Denis Lebedev has been canceled because roids rager Jones failed the prefight drug test. Some may recall Jones also failed the postfight drug test and has his “win” over Lebedev changed to a no contest as a result. What a cheating scumbag.

Posted April 26, 2014 4:04 am 

Mongrel H@mster

I`d like to see Floyd fight fight a tank full of rape sharks after having been dowsed in female rape shark hormones.

He’s ducking them though.

Posted April 26, 2014 3:59 am 


Some great points in the article…. one being the thick irony that blind Mayweather fans are actually cheering a “winner” who is a loser!

Posted April 26, 2014 3:57 am 


Floyd didn´t want them because he had lost his undeafeated record… now he might win all of them.

Posted April 26, 2014 3:33 am 

Marcus Johnson

To all, I apologize about my earlier comment. It was not me who posted it. My friend was on this site on my iphone and commented using my facebook account. It was pretty racist, and I am ashamed my name and picture are associated with it. I don’t even go to this site. I always thought boxing writing should be left to professionals, so ESB has never been a favorite of mine. To the author, I apologize whether you are Filipino or not.

Posted April 26, 2014 3:22 am 


when i saw his name i did not even bother to read his article the king of hate is at it again……..& again……….& again…..this guy is mentally sick.

Posted April 26, 2014 3:03 am 


This conversation about the legendary Manny Pacquiao against Floyd Mayweather no longer matters. A prime Manny Pacquiao destroys a prime Floyd Mayweather. Manny was faster, stronger, better athlete, and his south paw style was incredibly unique and impossible to figure out in one fight. The Manny Pacquiao that had the world on it’s feet during his reign of terror was the most dynamic fighting machine in boxing history. Fans throughout the world prefer to see Manny Pacquiao fights instead of Floyd Mayweather fights because Manny Pacquiao brings an excitement to the ring every time he fights. Floyd Mayweather is a good athlete with speed and good feet, but he is only a good boxer, not a true fighter in the sense of the word. He has never had the confidence or the fighting heart to meet an opponent mano y mano. He doesn’t like to get hit or take punishment, so he prefers to be defensive and play it safe if he senses danger. A true fighter like Robinson, Duran, Leonard, Hagler, Hearns, Armstrong, Tyson and many other great fighters faced danger head on. The vast majority of boxing fans that love boxing prefer to see courage, heart and character in a fighter rather than safety first defense, counter punching and moving away instead of holding your ground. Floyd Mayweather would have been a great Fencing athlete because he has fast feet and hands and would be protected from and pain, bumps or bruises. This is the fight game. History will not be kind to Floyd Mayweather because he has a history of fighting opponents that were either past their primes (Oscar, Mosely, Cotto), too big of a threat (Tyzu, Williams, Margarito) or one dimensional (Gatti, Baldomir, Maidana). The biggest let down or flaw in Floyd Mayweather’s fight record will always be the Mega Fight that never happened because of Floyd’s fear of Manny Pacquiao. Floyd’s own father and uncle and Floyd himself admitted that they did not want to risk Floyd’s health. They came up with excuse after excuse, but every time a demand was met, Floyd found another demand. It’s very clear to those that follow this sport closely. Floyd Mayweather never wanted to step into the ring with the only 8 division boxing champion in boxing history. The man that was pulverizing everyone. Manny Pacquiao will always be looked at as the greater fighter by the majority of boxing fans around the world. Oscar De La Hoya fought a steroid using Fernando Vargas, and you saw what happened. The difference is that Oscar had more courage and was not afraid of the challenge. Floyd is afraid to take the challenge, and that’s the perception the boxing world has of Floyd. Sadly it’s Floyd’s own past, present and future boxing stars that openly criticize him for not fighting the legendary Manny Pacquiao. It’s never been about the money, testing, venue or anything else. If Floyd truly thought he was better, he would have taken the fight regardless of any demands. He could have proved to the world that he was the more talented fighter and the world would have taken notice. Instead, his career will always be tarnished because of what he failed to do. A fighter is made up of courage, not fear. A fighter should want to take on the very best of his era, not avoid them. A fighter should listen to what fight fans want and not turn his back on them. Floyd Mayweather let destiny pass him by. When it’s all said and done, Floyd Mayweather will be the one living with regret.

Posted April 26, 2014 2:55 am 

Phantom Punch

Floyd is afraid of getting his a$$ handed to him, he ran from the best fighters in their prime only fighting them when they get old, now he cherry picks against guys who don’t have the style to compete with him. If he had any heuvos he would fight Pacquiao but he has none so the fight will never happen

Posted April 26, 2014 2:50 am 


is any body on here over 18. lol.

Posted April 26, 2014 2:49 am 

The truth

Have watched Duran,sugar ray, Chavez,Tyson, Ali = legends

Mayweather= clown, chicken, ducker

Hey but if his fans like crap… Well they have a big piece in mayweather

Posted April 26, 2014 2:48 am 

First time ere

What an absolutely pathetic article. This article is so amateur it shouldn’t have been published. This writer has a very low journalistic intellect. A worthless read.

Posted April 26, 2014 2:44 am 

Howard Cosell

Hidalg0 is blind deaf and dumb to the truth about his beloved Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Posted April 26, 2014 2:36 am 


Howard makes a great point Mayweather is vastly over rated.

Posted April 26, 2014 2:34 am 



Posted April 26, 2014 2:18 am 

Boxing 101

This writer is an idiot….let pacquiao fight the same opponents that Floyd did in his career,PAC would lose at least 5 times…nobody can go undefeated like him.his skills are unparralel.

Posted April 26, 2014 2:17 am 

Howard Cosell

Floyd Mayweather may not even be the best fighter in his family! If his uncle Roger Mayweather had taken the easy route like Floyd Jr, he may have retired undefeated, instead he went after the likes of: Rocky Lockridge,Tony Baltazar back to back then taking on Julio Cesar Chavez twice, also he went toe to toe with Freddie Pendleton, Oscar Bejines,Sergio Zambrano, Sammy Fuentes and Pernell Whitaker back to back, also beating hard hitting Rene Arredondo, future WBO champ Mauricio Aceves, Harold Brazier, Rudolpho Gato Gonzalez, Vinny Pazienza, Terrence Alli, he also boxed Rafael Pineda, Fidel Avendano, Livingstone Bramble and Zach Padilla back to back. The best fighters of the day Roger Mayweather backed down from no one.

Floyd Money Mayweather is counterfeit I tell you!

This is yours truly telling it like it is!

Posted April 26, 2014 2:00 am 

Mike Tyson

Who using my name? Get your own.

Posted April 26, 2014 1:54 am 

Mike Tyson

Big ham you got it canelo is a outside fighter once he got on he didn’t know what to do. That your payday. Dude score away, maidana throws cross unpredictable hooks , body shots and over the top
Clubbing shot. Floyd will work hard for this one. That the reason he avoid slugger/ boxer, hatten,Judah , Oscar, all gave him a S.D fight, on hatten he used his elbow follow thru after the right hand a few times. Before the normal right hand that was a wonderful shot.

Posted April 26, 2014 1:52 am 


Floyd picks the easy(ier) fights, he is a businessman first, everything else, caring about his fans and his legacy is far behind. He does not care about anyone than himself. He ducked Pac because he saw him as a thread and because his daddy told him that Pac is a thread. He still believes it, I have no doubt. He knew that whole drug testing will not fly since such demand by an individual was unheard off and insulting. The 40 millions (I wire you 20 million within 48 hours) was also BS. He will make 150, maybe 200 million with a Pac fight and wants to give him only 20-25% of the pie? Unheard off….May is a jerk and will never be a SRR, Duran, Chavez, Pac, Ali; he will never be a legend in this fans eyes….

Posted April 26, 2014 1:52 am 

Mike Tyson

Whatever, I still want the May-Pac up to its 3rd chapter

Posted April 26, 2014 1:44 am 

Mike Tyson

Big Ham, I agree they have both made millions, enought games and fight, or both retire, let the new blood have a chance and make some money.

Posted April 26, 2014 1:44 am 

Big Ham

Mike Tyson. FLoyd should beat Madaina. But it’s a fun matchup. Here is where i give Madaina a chance. Canelo was mislabled. He is a boxer, not a come forward destroyer pressure fight. Many mexican fighters fight in a pressure style. Canelo likes to rest, pace himself, and fight in explosive burts. He tried to box Mayweather. Madaina absolutely knows he is not a better boxer than mayweather. He WILL try to KO floyd, over and over again and he will risk getting KO’d himself. He does also have respectable power. I see a fun fight

Posted April 26, 2014 1:43 am 

Big Ham

Blah blah, blah… that is a very well stated comment. Floyd’s ducking was at it’s worst before the ODLH fight. He wanted to do everything possible to avoid any danger of losing so that he could catch the declining aging golden goose ODLH. Lately he has consistently fought the 2nd or 3rd or 4th best fighter around, which is not to bad. Much better than fighting a washed up Sharmbe Mitchell , or Henry brussells or Gatti… The canelo fight was a genuine risk, i give him credit for that. Cotto you are right in 2008 that would have been a fight, i like the pre margarito Cotto. By the way you know who the supposed Bogey man that ROach did not PAciao to fight? Joan Guzman at 130lbs in his prime.

Posted April 26, 2014 1:40 am 

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson

Floyd is under pressure this fight. Now We can finally can compare him. Because he never fought Khan or Alexander both are boxer /slugger and he called Bradley A amatuer fighter, well Floyd, Alexander who Bradley distroyed did Beat maidana in a U.D, Can you do the same? Can’t your under Bradley

And khan also took maidana in a UD and Andreas Kotelnik beat him too in a S.D fight.

Pressure on Floyd, anything less that a UD is a total failure. And even that rate you even as alexander and khan. Good luck Floyd pressure on.

Posted April 26, 2014 1:40 am 

Big Ham

All that has been said has been said. The topic is over. I am 35 now and have been watching boxing regularly since i was 20 or so. Era’s have come and gone. This Pacquiao Mayweather era is just about done. Anything Pac and May do from now on is inconsequential. It’s over. Their primes have been shown already. When i look back in no so far back history there have been other came to late superfights that meant very little. Tyson vs Lewis was a joke, absolute farce of a fight at that time. Sugar Ray Leonard vs Hearns 2 , and vs Duran 3 were also both money grabs. Jones hopkins 2 came 7-8 years to late. There’s tons on mini super fights that never happened. I actually don’t want to see Pac Mayweather get made.

Posted April 26, 2014 1:35 am 

Lady Girl

he could fight john ruiz and freaking idiots will pay for it

Posted April 26, 2014 1:31 am 

A Garcia

Pacnuts think because Floyd makes it look easy that he cherry picks his opponents. Manny Pacquiao is the only cherry Floyd Mayweather is picking.

Posted April 26, 2014 1:06 am 

El Cid

he knows there’s someone out there that can best him. he loves his o and himself too muc.t

Posted April 26, 2014 12:54 am 

Henry Miller

Ponchito: don’t tell me what to do. Instead, use your brain. Look at the best fighters + / – half a dozen or so pounds and work it out for yourself.

And have a read of this if you care to:

Posted April 26, 2014 12:44 am 


Correction on last post, Roach said “PAC declined on the 14 day cut off

Posted April 26, 2014 12:31 am 


Guess the author of the article didn’t see the video’s where arum said Pac declined on the 14 day cutoff drug testing and Bob wants Mayweather wants to be Pacs last fight and where Ariza said “Mayweather called Pac and offered him 40 mill” and Pac said,”no” and passed the phone to be hung up.
What about the time time when Mayweather was about to go to jail and Arum was saying “Pac would fight Mayweather but he’s going to jail”, then the sentence gets pushed back, Mayweather ask for the fight but Bob later said “Pacs cut over his eye needs to heal and I have to build a stadium.” Bob Arum is the guy stopping the fight from happening, no one else

Posted April 26, 2014 12:29 am 


Name these risky fighters.

Posted April 26, 2014 12:28 am 

Henry Miller

Nice article. Represents the opinion of many. I’d love to see May take more risks in choosing opponents. There are a couple of interesting match ups for him if he is willing to jump in the deep end. The PAC match up is of no more interest. PAC is too far down the other side of hill to be competitive.

Posted April 26, 2014 12:22 am 


Stupid article

Posted April 26, 2014 12:01 am 

Blah blah, blah…

I don’t care for Floyd’s persona and his antics. I think he did cherry pick for years…but the last few years he has really stepped it up in terms of competition. Beating Cotto then Canelo out of his natural weight class is not cherry picking. Both those guys are going to be future HOF’ers. Maidana is no slouch either. He should’ve fought Cotto in 08 and Pacquiao 3 years ago when it mattered. That said, I have been one of Floyd’s biggest critics over the years but to say he’s been cherry picking after what he did to Canelo? … Just plain nonsense

Posted April 25, 2014 11:54 pm 

Richard Wadsworth

Ball is in Pacquiao(and Arum)s court… take the $40 million flat fee Floyd has offered you since later 2011/early 2012 and get your ass handed to you.
Put up or shut up.
End of discussion.
No Mas.

Posted April 25, 2014 11:40 pm 


Your an idiot

Posted April 25, 2014 11:10 pm 

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