Donaire stops Nishioka in 9th round; Rios defeats Alvarado in 7th round TKO

By Rob Smith: In a really disappointing match, IBF/WBO super bantamweight champion Nonito Donaire (30-1, 19 KO’s) easily defeated 36-year-old WAY best his best Toshiaki Nishioka (39-5-3, 24 KO’s) by a 9th round TKO on Saturday night at the Home Depot Center, in Carson, California, USA. Donaire knocked the reluctant Nishioka down twice in the fight, once in the 6th and finished him off with a right to the head in the 9th. Nishioka’s corner threw in the towel after the knockdown.

It was yet another one of Donaire’s disappointing fights because he had tried to sell the aging Nishioka as the best fighter in the super bantamweight division for weeks to boxing fans, saying he’s better than the top fighters. It was painfully obvious tonight that the fading Nishioka wasn’t what Donaire had said he was, and it’s just disappointing that Donaire won’t take on the best guys in the division like Abner Mares and Guillermo Rigondeaux instead of guys like Nishioka and Jeffrey Mathebula.


In a toe-to-toe war, former WBA lightweight champion Brandon Rios (31-0-1, 23 KO’s) defeated previously unbeaten Mike Alvarado (33-1, 23 KO’s) by a 7th round TKO on Saturday night to claim the vacant WBO Latino light welterweight title in their WBO light welterweight title eliminator bout.

Just when it looked like Rios was on his way to defeat, he hurt Alvarado with a big right hand shot in the last part of the 6th round. Alvarado survived the round, but he was easy pickings for Rios in the next round. Rios hurt Alvarado once again and the blasted away at him agaisnt the ropes until referee Pat Russell jumped in and halted the fight at 1:57 of the round with Alvarado still on his feet. In hindsight, Alvarado should have clinched when he got hurt instead of trying to fight back. Also, I wish Russell had let the fight go further because we’ll never know if Alvarado could have survived the round.

Rios is now in a good position to get a fight with Manny Pacquiao next year in April. Bob Arum, their promoter at Top Rank, wants to make that fight and there’s not much that can stop it unless Pacquiao loses his next fight against Juan Manuel Marquez. I imagine Arum was happy to see Rios win this fight because it puts him position to make a nice in house fight next year between Pacquiao and Rios. You’d have to figure that Rios will get destroyed by Pacquiao because he’s made to order for him, but just by facing him, Rios will get a huge payday and it could increase his value if he doesn’t get beaten too badly.

Other fight results on the card:

Saul Rodriguez TD 2 Cesar Garcia
Ronald Ellis UD 4 Katrell Straus
Jose Roman TD 3 Javier Garcia
Trevor McCumby TKO 1 Eliseo Durazo
Jose Benavidez UD 8 Pavel Miranda

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  • Patrick2,Not justthefacts.Like I said nonito,chavez jr,broner & rios resume before he fought Alvarado is very questionable like most hype-jobs but they are doing real well at recruiting/matching tailor made fighters.Not saying they are garbage just the fake hype they’re made out to be & actually believe seems pathetic sometimes.They make nonito/pac seem unbeatable/unstoppable & I find that funny can you blame me??……Floyd/Marquez have pac number Gamboa/Rigo got nonito if they ever fight have no reason to lie.

  • Good point guys as it pertains to the stoppage… Still think they should have let the guy fight on (the corner)

  • “Im becoming a little annoyed with some of these quick stoppages” SRedmond, I believe Nishioka’s corner stepped into the ring to stop the fight. Nishioka’s ring “threw in the towel.” I think.

  • @ Boxtradamus — please drag your nonsense to e-mail or something, if you can find anyone who cares. We’re trying to have a conversation in here and all you’re doing is cluttering up the place with your blabbing about some self-proclaimed skill. Can we get you to talk boxing, and if not, to be silent?

  • @ Just The Facts — 1. Donaire is NOT “over-hyped.” Just watching what he does in the ring — you can see him oozing with talent. Seems to me, you’re just a little angry because lately he hasn’t fought the level of opposition you want him to. And that’s a fair criticism. While you have to agree he hasn’t been fighting bums, they’ve been quality fighters, it’s just a case of you wanting to see Donaire in more intriguing fights — i.e Rigo. — right?

  • And IF the TRUTH is lame to YOU then you’re welcome to go read a comic book.

  • Coxtradamus: Wut? Lame. You are welcome to troll harder though.

  • And don’t worry. I get paid HANDSOMELY. I get SO PAID that I can afford to just come here and give MY advice for FREE. I’m the Peter Pan of Boxing. I’m HERE to take from the GREEDY and give to the NEEDY. Take MY picks and cash em IN!!!

  • Pain-I was born as a Boxing Prophet whether I want to be it or not. Have I been wrong before??? SURE. But not even CLOSE to how many times I’ve been right. That’s why I am the GREATEST Fight Prophet ever born!!!!

  • Titopa,Forget who he hasn’t fought nobody wants to fight him that answers that.Look at his overall game/skill the guy is very talented.Won his first title in 9th fight & has successfully defended it all 3x by tko are you going to sit here & discredit his opponents as well?Marroquin 5’9 has solid power & good skill(Beat broner,russel jr2x jr)Is he a bum or a nobody?Teon kenneddy(dropped 5x) the only guy who wanted a title shot nobody in the top 10 wanted rigo’s belt.if no top 10 fighter wanted a shot a t rigo for a title that tells you a lot.Whether they’re scared or not idk but they obviously know it’s a huge risk.Don’t try to downplay somebody who wants the best can’t say the same for your boi nonito he’s doing a great job at folling a lot of people though.

  • Titopa,I ask you the same who has doniare beaten & beaten by?A guy 2-1,8 straight fights with guys with losing record?P4P?….Please beating midgets smaller men at lower divisions like darchinian,montiel,narvaez is not impressive.Fighting a guy with a 1 year layoff in nishioka?Why am i not surprised only a TR hype job like nonito/pac.Don’t get me wrong it’s nothing personal nonito seems like a kool dude has skill & isn’t garbage but we’re talking boxing here.I’m not the only one who’s not impressed.Don’t take all the bs TR/media trys feed down your throat like most.

  • Boxtradamus, you are no boxing expert or prophet. You are a wannabe. You’ve been wrong a lot of times before. You don’t get paid writing here compared to legit boxing writers. But you can keep trying lol! Goodluck to your career as an internet troll.

  • yeah they see he was still wobbly and glass eyed and they know donaire has a sledge hammer in his arsenal so i believe that was the best call for nishioka,it shows class from his corner,they really care about their fighter which is rare…..yezzzirr!!

  • TheFacts – This isn’t the amateurs, this is the pros, Rigondeaux hasn’t done ANYTHING in the pros to deserve a shot at Donaire…Who has he beaten in the pros?? Give me one HIGH caliber fighter he’s beaten.

  • SREDMOND – Nishioka’s corner stopped the bout, NOT the ref. Watch the fight again

  • The Alvarado stoppage was fine he was taking heavy fire and not giving and adequate answer..He had almost been turned completely around by shots and was reeling…. Donaires opponent should have been allowed additional time to either step it up or get capped…

  • Im becoming a little annoyed with some of these quick stoppages… Donaires opponent should have been allowed to continue or be knocked clean out…. Whereas Alvarado was clearly in bad shape and getting tee’d off on…. These activist refs need to understand that good fights cannot occur if they are constantly inserting themselves in the process… We would NEVER have Gatti/Ward or Corrales/Castillo is every ref stopped the bout when a guy looked buzzed or hit the deck… This guy was not doing anything to hurt Donaire but to my eye he was coherent enough to take more shots….

  • Let the impatient Cuban fight Vic, Montiel or Mathebula and see if he can beat them the way like Nonito did anf maybe every boxing fan will clamor for the fight. His Olympic career, impressive as it is, does not impress much in the pro fights where is is building his reputation in fighting and beating no-name fighters. Even then, I did not see him broke jaws and hit fighters so hard they were twitching their legs on the canvas. His chance with Donaire will come, soon enough and he will find out how a real elite pro- fighter hits. It will be a lot different than Olympic pitty-patting or the level of punching power he experienced from the journeymen he faced.

  • Patrick2,I can agree it wasn’t a bad stoppage like I said just a little premature in my opinion, moving on.The only technical bout I wanna see over-hyped donaire in is with 2x gold medalist Rigondeaux(the only p4p caliber at 122).People seem impressed nonito first 8 fights were to guys with losing record & he lost his 3rd fight to a guy who’s 2-1?…….I’m just not one of them.It’s funny cause they consider the Cuban an amateur because he fought most of his career there.They fail to realize he’s one if not the greatest amateur ever, not just any amateur.who’s really the amateur & overrated fighter here?

  • Oh by the way. IF you didn’t SEE MY predictions BEFORE the Fight they’re STILL there to SEE. Nothing contradictory at ALL. Both picks are Right on the MONEY!!!!

  • Nope. Get your eyes checked AGAIN. I SAID Garcia by stoppage and I was CORRECT. I also SAID that Froch wouldn’t be stopped and I was CORRECT yet again. GOOD try though.

  • Box… “TARK is the only one who didn’t SEE MY predictions” ..Bullcrap!! Your claims are non-stop, your predictions often silent or contradictory, and often dead wrong, as in the case of Khan-Garcia and Bute-Froch.

  • @ The Facts — I think the timing of the stoppage was about right, for you it was too quick, can we agree it wasn’t a bad stoppage? Especially considering Alvarado and his corner weren’t outraged…? As for Donaire’s fight, let’s get into another discussion, I thought it was an excellent bout. You could really see the thinking and technique being used in that fight. Donaire trying to get passed the high guard and Nishioka trying to wait for Donaire to make a mistake or get sloppy. A good, technical fight.

  • Say it with ME Mextradamus!! WE are the GREATEST Fight Prophets ever born!!!! LOL!!!

  • Boxing was never dead ….it lives in MEXICANS!!!!!

  • Actually I’m not surprised that TARK is the only one who didn’t SEE MY predictions. He’s also the only one who didn’t SEE that Nishioka was overmatched by a LANDSLIDE….. Figures.

  • Reading the TRUTH and the FACTS is not a factor. The TRUTH and FACTS remain whether YOU read them or not.

  • Komo-Shaking your head at the WINNER is called being a HATER. YOU don’t shake your head at the WINNER. YOU should APPLAUD him.

  • Patrick2, respect your opinion but i don’t agree.Like I said Alvarado has been in worse situations & has always come back.Sure he was hurt to a degree i can agree with that anybody would if they take that many bombs from rios but Mike has proven time & time again he can recover/comeback in dominant fashion, he was winning 4-2 let both warriors fight.Corrales got knocked twice in the final round & came-back.Same thing with Alvarado only difference Mike never went down in either fight Prescott/Rios which proves my point even more comebacks happen all the time.Great fight, lame headline nonito-nishioka skipped snooze fest (zzz).

  • Tark, I don’t know about you, but from here on out, every time I see Boxtradamuses name I’m not even going to read the post. He spews more pus than an infected boil. He’s not worth our time.

  • YES. Anyone can pick the favorite. But everyone can’t pick the WINNER. That’s why you didn’t SEE too many pick the WINNER on THESE boards. IF you didn’t SEE MY predictions before the Fight then you may need to go get your EYES checked.

  • I was HERE celebrating after Garcia stopped Khan because I was CORRECT yet again!!! I am the GREATEST Fight Prophet ever born!!!!

  • This is BS, they should put Garcia against a young lion like lucas or Brandon isnt Lucas the #1 mandatory for Garcia if he beats Morales? Why should that punk Garcia take an easy way out?

  • First, it was Andre Ward, then Sergio Martinez, now it’s Nonito Donaire. These guys are beating up quality opponents and making it look easy, yet some are “just not sold.” I don’t get it.

  • Plus, Alvarado has little ones at home. You hate to see anyone get seriously maimed in the ring, but a daddy especially.

  • Alvarado took a lot of unanswered shots in a row and was reeling all over the place.. It’s a judgment call.. I’ve seen a ton of premature stoppages that were really terrible, but Alvarado was almost out and about to get smashed unconscious, so this stoppage wasn’t too bad. You don’t want to see a Steve Smogger who has let boxers get smashed into the canvas … It’s the big shots you take after you’re badly hurt that impact your life.

  • The Fact — I think it was good call. Rios was really teeing off on Alvarado. In that stanza, Rios has landed about half dozen big shots, and few other fairly solid ones. Better Alvarado is saved and able to fight another day.

  • Still not sold on Nonito.

  • Here we go again with Boxtradummy. A few months ago he picked the wrong fighter to win. And still hes still trying to convince others. For what!? Unless you have something to prove or try to convince others like Boxtradummy. And a lot of posters here are shaking their heads LOL at Boxtradummy.

  • TR fighters get more stoppages than anybody else,no surprise there.Not making excuses though Donaire won like I said he should of(fighting a guy 1 yr inactive) & rios came back vs a solid contender more credit to him.The stoppage was pre-mature Mike didn’t touch the canvas it was a 10 rd fight with 3 to go.Alvarado was winning you cannot argue that, ref should’ve let this warrior to do his thing recover & fight back(He was hurt worse vs Prescott always came back & KO’d him ref had no right stopping either undefeated fighter who had it all on the line.Intrigued to see rematch somewhere down the road definitely him vs garcia/Lucas & when over-hyped broner moves up as well.Dislike both but rios can def expose lame broner.

  • Box… You were very quiet about your predictions… I didn’t see them, and I’m on this board a lot reading posts… Anyone can pick a 5 to 1 favorites. Where were you after Garcia KO’d Khan, and Froch KO’d Bute… You had Khan and Bute winning.

  • Donaire and Rios WIN by stoppage just as I predicted!!!! I am the GREATEST Fight Prophet ever born!!!!

  • Rios will beats the monkeyy outta Broner

  • I understand alot of fans don’t like Brandon Rios and I know it really pisses them off that the kid is once again back to his old form providing thrills and excitement..I find it funny and pathetic how Rios already lost to Broner, Pacquiao and Matthysse without even stepping inside the ring..Lol!

  • Patrick2 I blame top scared for all of even if it’s both because all signs point to the fact that top scared lied a lot! Cotto who is cool with Arum said Arum lied about the money they offered, F top scared!

  • Alot of people don’t like Brandon Rios and it probably pisses them off that the kid is back to his old self providing thrills and excitement for fans..they resort to beating Rios on paper because that’s all they can do right now to try and make themselves feel better abut the kid being celebrated once again.

  • Mad Scientist = at this juncture, that’s a fair assessment about Bronner. But, ON PAPER, I’d guess Broner would offer too much movement and would prove to be too fast for Rios. Not that Rios wouldn’t test Broner’s hang pair, but I think Bronner has a bigger skill set than Brandon.

  • Broner would beat the. shiznick out of Rios

  • Rios needs to change trainers quick. Hes a human punching bag. Pac would destroy him.

  • Broner is not yet proven against bigger, stronger fighters who can push him back through out the duration of a tough fight.

  • HecDog. Agreed, except for Matheysse. I think Rios could coax him into a slugfest. Only because I think Matheysse believes in his power to end fights. Floyd and Broner are the type to slice and dice — they wouldn’t stand in there and bang with Rios — they’d box him and break him down.

  • Hecdog Im praying they do make a fight between Pacquiao and Rios..this is boxing and fights are not won on paper, expert opinion or the by fans on the internet..and no, Brandon Rios is not Antonio Margarito..

  • RealTalk –I agree Pac and May should be on their third fight by now. BUT, they are BOTH making plenty of money fighting others. So there’s been no incentive, on either side, to risk a loss fighting the other.

  • Rios is a true fighter with plenty of heart. He’s a warrior that comes to fight, BUT, he will not beat Pacquiao, Broner or Matheysse! Rios is great when someone stands in front of you, but that’s all he can do. He’s way too one dimensional to beat these other guys. Manny Pacquiao will send Rios to the hospitall, and we don’t want to ever see that. I will perssonally protest that fight if they dare even talk about it. Seriously, Rios is the exact type of fighter that gets hurt badly by a brutal puncher. Let’s pray they never make that fight.

  • May vs PAC should be on it’s third fight already, arum would make so much money! Why it did not happen top scared!

  • Hecdog, it’s top scared! Why won’t they Put that nitro vs someone good? Because they scared!

  • I hear you Real Talk. Someone make these fights!

  • Gus, I agree with everything you wrote, except the part that “Alvarado was shot after six rounds.” He still had plenty of life in him after six rounds, it was that big Rios’ right hook that took the life out of him. I agree though that Alvarado started fighting Rios’ fight. If Alvarado would have kept on with the stiff jab and movement, and not started trading shots, he likely would have won.

  • Patrik that’s sad! Skills pay the bills

  • @ Mad Scientist — the fan boys, know very little about boxing, they only tune-in to see KOs. In their eyes, any fighter who uses their boxing skills to win a fight is deemed “boring.” They don’t understand, and don’t appreciate, the “sweet science” — the art of hit and not get hit/get hit as little as possible.

  • @ HHL — 12s are only for “championship fights.” Not that any of the sanctioning bodies are worth a crap and should determine who should fight in a championship fight, just sayin’…

    As for these two needing 12 rounds, seems the organizers rightly knew it wouldn’t go past 10 anyways.

  • JacOb the dude went on
    And said he wanted the fight with may now they talking Rios lmao that’s a joke! I think Arum is scared! I mean all this hype for nothing! Top scared b.s all the time! He said he offered Cotto 13 mil come to find out top scared only offered 6.5 mil! Top scared always lies! Oscar said top scared never agreed to 100 % random testing! Top scared always b.s! No respect for them

  • Jac

  • Patrick -I see what your saying about Pacquiao’s style and on paper he should be able to beat Rios..I was just pointing out how some of Manny’s biggest fanboys are always crying when other fighters use their advantages to outsmart him..they get called coward or they have no balls for not engaging with Pacquiao..

  • Alvarado fought Rios’ fight and was shot after 6 rounds. He was determined to show Rios that he was the man and it backfired. If he stuck to boxing he would have had a shot. Rios took his best shots and kept coming, although it did appear for a while early in the 6th that Rios was going to fade. Rios is one hell of a fighter, in the mode of Basilio, Gatti, Lamotta.

  • Yo buddy, I didn’t say Pacquiao was a defensive genius. I just stated the obvious — that Pacquiao isn’t a phone- booth type slugger like Rios is. Pacquiao uses movement and timing to get in, Rios doesn’t. Now don’t start thinking I don’t like Rios. I do. That was one gutsy performance! But, if Rios wants a lengthy, successful, career he needs to learn to (or perhaps, should want to) start slipping more punches.

  • WTF are these guys doing fighting 10round fights for?

    30+ fights a piece and there’s something wrong with professional boxing!

  • paquaio aint no defense genious buddy, i wanna see how he reacts to the bombs that brandon will land

  • Pac isn’t a toe-to-toe guy like Rios. Pac faints, uses angles, and lead lefts to get in, does damage in quick combinations, then gets back out. Rios jabs a little, but mostly just walks his opponent down — by trying to close the distance as quickly as possible. As for these two going at it, it would be exciting for a little while, but I think Pac’s power would be too much for Rios. No one south of 154 pounds can take clean Pacquiao power shots repeatedly (and you know Rios would be eating them), not even Rios.

  • I love it how how the haters are having a hard time dealing with the fact Brandon Rios will terrorize the 140lbs division the same way he did the lightweights if they dare play his game..LMAO!..time to bring out the big boys, the topp doggs if you’re hoping to see Bam-bam get stopped in his trax..anything less than that you keep the change..war Bam!

  • Pactards are always crying about how his last 3 ooponents didn’t have the balls to go toe to toe or trade with him..I wanna see if Manny Pacquiao has the balls to trade heavy leather with Brandon Rios if that fight can be made in April..Bam-bam ain’t scared, his fans ain’t scared, let’s do it!

  • Please HBO, make Rios vs Matthysse NEXT!

  • Not that Mike Alvarado never had a chance to win but I never believed he can outbox Brandon Rios the whole way..this is why I slightly favored Bam in the fight because I knew most of the fight would be on the inside and that is Brandon’s game..for those who doubted Rios now you know he can take and give a punch at 140 against a solid fighter..the means even Matthysse’s chin can be cracked too by a Bam-bam punch you haters better belive it..

  • I really hope MARQUEZ Ko’s that bum chicken Manny! Picking up JR WW rather then fight May! Arum I hope you learn a hard lesson and never make money! I told everyone I know not to order TOP CRAP Fights on PPV because he is a scared dog stealing money from us! TOP SCARED IS there new NAME!

  • hecdog LOL That is so funny! Not to switch topics but why is Chicken Arum scared of Mayweather! Manny went on air calling May out not they talk Rios are you kidding me! I am so tired of Arum! Really! I can’t say how I feel because I would look bad! Then Donaire is look like a little girl picking up all these has beens and scared to fight the best! Look someone has to step in and say either fight the Cuban or leaving boxing! No more heart at all anymore!

  • Big Nonito fan here, but he needs to step up the ferocity if he wishes to keep up his fan base, and big purses. He could have easily disposed his opponent in the first or second.

  • Donaire in his interview said he was a surgeon? Anyonw could be surgeon if they fought the quality of compettion he had last night in fighting a 36 year old that was afraid, too small and never had much to offer. And Donaire says Rigondeaux needs more fight? Please, he’s so damn scared of him that he wants nothing to do with the Rigondeaux. More fights? Look at his amateur record and the guys he beat. He would destroy Donaire. If you give him more fights, he’s going to beat you worse. Tired of heaaring all of this Donaire crap. Step up and fight someone. And Max Kellerman had the audacity to say Donaire reminds him of Sugar Ray Leonard? Someone needs to slap Max, and keep slapping him for 2 weeks straight. He’s crazy to say something so stupid. HBO needs to change commentators fast.

  • donaire and rigo will be a chess match and could be a boring fight rigo going to be aware of donaire left hook donaire going to have to use his straight right down the middle thing is rigo is a good defensive fighter and counter puncher they both going to have use there jabs to set there shots up it be interesting fight

  • that true we dnt know if matthysse can handle rios punch rios do seem like he got good power at 140 but matthysse one of the hardest punchers at 140 if mike hurted rios just imagin what matthysse will do but you cant never count rios out he tough as hell with a big heart

  • Donaire needs to take a hike. The commentators said that Donaire’s team basically brought Nishioka back from retirement for this fight… But Donaire admitted last night that he won’t fight Rigondaeux? I hope these sorry fights set Donaire back so far he just falls of the radar. One boring fight is excusable. Two, three, four,… = OVERHYPE!

  • Te tumbo I see you were pulling for Alvarado. Although I have been lil upset the way Rios has been performing I knew Alvarado was taylor made for him….WTF ( public enemy) should at least thank us Mexicans for a great entertaining fight…boxing was never dead just lives in us Mexicans!!!!

  • Arum said that the winner of Rios-Alvarado will face Pacquioa next. I cant wait to see that…..drool !!!

  • Just finished watching the Donaire vs Nishoka fight. First of all, from the begining I thought that Rios vs Alvarado deserved top billing. Anyway, I also expected more from Nishioka, not that I thought that he’d win, but I expected a bit more. I was kind’a wrong/disappointed. As for Rios vs Alvarado, well… in the begining it went basically like I thought because I’ll HONESTLY ADMIT that I picked Alvarado to upset Rios. I was surprised that Alvarado decided to trade more and box less after the 5th round midway point, catch a second wind. His corner didn’t pick up on it either. Big mistake. Rematch?? Hope, despite what Rios said I don’t believe his team will want one for now, plus it wouldn’t be a wise one for him, besides, he has bigger fights ahead. Oh well…. that’s boxing!! Peace to all.

  • rios tough but takes too many
    donaire a superb fighter


  • “Why does everyone on here insist on claiming that Nonito and Top Rank were building Nishioka to be something he’s not?”

    Good morning, Joseph! I’d be happy to answer your question:

    Yes, Nishioka was ranked #1 –even by Ring Magazine. But he hadn’t fought in a year, he had already considered retiring, and I tell you what–at the weigh-in, Nishioka had no fire in his eyes. He had no fire in his eyes when the fighters were brought to the center of the ring and the Ref gave them the rules. Nishioka himself displayed his inadequacies against Donaire. I picked Donaire to win by TKO because I knew that Nishioka was a non-entity as far as Donaire was concerned.

    Nishioka fought a calculated defensive fight employing a strategy to keep himself safe from powerful KO puncher Nonito. But Nishioka, as well as a lot of “experts” and fight fans seem to have forgotten just how great of a boxer Donaire is. Rewind to his fight with Darchinyan. Donaire is a masterful counterpuncher and has a devastating offense as well.

    No, Nishioka was no match for Donaire. I knew that from the start. Arum, along with the media did a good job of hyping the supposed dangerousness of Nishioka. He might have been named “#1″ but he wasn’t.

    Regardless, Nishioka did display a very fine jab, sublime speed, excellent defensive skills–especially his footwork–an apparent clarity of thought–but that was a mirage. In the back of his mind he knew all along that he was no match for Donaire. Now he can retire with honor in a manner that Japanese warriors always have.




  • “Alvarado needs to dump his coach immediately and find someone that can teach him some Defensive SKILLS and Rios can follow the SAME advice.”

    What are you talking about? alvarado has great defensive skills. But, Alvarado intentionally decided to go to war with Brandon. But that was a mistake and he even said so in the post fight interview with Max. In a rematch, I think Alvarado could take Rios if he fought like a boxer instead of a brawler. I was very impressed with Alvarado’s technical boxing skills.

    Posted October 14, 2012 3:25 am

  • Rios-Alvardo was a great bout. However, Rios eats too many shots. He’d better learn to box more, or he won’t be able to lace up his sneakers. Good stoppage by the ref to protect Alvardo; they can always have a rematch.

  • Boxing was never dead ….it just lives in Mexicans!!!!!

  • Looks like maychicken mayweather nutjobs like Tomatocan and HappyBoy are out in force today trying to build up the COWARD ONE hoping that no one notices. What a bunch of simpletons.

  • Top Rank needs to get someone in there that will punch back. Not Donairs fault but was very disappointed in that Japanese fighter. As for Rios I was impressed with this war. I thought he was winning the fight well I stopped keeping score after the 4th but I had it 3 to 1 at that point. They should each have a fight then rematch

  • both Rios and Alvarado were looking to make a statement and it was made. despite being shook while becoming acclimated to 140lb-caliber punches, Rios persevered and turned the tide just in time. otherwise, Alvarado was beginning to establish a pretty effective and brutal rythm with his jabbing and powerpunching. Excellent Fight. Donaire also demonstrated his breakaway skills and talent, which was necessary to re-establish himself in the ranks of elite fighters and as soon as Nishioka began to engage, Donaire expertly exploited the openings and took him out. stoppage was a bit premature IMO but it was an uphill battle for Nishioka throughout and the hill just got a Lot steeper when his corner stepped in. i guess this won’t be the last we hear of Nishioka(?). anyway, Excellent fight-card.

  • I HAD ALVERADO 8.25 AM 10/14/2012

  • Rios once again was getting his ears boxed off of him but Alvarado decided to get into a Quien es Mas Macho Brawl at times which was dumb.. he should’ve just continued boxing Brandons Ears off like the Cuban Abril did.. also that stop was ridiculously to early.. look at some of the recent fights were fighters were left to fight and the out comes they’ve had… Rios gets hit way too much and too easily.. against a hard hitting smart fighter he is going to get starched.. he can’t eat the shots he’s eating in every fight and not end up with some serious brain damage…

  • Possibly but his record overall doesn’t stand comparison. It wasn’t a great fight – but that was no fault of Donaire and not due to sub standard opposition.

  • Wilfredo Vasquez Jr. with Zero amateur experience gave Nonito Nonaire a much harder tougher better fight… That was a garbage non-fight…

  • Don’t get the criticism of Donaire – just because Nishioka isn’t from US or Mexico. He was a very good fighter who was a) petrified and b) completely shut out / down.

  • I cant help it but Rios needs to fight Abril again considering he was soundly beaten by him, until then i cant like him..

  • Good fight! Alvarado vs Rios! Now we have to wait another three years to see a fight like this!

  • better late than never they say ….

  • Nishioka is scared

  • Good fight

  • Hopefully Top Stank can work with GBP so we can see the top guys at 140lbs get it on with each other..I still have my hopes in seeing Victor Ortiz vs Brandon Rios grudge match in the near future..imagine a 27/7, face-off and all that good stuff that gets the blood pumping between these two..epic!

  • Matthysse may have the firepower to stop Brandon Rios bit it remains to be seen if Lucas can handle Bambam’s punch as well..thus far I don’t see any fighter on Matthysse’s record who has really tested his chin like Brandon would..Lucas has better boxing skill than Rios but not enough to keep Brandon from imposing himself on the inside..a fight between those two would come down to who can take each others punch better..the Argentinian would have to take Bambam out before he gives Rios a chance to establish himself on the inside where he does the better work with short hard punches that can hurt any fighter including Matthysse..

  • Rios takes on everyone. A good victory for him tonight. While other ‘boxing is a business boxers’ fight opponents they have a good chance of winning against, Rios takes ‘em all on and keeps winning. Have to respect him whether you’re a fan or not. Just saying.

  • Matthysse is the best match up for JMM or manny at Jr welter a fight with rios would be huge lucas has the offensive skill to punch holes in anybody walking around at lightweight to welter he will luck out though on the big fights

  • That’s why we have always had good runners,it’s too expensive to run a car,Seb Coe,Steve Ovett,Daley Thompson,Allan Wells,Linford Christie and Mo Farah.

  • Fiddler on the roof, that’s when you get charged £3000 for a loose roof tile.

  • Think whatever yall want to to think Just put these 2 guys on the same card again vs Rigo & Matthysse & watch em both come tumbling down.Rios earned some respect back but i still haven’t forgot about the biggest robbery of the year.As for nonito who isn’t p4p worthy,Vasquez jr was tagging him easily imagine what the Cuban Master technician will do to him?lol don’t deny it accept the facts.

  • Herron…. I like Maidana for Rios better. If he gets past that one maybe Matthysse. That’s a “Fight of the Century” type fight and I like Matthysse to win.

  • yeah matthysse will beat rios matthysse hits to hard i think matthysse is a harder puncher then alvarado is and better body puncher and technique

  • Marroquin showed that Rigondeaux was susceptible to the left hook. Donaire’s hook is one of the most devastating that I’ve ever seen. I am no longer of the opinion that Rigondeaux could easily beat Donaire. Quite the contrary. Still, Donaire has yet to earn a spot as a pound for pound great.

  • Rios, has good offense, but he leaves him self wide open for counters. tonight he sounded like the punches he’s receiving are taking their toll. I think a smart fighter like Matthysse, will present Rios huge problems. Rios will know he’s been hit, when he gets hit by Matthysse. Matthysse hit’s too hard for someone who leaves them self wide open for punches, like Rios does…

  • Mathysse will crush rios but it will a good fight!

  • Brandon would smoke Garcia…Garcia doesn’t fight well on the inside…he has to bang at midrange and is strictly a counterpuncher who doesn’t take the lead well.

    He would get eaten for lunch against Rios.

  • brandon rios vs danny garcia another pr vs mx, ill take brandon by tko, garcia couldnt take out a dinasaur in morales

  • That’s what I meant, Tark…excellent observation.

    What would you think of Matthysse vs. Rios?

    I think Matthysse would KO Rios.

    What say you?

  • Topol, he will sort everything out,if he was a wealthy man,I wouldn’t have to work hard,if I was a wealthy man “yubby dibby”

  • I took Herron to mean that mine was the first rational post he saw tonight.

  • B Red, has the beat…

  • Oh ok sorry I Missunderstood you…

  • Joseth — sorry but tark’s posts are almost always very rational , in fact I think his boxing views are very insightful and I don’t find him biased ever, he and fight aficionado are two of the best posters here , I enjoy reading what the have to say.

  • I meant a rational post on this comment board…thank you, Tark.

  • Finally…a rational post from Tark!!

    Very insightful, brother!!

  • Top Rank just signed Rigondeaux to a multi fight deal so you might just see Rigondeaux in a fight with Nonito very soon.

    I hope so…so maybe, you guys will have to start giving one of the best fighters on the planet some respect.

    In the meantime, why don’t we see Nonito in the ring with the winner of Mijares and Arce? Because after Nonito destroys them, everyone will probably complain that Arce or Mijares were past their primes.

    I hope Golden Boy starts working with Top Rank in making the best fights happen. You guys do realize that it takes two promoters to make these fights happen, right?

  • Sorry damn iPhone .
    It’s not because the opponent of the boxers i mention are weak it’s because those guys are so
    Much better than the rest!

  • They all seem like bums after they fight mayweather,wlad ,donair,Martinez..
    Guys it’s not that the opponent mention to the boxers above it’s because they are good!!!

  • I expected Donaire to win a fairly easy UD, but given Nishioka’s dominance over Gonzales and Marquez the fight itself went nothing like I expected. Donaire looked tentative, frustrated, and unfocused in his last 3 fights, possibly ripe for an upset. Tonight he looked blazing fast and technically brilliant. He out-jabbed and out-boxed Nishioka’s like he was spanking a novice. Nishioka looked defensive, stiff, slow, scared, and completely outclassed. His right jab was slow, lacked fluidity, and he started to load his left trying to land a big shot—knowing a points win was impossible. Nishioka is not an attacker and Donaire played possum—giving ground to set up a brilliant finish with a right counter. Sometimes a 36-year-old fighter gets old in one fight which happened to Muhammad Ali, but Nishioka hadn’t been beaten in 8 years so this win raises his stock like Ward stopping Dawson. In Ward’s case Dawson may have been weight drained—but 122 was Nishioka’s best weight.

  • Happy Boy, so you honestly think that Golden Boy Promotions wants to sell out their 26 year old fighter, Abner Mares, and make a big fight with Nonito Donaire in his second or third fight at 122?

    That’s nonsense. It seems that Bob Arum has just turned into the new Don King in the eyes of the haters.

    Last time I checked, Arum was the promoter who just gave us Rios vs Alvarado.

    As for Rigondeaux, Donaire would destroy him right now. Marroquin turned Rigo into a tentative fighter. No disrespect to Robert, but he has half the hand speed and power of Nonito.

    You guys need to wake up and smell what you’re shoveling!!

  • Rios takes too much punishment, he going to get stopped soon

  • Don’t get me wrong gents, I know how good Nonito is bt fighting inferior comp while fellow P4P boxers like Money, SOG n Maravilla are getting it on with tough comp hardly deserves a acknowledgement. Arum and his Top Stink team better start matching this guy right.

  • YOKOZUKA ISHA DUKA should have stayed retired, perfect matchmaking from top rank again, while on the other side mares if fighting the best and winning

  • Joe and Adrian – don’t mean to be a hater bt besides the hype and the Ring Magazine rankings who here knew Noshioka, I mean we all know Nonito and how good he is bt his last 3 fights hv left a lot to be desired, first he picks on the loser from the Arce vs Vasquez jnr fight, followed by a unknown Jeffrey Mathebula ( I’m from South Africa even I don’t know wtf Jeff is, now a 36yr old Jap known by the Ring Magazine, come on all this while there’s fresh competition in Rigo, Mares and Moreno, Arum is playin us and ducking true comp here. Nonito better step it up or gtfo, this is nonsense.

  • Mares should be next and Rigo dont sells as long as he fights feces.

  • What do you guys think of Oscar’s tweet after the Rios/Alvarado fight?

    he stated that he would work with Arum to pair Lucas Matthysse and Brandon Rios together.

    I love it!! Sign it up!!

  • @Josef Herron — that’s exactly right bro! Suddenly nishioka is a bum to the haters , as a remember just a few weeks ago just before dagaelle fought darchinian he and his team and a lot of donair haters were claiming donair was avoiding dagaelle? Lol who than we saw he lot to darchinian big time who donair stoped him when darchinian was in his prime!!! Haters will always complain always!

  • Just to set the record straight Toshiaki Nishioka was #1 ranked….

  • Thank God Hatton is on the way back,good old Ricky Hatton.

  • Cuban pastry rigo fights pukes only and even exposed by puke, with donaire will 4 round ko cries out overmatched.

  • Hatton is back, very good.

  • not I…

  • Why does everyone on here insist on claiming that Nonito and Top Rank were building Nishioka to be something he’s not?

    Ring Magazine ranked Nishioka as the #1 fighter in the division. Last time I checked, a ratings panel that doesn’t include either Nonito or Arum voted Nishioka as the number one fighter at 122 pounds.

    You guys just have to start giving Nonito some credit. When he turns Rigo into a defensive shell of himself, are the critics on ESB going to start saying that Rigondeaux was a hype job too?

    Nonito is a P4P talent…I don’t think anyone is going to be able to challenge him under 130 pounds.

  • Who thought they stopped the Rios vs Alverado fight too soon?

  • Squeeze,we are the sultans of swing Dire Straits

  • Nishioka is like Chris John without the talent. He has fought nobody other than an ancient Rafael Marquez. He was the smaller man, less reach and he is 35. He wanted to retire before this fight. Nice way for Arum to keep the Nonito money train going and duck Rigo at the same time.

    Nonito says Rigo need more opponents to get him exited. He didn’t have any problem getting exiting for this old bum.

  • GOOD night of Boxing!!! I’m off to go puff on MY Victory Cigar and get ME some puzzy.

  • I TOLD everyone that Nishioka was #0 P4P. Being #1 in a division is LESSER than being Top 4 in the Sport.

  • Time for Donaire to face some real competition. Can’t wait til Bob Arum retires or expires. Whichever comes first.

  • I personally retired 99% of ESB because I pick the WINNER SO much!! I am the GREATEST Fight Prophet ever born!! YOU cannot defeat ME SO join ME on MY picks!!

  • Good job by these two hype jobs they live to fight another day,they’ll be exposed soon but i give credit were it’s due.Rios beat a tough top 140lb contender as for nonito throw him in there with rigo already the longer it’s postponed the better rigo gets.Rios-garcia make it happen,winner fights Lucas or throw both in with Lucas it doesn’t matter.

  • Alas! I must correct and humble myself. I was reviewing my pre-Rios/Alvardo fight posts and realized that I predicted , “I give it 8 rounds.”

    My bad, ladies and gentlemen. I did NOT correctly predict the length of the fight as it only went 7 rounds. Oh well….

    I need a Corona!

  • Both fights were exactly as I thought and said they would be. Rios was the better fighter and had the stronger punch. I knew he would be stopped as I had mentioned, but a helluva fight. Both true warriors, they hould do aPPV and get paid a lot of money. The Donaire and Nishioka fight went like I thought. Nishioka for all of you that thought he was the next great fighter was as I had commented, a nobody. He had nothing but some defense, and I liked the way HBO and Buffer tried to build him up by saying he hadn’t lost in 8 years, how pathetic. I’ll give it to Nishioka that he is a professional boxer, but other than that as I had said before the fight, he had nothing. And as far as Donaire, he is all hype. This 36 year old nobody hit him when he tried. Mares, Moreno and Rigondeaux would have knocked this Nishioka out quickly. Donaire is all talk and would get beaten up by these guys. Please don’t even mention Donaire in the P4P conversation. The fans booing told the story.

  • Smith selling selling masturbation novels again. cuban fraud rigo will be 3 rounds ko since exposed by Marroquin. Mares will be soon but that dark vagina Aselmo supposed to fight Donaire after Montiel but the fcking dark torta went on slurpin golden put@

  • GOOD thing that MY celebrating doesn’t depend on getting props from posters who didnt pick the WINNER. MY celebrating depends on picking the WINNER period. In FACT i pick the WINNER SO much that I almost get SICK of being CORRECT yet again.

  • The Ref stopped the Rios fight at the right time. Any more hits and Avarado would have been seriously injured.

  • Look Alvarado had his hands up and was flinching he couldn’t even defend himself the ref had to stop the fight.

    none of this I wish he let fight go longer BS!

    Donaire man that Nishioka didn’t even test him!

  • I picked both WINNERS by stoppage and I was CORRECT!!! I am the GREATEST Fight Prophet ever born!!!

  • Saw the Rios slugfest, but missed the Donaire fight. sounds like it was a real bore and Donire still haven’t proven his the next big thing.

  • “Boxing was never dead …it just lives in Mexicans!!!”

    That’s a great line, Mex. It deserves to be published and kept in the annals of boxing for all time! ;)

  • Donaire is just to good!

    But someone has to challenge him sometime

  • “No ones gets props for taking the favorite, that’s too easy!” For the Donaire, Nishioka fight, pretty much. That’s why I picked Donaire to win by TKO–a bunch of damn hype about over-the-hill Nishioka. Arum marketing at it’s best. And worst.

    As for Rios/Alvardo, well I didn’t pick Bam-bam because he was a favorite, I picked him because it was a 10-round bout which favored Rios’ pitbull attack. And there was a good measure of the unknown about how Alvarado would fare against Rios considering he is a natural jr. lightweight and undefeated. Was undefeated. WTG Bam-bam!

  • Hildalgo, at least you have a sense of humor. Later…

  • Hildalgo, naw man, you’re going to be be you matter what. I can’t tell you what to say, but if I read something I don’t appreciate I’ll might let you know. No hard feelings, i would expect the same from you. Have a good night, I gotta go.

  • Boxing was never dead …it just lives in Mexicans!!!

  • Tomato Can, why you trying to beef with me? What, you think you’re the site moderator? C’mon man!

    Oops! There it is! Donaire by TKO! JUST AS I PREDICTED! Ok, Snow White, errr…Boxtradamus. Eat your heart out. I was right AGAIN!

    There, you happy Tomato Can? LOL!

  • Hey, two favorites won tonight. No ones gets props for taking the favorite, that’s too easy! The Donaire fight stunk up the place, but the rios/alavarado fight made the night… nuff said on this thread…

  • Donaire can’t help if the Top rated guy in his division is intimidated by his Firepower. That’s why being rated Top 4 P4P in the Sport is GREATER than being #1 in a division. Boxing is a Sport NOT a division.

  • I am the GREATEST Fight Prophet ever born!!!

  • Sorry but this is crap after the last fight. Boring fight again from Donaire, Arum needs to mix him with dome better fighters. He has the goods there so they need to step it up for him.

  • Some.people know SO little about Boxing that they actually think the favorite WINS every time. I don’t worry about favorites or underdogs. I only worry about the WINNER.

  • What???? I actually gave round 8 to Nishioka…

  • this fight stinks

  • Hildago, that’s what they all say after the fact. Why would you be any different, you’re certainly not above it. case and point, the non acceptance of what you said was a racial slur.

  • Donaire is one cursed fighter…..every last one of his fights are dull and stinky, his career has been managed terribly by Arum who puts him in with guys that don’t want to fight.

    Donaire has no awareness of what type of fight he is in, with a guy that is scared and doesn’t want to fight Donaire is way too careful fighting a patient boxing match, he needs a trainer to turn on the fire get Donaire pushing forward and less dancing and showboating.

  • Poor taste? WTF are you talking about? Oh, I know, you think the word “buckwheat” was never used before the creation of the Little Rascal television series, right? So you’re insinuating that I’m making racial slurs, right? Seems like you’re the one with racism on your mind. Not me.

  • As this fight transpires, I realize why I know who Donaire is, and know very little of Nishioka….

  • Hildago, no.. IMO that stuff is in poor taste for a good reason.

  • At this rate, Nishioka should be ready to cash it in, by the eighth…. Zzzzzz.

  • nonito couple fight just boring

  • Actually, Tomato Can, I called fake-Boxtradamus “buckwheat” just cuz. Why, you jealous?

  • Nishioka is woking real hard to keep the Donaire dream alive… 30-27 thru 3.

  • My respect for both men

  • This fight is boring after Rios and Alvarado

  • second round & Nonito is starting to show frustration…

  • Sorry, Nishioka… He looks afraid.

  • Mishioka is showing Donaire too much respect. He’s asking for a loss, at this point.

  • rascals? That’s bs…

  • too much praise for Donaire…he’s over-rated.

  • WTF? Hildago? Are you a little racals fan or something?

  • Boxtra you called it and I give you credit for Alvardo/Rios..not an easy fight to pick.

  • Man, I’m glad some of you called it for the favorite. Great pick man. Alvarado fought Rios’ fight, and almost won. If he would have fought a smart fight, he would have won. But yes, Rios did make the fight his, and ended it in grand fashion. But Rios was the favorite, so no props will be given to those who picked him to win. You only get props when you win with the dog, here…

  • “YES When YOU agree with ME then you can join ME in celebrating!!! SEE how easy that IS??? I remain as the GREATEST Fight Prophet ever born!!”

    Sorry, buckwheat. You lose. To me. I said Rios would win by TKO and that the fight wouldn’t go 8 rounds. Not only did I predict the correct outcome, I predicted the length of the fight. Now that’s a prophecy!

  • Where you at WTF?? I guess you still have to wait till someone beats Rios..Marquez the only one that can and i don’t see it happening soon.

  • Where is Public Enemy..?, most likely drinking away his sorrows..Lol!

  • I wouldn’t say it was excellent boxing, but it was excellent toe to toe action. It was a great fight though, no matter how you look at it.

  • YES When YOU agree with ME then you can join ME in celebrating!!! SEE how easy that IS??? I remain as the GREATEST Fight Prophet ever born!!

  • Called it! Rios won the inside fight wich I said is where most of the fight would take place..Bambam answered all question as far as chin and power goes at 140lbs..

  • Best six rounds ive seen in a fight in a long time non stop excellent boxing from start to finish a true classic and its not even the main event excellent.

  • I called it!!! I’m the new Boxtradamus …better yet call me Mextradamus!!!

  • O M G …what a FIGHT

  • Then again what else would be expected from a fighter who gets tagged as much as Rios?

  • Rios WINS just as I predicted!!!! I wknd the GREATEST Fight Prophet ever born!!!!

  • BTW, Rios sounded a little punch drunk tonight, to me. Not good…

  • Rios came up on top in a war…good win.

  • Also, ESB, use to be way better on fight nights than tonight, too bad…

  • Nice TKO by Rios, he stayed focused and landed some heavy blows in the seventh. Big over hand rights!!! Alvarado should have taken a knee… Alvarado should have also kept the fight a a half step further away, he was sooo close… Grats to Rios, he stuck with what he knows, and won. Great fight!!!

  • 48=48 thru 5, all alvarado has to do is maintain his distance, and this is his fight.

  • Alvarado is proving himself the better fighter. Rios took some heavy shots in round 5. Rios got hurt in the 5th…

  • where are you fools? this is a great fight… round 4 even…

  • I gave Alvarado round 2, and rios round 3. Avarado need to take a half step back..

  • A good first round, crowd pleasing!!! I gave it to Rios, he seemed to have better range, and more leverage in round 1…

  • This should be a good night of boxing. I’m not picking anyone, but obviously both Rios and Donaire have to be the favorites, which means it may be a good night to pick the dogs…

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