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Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson – The 1980s

Michael Gerard Tyson was born in Brooklyn, New York, on the 30th of June 1966. His upbringing came on the streets of Bedford-Stuyvesant and Brownsville, the latter in particular a dangerous landscape littered with abandoned tenements. His single parent mother had children but no husband and little money. Tyson remembers her as a person incapable of much affection. At 12-years-old Tyson is carrying a gun, mixed up with drugs and violence, and running with the wrong crowd although – as he remembers – there was no other life available to people like him. Or so it seemed. Continue reading

MSG Network to air “The Fight of the Century” as part of MSG “The Garden’s Defining Moments” Friday, March 20

Narrated by Academy Award Nominee Liam Nelson, MSG Network’s “The Garden’s Defining Moments” is a special 20-part television event presented by SAP, celebrating some of the greatest moments at Madison Square Garden spanning the legendary venue’s more than 135-year history. The Garden’s four Arena complexes have played host to many of the greatest moments in the history of sports, music, entertainment and politics and MSG Network will dedicate a half-hour episode to honor 20 of these “Defining Moments,” which are showcased in the Arena with photos, memorabilia and artifacts. Continue reading

Douglas Upsets Tyson – 25 Years Ago Today

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the biggest upset in boxing history, and quite possibly the entire history of sports. Twenty-three year old “Iron” Mike came into the fight with an incredible record of 37-0, with all but four bouts ending by way of knockout – most in the early rounds. Along the way, Tyson had picked up the WBA, WBC and IBF heavyweight titles, making him the undisputed heavyweight champ and one of (if not the most) feared boxers in the history of the sport. His opponent James “Buster” Douglas came into the fight at the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan with a 29-4-1 record, and had been knocked out three times in prior bouts. Continue reading

ESPN Commemorates 25th Anniversary of Tyson vs. Douglas

ESPN will commemorate one of the greatest upsets in sports history across its platforms this week in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the epic world heavyweight title bout between Mike Tyson and Buster Douglas. The bout, which took place on February 11, 1990 at the Tokyo Dome in Japan, ended in a 10th round knockout victory for the underdog Douglas, which marked the first time in his career that the then dominate and undefeated heavyweight champion Tyson had been knocked out. Continue reading

On This Day: Mike Tyson obliterates Alex Stewart inside a round

A number of years ago, when speaking with the superb KO Magazine, heavyweight icon Mike Tyson spoke about when he may have been at his blistering peak. Many times, Tyson had heard “experts” say he was at his very best when blasting out the previously unbeaten Michael Spinks, in a mere 91-seconds, in 1988. However, when asked by KO when he was at his very best, “Iron” Mike responded by saying he was “pretty good the night I beat Alex Stewart.”

By the time of the fight that took place on this very day in 1990, Tyson had lost his cloak of invincibility at the hands of one James Douglas. But was Tyson, as fast, as compact and as ruthlessly determined to prove the loss in Tokyo was a mere fluke, indeed at his very best the night he blitzed through power-hitter Stewart? Continue reading

Mike Tyson Begs to be Hit in Knockout New Commercial

Boxing legend Mike Tyson will hit New York airwaves this week in a powerful new TV ad for Turning Stone Resort Casino. In the 30 second spot, Tyson, who has frequented the resort as a boxing promoter, repeatedly demands to be “hit” by a Turning Stone blackjack dealer. The former heavyweight world champion also weighs in with his thoughts on the resort, calling it “a knockout.” Continue reading

Mike Tyson To Present Holyfield at the Nevada Boxing Hall Of Fame Gala, August 9th

In what is surely the culmination of one of the unlikeliest reconciliations in boxing history, former Heayvweight Champion Mike Tyson will deliver the presenting speech for former Heavyweight Champ Evander Holyfield’s induction into the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame. Tyson will present Holyfield, and then following Holyfield’s speech, will personally hand the NVBHOF Trophy to Holyfield in a “photo-op” for the ages. The memorable moment will take place Saturday night, August 9, in the beautiful Cohiba Ballroom of The New Tropicana, Las Vegas. Continue reading

Mike Tyson vs. The Early Heavyweight Legends

When many consider a fighter like Mike Tyson against the early heavyweight greats they either dismiss the ability of the old-timers and consider them “too small” or go the other way and canonize them above modern fighters. The critic will weigh the likes of Jim Jeffries, Jack Johnson and Jack Dempsey in their day versus Tyson under modern rules. The first misconception that the old timers couldn’t fight is simply not true and while size does matter it can be trumped by ability. The latter point of comparing fighters under different rules is just not a level playing field. Let us consider then that we had a time machine and propelled Mike Tyson back in time to fight these men during their heyday. There are two important considerations besides the ability of the fighters themselves and those are: 1) the rules of the period and how the referees handled the fights and b) the gear that the fighters used. Continue reading

Kings of the Ring: A Conversation with Mike Tyson and Larry Holmes at Turning Stone

VERONA, NY (June 4, 2014) — Turning Stone hosted “Kings of the Ring: A Conversation with Mike Tyson and Larry Holmes” today to promoted this week’s ESPN Friday Night Fights (see fact sheet below), promoted by Iron Mike Productions, at the resort casino in upstate New York.

Longtime sports columnist for the Syracuse Post-Standard and, Bud Poliguin, served as the moderator, asking the two Hall of Famers and world heavyweight champions a series of questions, before the floor was opened for the many fans in attendance to ask Tyson and Holmes questions. Continue reading

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