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“King” Vic

This fight is The Big Baby vs The Big Maybe. Even if Dawejko wins he is too fat for heavyweight, cant get down to cruiserweight and bigger heavies will get him. lf he was this great amateur he will be better positioned in his career and wont be on the losers side of the bracket in this fight. Miller beats him down when this fight takes place.

Posted January 19, 2013 3:03 am 

Wild Rick

No kiddin, this kid Miller is the real deal. Dawejko is good anda 4 round bout should help but if Miller gets off quick and walk him down, watch the hook to the body and pound dawejko this can be Miller’s fight and l pick Miller to beat Dawejko like Dorsett Barnwell did and it was a clean Barnwell win not the split it became.

Posted January 19, 2013 2:16 am 

JAB Master-J

Dawejko “Polish Thunder” will give Miller “Big Baby” a boxing lesson in this fight! Dont be fooled by the short fat white bol,he got mad skills! He should be a crusierweight and hopefully he get serious with his training and gets his weight down after this one.

Posted January 18, 2013 2:07 pm 


Dawejko will give the big baby a boxing lesson…dont be fooled by the short fat white bol,he got skills

Posted January 18, 2013 2:01 pm 


“Miller stands 6’4″ and he will enjoy a 6 inch height advantage in this matchup.” A 5’10” Heavyweight? Are they sure it’s not some dwarf from The Hobbit? What a great achievement collecting KO victories against such extraordinary opponents…

Posted January 18, 2013 1:12 pm 


He looks more suited to boxing than K1. He needs a lot of development but he could be a decent prospect.

Posted January 18, 2013 10:42 am 


K1 champ . . . same place where Vitali came from. His has a coconut head.

Posted January 18, 2013 9:20 am 

Giuliano del Valle

Good upper cut, but just that. Another mediocre heavy weight, what a pity! We miss Joe Louis, Clay, Holmes, Tyson, Lewis, even Holyfield…

Posted January 18, 2013 8:30 am 


That upper cut will put Wlad in a hospital.

Posted January 18, 2013 7:56 am 


Miller looks like a chubby Abou diaby

Posted January 18, 2013 5:39 am 


A K1 Champion this Miller. He can bang and he can take hits. He likes to mix. He is a Interesting N Prospect. Wilder should try him on. He is not a 100 ranker. Not even a 200 ranker.

Posted January 18, 2013 2:53 am 

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