Tua vs Cameron this Saturday

Eugene Carnachan – Shane Cameron v David Tua is without a doubt the most anticipated fight in New Zealand boxing history.

The fight promoted by Duco has taken professional boxing promotions in New Zealand to another level. Duco have enlisted the services of all time great Sugar Ray Leonard to help promote the fight and hall of fame commentator Colonel Bob Sheridan to call the fight..

The excitement this fight has generated is literally palpable.

The once beaten Cameron currently ranked 14th and 7th by the WBO is fighting to retain his rankings, establish himself as the premiere heavyweight in Australasia and push toward a title shot.

The prodigious punching Tua is fighting to quell the naysayers who say he’s passed his used by date, to keep the young lion at bay, reestablish himself in the upper echelons of the heavyweight scene and ultimately push toward a title shot; in what age wise will almost certainly be his last run to a title.

Everybody has an opinion as to who will win and how they will win.

Both fighters are primed to go.

Cameron known for his work ethic in the gym has trained the house down.

Tua is relishing his last run to a title shot and shed around 30 kilos (66.1 pounds).

Both fighters are in magnificent nick!

Their will be some prime New Zealand beef come October 3rd!

Both men are coming to win! Both think they are going to win and herein lies what makes this a very exciting match up.

You have to uber aggressive heavyweights who fight!

Neither men is known for the subtleties of the Sweet Science.

Both fighters’ styles are walk forward, throw hard punches and knock their opponents out.

Tua has an 80% knockout ratio having knocked out 42 of his 49.

Cameron has an 83% knock out ratio having knocked out 20 of his 23 opponents.

Defensively both have had problems in their careers.

Big leather will be sent down the shoot! Both fighters are hittable! Much of the reason that makes this fight one to watch.

There is nothing better in boxing then watching two men in outstanding physical condition fighting for keeps.

Tomorrow I will post an article detailing the pros and cons of the skills, physical comparatives and experience of Tua and Cameron…stay tuned!