Results: Lopez vs Conlan – Fight Outcome & Reactions

By Top Rank - 05/28/2023 - Comments

Luis Alberto “El Venado” Lopez (28-2, 16 KOs) successfully upheld his IBF featherweight global title with a fifth-round TKO triumph over Michael “Mick” Conlan (18-2, 9 KOs) on a Saturday night at The SSE Arena, situated in Conlan’s home city of Belfast.

Lopez, having won over Josh Warrington on foreign soil in Leeds, England, once again, defended his title effectively as the 29-year-old from Mexicali, Mexico, demonstrated his resilience and fighting prowess.

Conlan, a 2012 Olympic bronze medalist and attempting his second shot at a world title, began the bout predictably, using his southpaw stance to jab and set the space between them. But, Lopez managed to land a series of left hooks and right body shots on Conlan with relative ease. Despite a flurry of left hands from Conlan at the end of the round, Lopez was able to respond in kind.

In the subsequent round, both fighters went body for body. Lopez forced Conlan to the ropes, but the 31-year-old Irishman countered effectively.

By the third round, Conlan had shifted his strategy, leaning on his head movement to evade Lopez’s attacks, particularly his sweeping hooks. Unfortunately, this gave Lopez an opportunity to deliver an uppercut that staggered Conlan and forced him back onto the ropes.

Conlan attempted to regain his composure in the fourth round, but the cumulative damage was already showing. In the fifth round, as Conlan dipped to evade a sweeping hook, he was caught off guard by a right uppercut that immediately put him down. This forced his corner to concede the match.

Post-match, Lopez asserted, “I want the featherweight division world champions to prepare for ‘Venado’ Lopez. I have my sights set on all their belts. I intend to take them back to Mexico, one after the other.

“The environment for the fight was incredible. The enthusiasm was palpable. I’ve received nothing but kindness from Irish boxing fans, so I’m pleased that Mick and I were able to deliver a good match. I hope Mick recovers swiftly, and I wish him the best for his future endeavors.”

For his part, Conlan stated, “I respected Lopez before the fight, and my respect remains after the fight. He’s a strong competitor. He simply outperformed me. He’s a world-class champion who knows how to fight on foreign soil.”

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