Results: Wardley Stops Adeleye, Parker defeats Kean, Makhmudov Shines!

By Vladimir S - 10/27/2023 - Comments

Undefeated British heavyweights Fabio Wardley and David Adeleye are set for a make-or-break showdown on Saturday, Oct. 28 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, live on ESPN PPV & TNT Sports. This 12-round tussle between rising talents precedes the grand duel between boxing’s WBC & lineal world champ, Tyson Fury, and MMA’s reigning heavyweight champ, Francis Ngannou.

Dubbed the combat sports event of the year and kickstarting the grandiose Riyadh Season – an entertainment extravaganza like no other – fans are in for a treat from boxing’s most exciting division: the heavyweights.

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Auckland’s own Joseph Parker (32-3, 22 KOs), who once held the WBO world title, squares off with Canada’s Simon Kean (23-1, 22 KOs). While the power-packed Arslanbek Makhmudov (17-0, 16 KOs), who’s made Canada his home, will be defending his NABF title against seasoned Croatian Agron Smakici (19-2, 17 KOs). Both of these fights have a 10-round duration.

In a delightful six-round stint, the young heavyweight prodigy, Moses Itauma (5-0, 3 KOs), is gearing up to fight an opponent yet to be disclosed.

For those in the UK, TNT Sports Box Office is your ticket to witness the Fury-Ngannou fight and its undercard live.

Ipswich’s pride, Wardley (16-0, 15 KOs), claimed the English title in 2021, swiftly taking down Nick Webb. He added to his accolades with a win over Nathan Gorman and recently triumphed over Michael Coffie.

London’s Adeleye (12-0, 11 KOs) proudly holds the WBO European title, having claimed victory over the then-undefeated Dmytro Bezus. His recent conquest was against Emir Ahmatovic. But here’s a juicy tidbit: tensions between Adeleye and Wardley boiled over at the Fury-Ngannou press event in London. An altercation ensued, leaving Wardley with a few facial memoirs!

Rewinding to Parker’s achievements, he bagged the WBO title in 2016 after defeating Andy Ruiz Jr. Fast forward to a successful 2023; he’s racked up victories over Jack Massey and Faiga Opelu. Kean, on his end, clinched the WBC International Silver title in 2019 and has been unstoppable since.

Lastly, Makhmudov’s success trail includes nabbing the WBC Continental Americas title and having a smashing US debut by downing Raphael Akpejiori. Smakici, although facing a recent defeat, is not one to be underestimated with his notable track record.

David Adeleye shared his views candidly, “I didn’t gain any new insights about him previously because his character was clear to me from the start, so it didn’t add anything significant. We’re cut from different fabrics. That much was always clear. Discussing the situation isn’t necessary, but I respond in kind. I enter without spite, always in good spirits, just responding to the energy presented. I handle it quite well. When you approached, you faced the consequences. It felt unstable, so I pushed you away. If a team member argues and a heavyset person advances, I won’t just stand there. Nervousness isn’t what I feel; it’s complex to describe, but it’s not about anxiety. Someone like Fabio Wardley couldn’t trigger that in me. What’s there to be anxious about?”

“I’m being compensated to take him down; it’s straightforward. Eddie Hearn isn’t backing you financially, so what’s your point?”

Fabio Wardley responded, “I didn’t necessarily discover anything new, nothing beyond what I’d observed in different settings — his tendency to be uneasy. Under the glare of cameras, during significant events, true colors are revealed. Anxious, unsettled, restless – we had identified these traits. Nothing was surprising, but it was amusing to witness firsthand. I merely turned to face you, and you reacted. Is that how you respond to anyone approaching you? So, it’s specifically around me that you’re uneasy? I’ve had confrontations, but I remain composed, not agitated. I approached you to defuse the tension. We’ve met before, which is why I approached, indicating there was no need for hostility. Act appropriately; we’re here to act as professionals, after all. I expect an adult-level interaction where approaching someone shouldn’t be an issue. There was no call for such behavior.”

“I wouldn’t classify it as easy money. I’m being paid because Frank has realized that you don’t measure up to his expectations, so he’s enlisted me to handle you. I believe Frank is placing his bets on me.”

“I have no constraints; I’m free to make my moves as I please.”

David Adeleye: “It’s truly an immense event, and I’m honored to be a part of it. This Saturday, I aim to claim four titles. The energy around here is something else. Being part of a fight of this magnitude is a first for me, and I deeply appreciate the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and His Excellency for hosting us. Such an honor.

Am I coming across as anxious? I’m actually very calm. This is familiar territory for me; I’ve visualized this moment countless times. I always shine brightest under the spotlight.

Every fighter he’s ever faced? I’m confident I would’ve bested them just the same. If I had faced those fighters, my record would mirror his. But words end come Saturday, and we’ll truly see his skills.

We’re cut from different cloths. I observe his demeanor, and it’s clear we’re nothing alike. All that matters is what unfolds on fight night; his other actions mean little to me.

How will he cope when I push him to his limits? He’s yet to face a puncher like me. Rumor has it, he struggles even during training. But no one’s shared tales of my weak moments.”

Fabio Wardley: “I currently hold two titles and aim to walk away with double that number after the event. It promises to be an extraordinary evening. Though there’s much to see, our fight – between David and me – has certainly garnered a lot of attention. I’m all set for a monumental evening.

I wouldn’t say he rattled me [during the initial press conference]. I just had to assess the situation and clarify that certain behaviors aren’t professional, especially during a significant event like this, where we’re announcing major fights, including ours. There’s a decorum to maintain, and I felt some needed that reminder.

It’s no big feat to shine when you’re up against opponents who are almost expecting to lose. He hasn’t faced a truly noteworthy opponent yet. So, there isn’t much that catches my eye or raises any alarms for me. To me, it all seems a facade.

The boxing world knows he has weak spots. Sure, he might believe he’s got it, but past instances show he’s been unsure when the heat’s turned up. I won’t deny he’s got talent. He’s driven and undefeated so far. Those are factors to bear in mind. But in my view, he isn’t the most challenging or skilled fighter I’ve encountered. I’ve faced and conquered more significant challenges. The records speak for themselves.”

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