Zelfa Barrett brutally KOs Jordan Gill at the AO Arena!

By Amy A Kaplan - 04/14/2024 - Comments

What an absolutely brutal beatdown we witnessed last night at the AO Arena! Zelfa Barrett, acting like the Reaper himself, decided it was time to collect, leaving Jordan Gill in a crumpled heap not once, but twice, with those merciless body shots that echoed through the arena like thunderclaps of doom.

Here was Gill, prancing around, probably picturing that belt around his waist, only to be rudely awakened from his daydream by Barrett’s fists of fury.  Gill’s strategy after getting floored the first time was about as solid as a chocolate teapot. Going back in for more punishment? That’s not bravery, that’s a one-way ticket to Palookaville, served up by Barrett’s relentless hooks.

YouTube video

And poor old Gill, you could almost see the moment his soul wanted to exit stage left as Barrett unleashed hell with that follow-up barrage. The ref, acting more as a merciful angel than an official, did the only thing he could – he stopped the slaughter. No more unnecessary damage, no more humiliation for Gill under the unforgiving spotlight.

Barrett sent a bone-chilling message to the super featherweight division. As for the fans? We were treated to a glorious display of power and dominance. This is what boxing is all about—unpredictable, unforgiving, and undeniably thrilling.

Bravo, Mr. Barrett, for turning what could have been a close contest into a showcase of your ruthless efficiency. And to the fans who love the sweet science, what a fantastic evening of boxing it was—filled with drama, awe, and a good old-fashioned knockout to cap it all off. Boxing at its brutal best, no doubt about it!

All results:

  • Ellie Scotney (c) def. Segolene Lefebvre (UD 10): Scotney unified the IBF and WBO super bantamweight titles, showcasing superior technique and strategy to claim a unanimous decision victory.
  • Rhiannon Dixon def. Karen Elizabeth Carabajal (UD 10): Dixon captured the vacant WBO lightweight title with a tactically sound unanimous decision over Carabajal, demonstrating her ring intelligence.
  • Michael Gomez Jr. (c) def. Kane Baker (TKO 6/10): Gomez Jr. retained the English super featherweight title, overpowering Baker with a fierce TKO in the sixth round.
  • Jordan Flynn def. Tampela Maharusi (PTS 6, Lightweights): Flynn secured a victory by points after six rounds of intense and closely contested action.
  • Jimmy Sains def. Mateusz Kalecki (TKO 4/6, Middleweights): Sains ended the fight spectacularly in the fourth round with a knockout, overwhelming Kalecki with powerful strikes.
  • William Crolla def. Fabio Cascone (KO 1/6, Super Welterweights): Crolla delivered a stunning first-round knockout, swiftly dealing with Cascone in a dramatic short fight.
  • Brandon Scott def. Rodrigo Matias Areco (PTS 6, Featherweights): Scott outperformed Areco across six rounds to win on points in a gritty display of endurance and skill.
  • Jack Turner def. Abdul Kesi Ngaoma (TKO 1/6, Super Flyweights): Turner quickly dispatched Ngaoma with a first-round TKO, marking a rapid and decisive victory.