Will Leigh Wood And Michael Conlan Fight A Rematch?

03/14/2022 - By James Slater - Comments

After witnessing the kind of special action we fight fans were privileged to see on Saturday night in Nottingham, when featherweight warriors Leigh Wood and Michael Conlan gave us something, well, special, there is a natural tendency to call for a second fight. The amazing action Wood and Conlan gave us on Saturday was as good as it gets, the fight having everything.

Wood, 26-2(16) may look to fight someone else next, maybe Leo Santa Cruz, but for as long as both Wood and Conlan are active, there will be talk of them doing it again. And Conlan, who gave us all a real scare when he was blasted through the ropes and was taken to the hospital after having crashed onto the hard floor outside the ring during that torrid 12th round, wasted zero time in calling for a rematch.

Of course, both men deserve a long break before doing anything, yet it could be that the public demand for a return fight will see to it that these two do indeed get it on again. Might we even have the next great British rivalry ahead of us, with Wood and Conlan perhaps heading towards a trilogy? This might be being too greedy; after all, fights like the one we saw on Saturday night come at a heavy price – with the two gladiators paying the bill.

It could be that, if Wood and Conlan did fight again, or even twice again, they would in the process ruin each other. These two fighting men seem to have a style that gels so well with each other; their styles certainly gelled on Saturday, and there is no reason to think this would not be the case in a second fight, or even a third fight. Maybe Wood and Conlan have found their ideal dance partner, the rival they will have their defining fights against; somewhat as it was with legendary warriors Arturo Gatti and Mickey Ward.

And yes, Wood-Conlan was special enough to be ranked alongside the first epic war Gatti and Ward had 20 years ago.

For now, both Wood and Conlan deserve nothing but praise and admiration (and that long rest). But the thought of these two getting it on again, in doing so giving us another slice of hectic, savage, stunning and magical boxing action the kind of which reminds us all how awesome this sport really is, is quite something. As might be the demand for a rematch.

Can Conlan, 16-1(8) come back and get his revenge, or does Wood beat him again if they do engage in further warfare?