Will Floyd fight a different fight in Mayweather Jr. vs. Maidana II on September 13th?

When boxing fans start wondering, how is it that Floyd Mayweather Jr., far from being the most exciting fighter in boxing, is the highest paid athlete in the world, a video like the above mentioned provides a solid hint: phenomenal ability to create hype and dictate the significance of his decisions. Basically he is capable of feeding the fans exactly what they need, which happens to be a mix of excitement and enthusiasm for what’s coming next.

In the video interview, not only does Mayweather Jr. grip the viewers by pledging to surprise us in May of 2015 (Pacquiao bout is the first thing that comes to mind), but he also announces a rematch against Marcos Maidana, which was unexpected by most.

In their first bout in May of this year, Maidana proved that despite Mayweather’s virtuoso-like boxing abilities, he is a man of biology nonetheless. By pressing the action from bell to bell, and by walking through anything and everything that Mayweather Jr. threw at Maidana, Marcos was able to deliver a performance that had Mayweahter Jr. in trouble numerous times throughout the fight.

Most boxing fans have not seem Floyd taking this much damage, and be on the run from his opponent, in a very long time, if ever. It was clear that Maidana was the younger, stronger, and probably the hungrier fighters of the two.

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Watching the fight, I was sure that it was going to be close, but how close it ended up being, was a shock to many. After the bout, those that came to see Mayweather Jr. lose were frustrated, claiming that it was Maidana that should have had his arm raised in victory. Many fans left the fight confident that Mayweather Jr. was done, that his age has finally caught up with him; his footwork was lacking, his defense penetrable, and his stamina deficient.

What many failed to notice, is that Mayweather Jr. fought a different fight from the way he usually fights. Yes, he was flat footed, he wasn’t moving as much, and he was getting hit more; he was welcoming a brawl.

He had promised boxing fans a fight, on numerous occasions claimed that he was going to go toe-to-toe, and this is exactly what Mayweather Jr. did. This was simply not the way Mayweather Jr. typically approaches fights, and I think that against Maidana, he might have learned his lesson.

In their rematch, will Mayweather Jr. try to prove that he can beat Maidana at his own game twice in a row, or will he fight his characteristic fight, and stay untouchable, making Maidana hit nothing but air?

If Mayweather Jr. does indeed decide to go back to his comfort zone, how would the fight turn out this time around?

I think that most would agree that Maidana is likely able to walk through Floyd’s offence, but is he capable of getting past his defense? Due to Maidana’s style, he is sloppy enough to allow Mayweather Jr. to take advantage and pepper him with a healthy variety of punches.

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Madiana has always been a freight train, and this is how he would once again, cross the ropes against Mayweather Jr. if their fight does indeed come to fruition. Will we see another epic battle in the rematch? Or will Floyd make it his fight this time around?

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