Whyte Puts Yet More Pressure On Wilder, Says He’ll Fight Him “In His Home, In His Garden, Wherever”

Dillian Whyte has ramped up his campaign of verbal abuse which he hopes will lead to a fight between he and Deontay Wilder. Whyte, who recently referred to Wilder as a “fraud clown,” has now said he will travel to his hometown of Alabama if this is what it will take for Wilder to “feel secure.” Speaking with Sky Sports, Whyte said he doesn’t care where he fights Wilder, that “I just want to get hold of him and hurt him.”

Wilder has yet to respond to Whyte’s constant abuse and calling him out, but it seems the former WBC heavyweight champion will simply have to make some statement or other soon. Wilder’s many fans want to see the former champ return and put Whyte in his place. But can he do it?

“I think the public demand for the Wilder fight is already there, to be honest,” Whyte said. “There’s a lot of demand for it already. But fighting in America doesn’t hurt. I’ll fight Wilder in Alabama, if that’s what is going to make him feel secure and safe enough to take the fight. If he wants, he can have home judges, his hometown, whatever. I don’t care. I’d even fight him in his own home, the kitchen, the garage, the garden, whatever. I just want to get hold of him and hurt him.”

Strong words indeed from Whyte, who seems almost obsessed with getting this fight. But where is Wilder? Will he even fight again? These two questions have been asked by so many people, so many times already. The clock is ticking on Wilder’s career; and on his credibility as a fighting man. No way should Wilder be allowing Whyte to insult him and humiliate him this way.

Come on, Deontay, respond to Whyte and respond now. As for Whyte, you have to hand it to the guy, he really is a born fighter, as well as a man who will fight anywhere. Imagine the scale of the event if Whyte and Wilder did battle it out in Alabama!