How Much Would You Wager On Canelo Scoring A KO Over Saunders? Eubank Putting Down 10K

Some people see the May 8th fight superstar Canelo Alvarez will have with unbeaten British southpaw and defending WBO super-middleweight champ Billy Joe Saunders as potentially his trickiest since his duels with the one and only Floyd Mayweather and the gifted Erislandy Lara. Others still see nothing but yet another win for the Mexican. Chris Eubank Jr, who says he wants to fight Canelo himself, adding how he “knows the way” to beat Canelo, is one of those who feels Canelo will have way too much for Saunders.

In fact, as he revealed when talking with Talk Sport, Eubank Jr is going to put down 10K, his bet predicting a Canelo KO win on May 8. Eubank Jr, who was beaten by Saunders (seemingly many years ago now), is adamant Billy Joe is not capable of beating Canelo. Or of taking Alvarez the distance.

“Different levels. I don’t really feel like Saunders has improved since he last fought me,” Eubank Jr said. “I think he is the same guy. I am levels and levels above what I was when I first got into the ring with Saunders. I feel he is the same guy; that guy can’t beat Canelo. I don’t think Saunders has what it takes. I have what it takes. I know how to beat Canelo.”

So, does Canelo take Saunder’s belt as well as his unbeaten record on May 8, and does he do so by way of a KO win?

I myself wouldn’t bet on it. But Eubank Jr says he will.

“Saunders is going to get hurt,” Eubank Jr said. “I’m putting a £10,000 bet on Canelo to knock Saunders out. That’s what I think is going to happen.”

Eubank Jr has his own next fight set for May 1, when he will face Marcus Morrison on the Chisora-Parker card. Will Eubank Jr one day get his shot at Canelo?

Some bets can have a way of turning sour on you, can’t they.

9 thoughts on “How Much Would You Wager On Canelo Scoring A KO Over Saunders? Eubank Putting Down 10K”

  1. Canelo is one of a kind!No! Other Fighter comes close to him. And ya there has been alot of Great Fighters through out the years but Not as Unique as Canelo! The power in his right hook is like a Thunder Bolt! No other Fighter has his Power! Ya saben Raza!”EL Que Se Raja Pierde!” 🇲🇽

  2. Canelo is King!
    Nobody can touch him.

    I’m dying to see him fight Charlo and his Brother. He could whip both of them in one fight! They need to Shut Up and their asses knocked out!!!👊💥👊💥👊💥

  3. Canelo is at his prime
    He will NOT be beaten for awhile
    I don’t see Charlo as a threat
    Canelo knocks him out
    Benavidez good fight
    Canelo wins
    Booboo good fight
    Canelo wins
    Everyone else chump change

  4. The only threats out there for canelo are charlo,Caleb plant,Chris Eubank Jr. And David benavidez.

  5. I have watched one fighter after another since Floyd Money Mayweather say they are going to knock out CANNELO and that has not happened. Frankly I don’t see anyone stopping him. Remember the Rocky Fielding fight. Did you see Cannelo? Did you see how he a smaller man beat the crap out of him. We knew Cannelo hits hard, but at 168 he found his sweet spot. Callum Smith found this out in round 1 and was reluctant to through his punches. Good luck, Billy your going to need it.

  6. the only fighter that had could have beat him is cancel is Lara hit and run..but he was scared and not busy enough.

  7. British fighters are decent but have no Hx of Power levels needed to handle a Alvarez, Benvidez,’s no fight, KO COMING UP

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